Prayer & Meditation drawings–close-ups

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Prayer and Meditation drawing set, 1978

This gallery contains 25 photos.

………… 10-15-14 In a bid to shake off its Soviet legacy, authorities in central Ukraine’s Poltava region have pledged to strip the area of 117 monuments of Vladimir Lenin within a month. More than one hundred monuments have already been … Continue reading

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cannot be then the true Church, the one Church so long as any portion of its members are in a consciousness of compromise, dishonor or betrayal

In the name of the beloved mighty victorious Presence of
God I AM in me, my Holy Christ Self and threefold flame and by the authority of the living flame of the Goddess of Liberty and her divine office in the I AM THAT I AM I invoke the cosmic threefold flame of liberty implanted in this earth and at the Inner Retreat by the Goddess of Liberty and by the edict of the Almighty One to counteract Damocles’ sword–aliens in their spacecraft, the Watchers, Nephilim and their mechanization man and animal creation, the godless and the seed of the Evil One, their false hierarchies, demons, discarnates and astral hordes out of death and hell, and the entire International Capitalist/Communist Conspiracy pitted against the lightbearers of the world.  Amen.


I project the flame of reality and in this flame and in its presence you will know that you have heard from one who makes his abode on the God-Star Sirius–and you will know that the words that I have spoken are truth, are real.  Thus by the circle of infinity that I draw I include all mankind in my love.  And I shall personally support all who are striving to be free with the undergirding of my own Causal Body, my own momentum of the sacred fire.  Truly you live in an hour when all of heaven has conspired to set you free, when all of heaven is reaching out for your victory.

I bow before the light of God, before the Four and Twenty Elders and before your own Christ consciousness and I seal you in the light of the God-Star.  Earth has received this night the impression of the solar radiance of mighty beings who have not allowed their energies to be a part of this world for many thousands of years.  And they have moved into the planes of matter energies that shall be for the quickening and the culmination of the age.  Thus watch as Nature responds to the adjustment of her cycles into the harmony of cosmos.

Watch and pray; watch and pray; watch and pray.  For every one who yet has the breath of life in form there is time.  There is time to repent; there is time to withdraw energy from spirals of rebellion.  There is time to become centered in God, but that time is as precious as gold, as jewels.  Time must be honored as sacred–sacred opportunity for life, for immortality.    -Surya:  4-14-1974 at Los Angeles via Messenger E C Prophet


There is need upon earth for the white stone, the white cube that is the foundation stone, that is the Christ the chief cornerstone of all building.  That white stone can be composed only of those souls who have united with the Spirit of God, with the I AM Presence through that blessed mediator the Christ in all.

There cannot be then the true Church, the one Church so long as any portion of its members are in a consciousness of compromise, dishonor or betrayal of the true teachings of our Lord….that the Church Universal and Triumphant might be built first as the temple within the heart of every member and then as that white edifice that shall be the testimony of the temple that is in the City Foursquare.   -Johannes (John the 23rd of the Vatican):  2-10-1974 at Los Angeles via Messenger E C Prophet, see


Mother passed on at Bozeman, MT in the evening of Oct. 15, 2009– Sun trining Neptune.  If at 5:30 p.m. local time then Uranus rising, Saturn at setting, late Sag at midheaven.

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moves on the international chessboard calculated toward self-destruction

If you stop and consider the state of consciousness of the planetary body you will realize that the conditions of Earth are due to unseen forms and forcefields motivating otherwise sane men and women to an unexplainable madness.  Even the leaders of peoples and nations make their moves on the international chessboard calculated toward self-destruction and the destruction of their nations.  Such decision-making by the blind leaders of the blind can be explained only by the presence of the subtleties of obsessive and possessive demons….

“I and my Father are one”–this is the mantra of the true Guru-chela relationship establishing you as a connecting link in the eternal chain of self-transcending Being.    -Sanat Kumara:  Opening of the Seventh Seal XXVIII, Pearls of Wisdom 1979



Yes, deified evil has come and must go down by the mighty spear wielded by the Mother who–in the person of myself–does present to you the image of the Cosmic Christ by a Teaching foretold.  In the Teaching then you will know the Presence of the Teacher just beyond the veil.  It is in the Teaching that the soul responds to the flame leaping from my heart.

I AM the fulfillment of the Guru within you–the one you sought, the one you lost and have won again as the prize of life.  I, Maitreya, am the holy grail; and from out the blessed body and blood–the light of Alpha and Omega–I give birth to a new soul, to worlds within worlds and to the coming of the sign of Aquarius.  I am come then that ye might have understanding of the path and therefore not be confounded by the fallen ones you meet upon that path….

When all misqualified energy is placed within the flame as he, Jesus, did do–taking all that was misqualified from the multitudes and laying it upon the altar as his acceptable offering in the way–when all of this is said and done and you have passed unreality into the flame the only acceptable offering unto God is the pure and living Christ of you, the only begotten Son.  Him crucified is your resurrection; thus when there is nothing left to give you give to humanity the gift of your Real Self. This is the message of Easter.    -Lord Maitreya:  7-14-1985 at Camelot, Los Angeles


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the Gospel taken by Her seed and given as the seed of Christ to all who can

First the hundred and forty and four thousand, and then the great multitude, must receive the fohat of the Word by the direct transfer of the flame from the I to the Eye; and this too is the communication of the Word in the Gospel Foursquare….

For though the initiations of the four gates of the City (Foursquare) are distinct and follow the cycles of time and space and are experienced in sequential order on the timeline of each individual’s evolution, yet these four initiations and their breakdown under the three solar hierarchies governing the initiations of each of the four quadrants in Spirit and matter are geometric and spherical in nature and hence simultaneous in appearance.  As Paul said, “I die daily,” may you say, my beloved, “I ascend daily.”

Thus it is possible for an individual to be drinking of the four cups of the Christ consciousness–epitomized in the way of the Man, the Lion, the Calf and the Flying Eagle– as day by day he masters his soul’s testings in the frequencies of fire, air, water and earth which govern:  (1) his inner nature (fire body), (2) his outer nature (air and water bodies) and (3) his integration of the inner and outer natures (in mastering the earth body).

As the Guru prepares to take his position on the south gate of the New Jerusalem in Spirit and the City Foursquare in matter he gives to his saints who will embody his flame within his church the great commission–to be himself in the fullness of the seven rays and in the eighth ray.   -Sanat Kumara:  Opening of the Seventh Seal XXI, 1979 Pearls of Wisdom

This power to preach the Word of God ought to be sought and not shunned simply because some have misused it in organized religion to bind souls to themselves instead of to God.     -Sanat Kumara:  Opening of the Seventh Seal XXIII, 1979 Pearls of Wisdom

This is the Gospel that is the squaring of the circle.  It is the Gospel of the Woman unto Her seed.  And it is the Gospel taken by Her seed and given as the seed of Christ to all who can accept its challenge to “Fear God and give glory to Him, for the hour of His judgment is come:  and worship Him that made heaven and earth and the sea and the fountains of waters.”  Ye who are of the great multitude who have believed in the Spirit of prophecy, in the message of the Saviour that is salvation unto the righteous by grace, ye who have believed in the vision of apolcalypse, now believe in the angel of the Everlasting Gospel and those whom he anoints to preach it unto you in My Name–I AM the Ancient of Days.         -Sanat Kumara:  Opening of the Seventh Seal XXVII, 1979 Pearls of Wisdom


Anyone can see at swiss ephemeris the october 12, 1492 Friday dawn Bahamas time astrologic data.  the calendar in use was Julian; the calendar change for Britain and her possessions came in 1752 A.D. to the calendar called Gregorian–this made a change of 9.5 days.  by consulting swiss ephemeris for 10-21-2014 Tuesday 7 p.m. Bahamas time:   Sun position is 28.5 degrees Libra. That’s the Sun position one must use to be astrologically correct.   in both calendars the Sun position is 28.5 degrees Libra–this correlation is absolutely required.

So one can see on 10-12-1492 Julian calendar that the Sun was sextile Mars in late Leo, sextile Neptune in late Sag., square Uranus in late Capricorn.   -r, mt. shasta

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Islamic State overview

10-9-14   TEL AVIV – NATO member Turkey is providing direct intelligence and logistical support to the ISIS terrorist organization, according to a senior Egyptian security official speaking to WND.

The official said Egypt has information Turkish intelligence is passing to ISIS satellite imagery and other data, with particular emphasis on exposing to ISIS jihadists the positions of Kurdish fighters and the storage locations of their weapons and munitions.







9-20-14  Emile Hokayem, Senior Fellow for Regional Security at the International Institute for Strategic Studies, said: “Some of these networks are already mature. They can go underground and operate differently.”  He said it would“certainly be beneficial” if the funding could be disrupted but accused the authorities in Kuwait and Qatar of allowing jihadist fundraisers to operate with impunity for years.

“The gulf states were complacent about this – that is being charitable,” he said. “At times they turned a blind eye on those activities.”  Now it may be too late for cutting funds from “charitable”groups and others to make much of an impact, he said.  These mature and sophisticated networks are capable of moving money around via a series of“shell companies”, to hide their true aims.


7-7-14   Colin Clarke, author of an upcoming book titled Terrorism Inc: The Funding of Terrorism, Insurgency, and Irregular Warfare says much of the cash now pouring into ISIL and other violent groups comes from three regional sources.

“A key component of support to Sunni extremist groups [including ISIL] comes from wealthy individuals in the Arab Gulf states of Kuwait, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia,” Clarke told VOA, adding “The majority of donors likely know exactly where their money is going. Some are blatant about it, while others enjoy the plausible deniability of ambiguity.”


10-1-14  ISIL has been financially self-sufficient for at least eight years (harking back to when it was called al Qaeda in Iraq) by virtue of engaging in tremendously successful criminal activity enterprises on the ground in Iraq. According to a November 2006 U.S. government assessment cited in the New York Times, AQI and other groups had created a self-sustaining insurgency in Iraq, raising $70 million to $200 million a year from illegal activities alone.


9-24-14  ISIL seized control of parts of Syria’s oil production, created a de facto capital in Raqqa, Syria and extended its control to Fallujah and Ramadi in early 2014. It subsequently captured MosulU.S.-made arms and vehicles, $429 million in cash from the Mosul central bank, the Mosul Dam and surrounded the cities of Kirkuk and Erbil. ISIL has since lost control of the Dam to Kurdish Peshmerga forces, which have also driven ISIL away from Erbil. The Peshmerga are also holding their ground inside Kirkuk against ISIL positions outside of the city.

Currently, ISIL controls one of Iraq’s largest oil refineries (in Baiji), in addition to other large oil fields.Estimates put ISIL’s strength at between 15,000 and 25,000 fighters, with a daily income of between one and four million dollars from black-market oil sales.

Most important, as Charles C. Caris and Samuel Reynolds have reported, “ISIS has built a holistic system of governance that includes religious, educational, judicial, security, humanitarian, and infrastructure projects.” ISIL generally builds courts when first entering an area, as these are the least foreign to the population, and after militarily consolidating an area, it moves towards stricter religious rule and education. Additionally, ISIL offers humanitarian aid, food-stuffs, as well as water and electricity repair (through its military successes it has acquired the necessary heavy equipment to fix water and power lines).

It is critical to note, however, that this new system of governance is specific to Iraq’s Sunni population. Non-Sunni Muslims, other ethno-religious groups, former government officials and uncooperative Sunnis, are threatened, coerced or killed in an effort to ensure their compliance with ISIL rule. By way of example, ISIL issued an ultimatum to Christians in Mosul: convert, pay a religious tax (jizya), or die. As a result non-Sunni ethnic and religious groups flee areas that have come under ISIL control or are threatened by ISIL.

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when you receive a Pearl of Wisdom in the mail it is not an ordinary message

I say to each and everyone of you, let not the eclipse of the sun or the moon in any way mar the blessings of the sun of your soul and the sun of your I AM Presence!…

The Law will take what it can and you will do the rest–for this too is the requirement of your Christ Self else you will not gain the victory over this beast (of criticism)….

And I tell you when this Messenger began on the path in this life she received such a grace from El Morya in the removing of certain records.  And thus it was a propelling toward the mission.  You are as it were beginners on the path also.  And I speak in the vein of initiation and transmission of light [from Guru to chela].  And thus we come to you to remove those records over which you have not exerted the greatest mastery but toward which you yourself have expressed an awareness and aversion, seeking to know how to overcome [them].

If you will call to me in your heart now I will intensify that ray until you can receive all that you can take and all that the Great Law will allow to remove this sense of confusion and actual confusion that also causes you to be accident-prone [and] not to be able to finish your tasks on schedule or to precipitate from the spiritual realm to the physical octave [the need of the hour].  All of this is caused by anxiety, fear, doubt and self-pity.  Beloved ones, recognize then what a block we are speaking of and what islands of substance we refer to….And it (heat and fire) is reaching you who request it, who desire it, who have expressed this longing in your prayers, and to all on earth who merit the same dispensation.   -Helios:  7-4-1984 at RTR, Montana, see


Understand then that when you receive a Pearl of Wisdom in the mail it is not an ordinary message, it is a message of Hierarchy concerned with your survival on Terra.  It is an urgent message, it should be torn open and read on the doorstep before the mailman has even left your gate.  I tell you, if you could understand how the angelic hosts follow the mailman to see that you get that Pearl of Wisdom, to see then that it arrives and then to see how that Pearl of Wisdom lies there waiting to be read…..

Now children of the light, be wise, it is time to wake up, it is time to make use of what you have been given, it is time to realize that you are being bombarded, that this is Armageddon, that your four lower bodies are subject to very harmful conditions, that you can seal and heal your four lower bodies by a saturation of the violet flame and by the calls to Archangel Michael for the absolute God-protection and perfection of the four lower bodies, the soul, the chakras and the Christ-flame within the heart and especially the protection of the crown and the third eye and the raising of the feminine ray.  You need to invoke light to protect the Mother-flame within you and to protect the survival of the Mother on earth.    -Nada:  12-10-1975 via Messenger ECP


Since then (Confucius’ embodiment) the I Ching has been seriously misinterpreted and even today is used primarily as a fortune-telling text. But that was not its original purpose. Its original purpose was to convey an understanding of etheric patterns for God-government as well as for individual spiritual development. King Wen had composed the core text of the I Ching, which is also known as the Book of Change, when he was imprisoned for being a threat to the corrupt dynasty he and his sons eventually overthrew. The Duke of Chou later elaborated and filled out the text.

King Wen, being in prison, had to be careful of what he wrote as he compiled the I Ching. On the surface it appeared to be a compilation of oracular folklore but embedded in it was a manual for strategy and statecraft. When you take it on a deeper level it is also a spiritual manual for developing one’s intuition and becoming attuned to the inner order, or etheric patterns, of life.

The hexagrams in the I Ching are depictions of etheric patterns found in nature. Schools of martial arts that focus on internal power, such as T’ai Chi Ch’üan, express the principles of the I Ching in their forms. And their movements can instill and reinforce etheric patterns in the soul and in the mental, emotional and physical bodies.           -Messenger E C Prophet:  7-4-1998 at San Diego, see

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