The whole history of humanity indicates that it is the minority that has divined evolution

433.  One could agree with the method of skepticism if only something would result from it.  As a rule it corrodes the creative principle.  An indefatigable spirit is needed to advance along a constant progression.   -Morya:  Fiery World 1933

183.   Many conditions of the heart, from soft-heartedness to cruelty, have been marked by the observation of people, but rarely has fiery-heartedness been emphasized.  Yet it is precisely this quality that should preoccupy and attract our attention.  It is difficult not to fear the black assembly, but no one can prevail over the fiery heart.   Let them invent various threats, but one pillar of Light will overthrow all darkness.    -M:  Heart 1932

192.   You may be sure that the spirit of the inquisition is still not very far away; the difference will be in the garb and in the means of eradicating new quests.

225.  To proceed in the direction of evolution does not at all mean to be dragged along in the tail of the majority.  The whole history of humanity indicates that it is the minority that has divined evolution.  And these few have drawn from somewhere the strength to surmount the obstacles.    -M:  Community 1926


It is fear–fear of death and fear of illusion–that has caused some men to fail to hold themselves in that state of consciousness wherein the will of God could manifest through them.  They need to understand the very naturalness of cosmic purpose:  God is life.  They are manifesting temporal life but they also possess, here and now, the seeds of eternal life in the very essence of the soul which God has given to them.  The flaming Presence that directs them from above–their beloved God Presence I AM–represents the fire of the will of God….

Forward we move into the ever-expanding light.    -Morya:  Pearls of Wisdom 12:9


Man presupposes that the divine will is hiding from him, as though it were a part of the plan for the Eternal God to play hide and seek with him.  Not so!  The will of God is inherent within life and merely awaits the signal of release from man’s will in order to ray forth the power of dominion to the world of the individual.   -Morya:  Pearls of Wisdom 12:10

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love comes in all disguises of all the rays

Yes, beloved, true self-discipline is never rigidity but it is love fulfilling itself by the intuitive powers of the soul, by the discrimination of the heart, by true discernment of the mind.  These are inner qualities of the five secret rays that sensitize even the soul to the understanding that though the rules be followed yet without love the disciple cannot succeed….

Undisciplined love is no love at all…Pure and simple, absolute love is God in complete manifestation.  Relative love is but a turning around of that love to suit the human convenience of being able to talk about love. A love that is not from the sacred altars of God but is still the human comprehension of love–of getting, forgiving, seeking recompense, seeking possession or control or favor–these perversions of love are rated as love by many, even as sympathy is sought and expressed as though it were God’s love.

The charity and compassion of God sees beyond the centuries, lays foundations, prepares for future generations embodying, knows the whole circle of God’s love and where a race must be in a thousand years, and will work to see that when they arrive at the place the place will be prepared.

Love is vision; love is foresight.  Love is taking care of details that none other will and therefore the mission should otherwise be lost.  Love is understanding the complexity of the team of lightbearers of an entire cosmos….

Yes, beloved, love comes in all disguises of all the rays yet love is perfected in the whitefire of of discipleship under the true self-discipline of the joyous ones….Yes, beloved, many on inner planes cry out to you to call to the angels to cut them free that they might make the [same] connection to the flame of living love that you have made….

O the light rays that pierce the dawn of Earth while coming from the Central Sun!  Your eyes can scarcely open to behold such light and yet you know it at inner levels; you know its secret.  You have journeyed far yet the call of the homing has been from the heart of Earth….Love shall be unto you, if you claim her this night, the victory of your soul in this life.

There are others who have a dire need for truth, for they dwell not in the truth but in the lie.  There are others who have a need for honor, for they have been dishonorable toward life.  But the need of all here, and the desiring, is to be in that flame of love and to give it….the pain is what true divine love flushes out…..

The more love you carry, beloved, the more it shall cause the hatred to come out in others.  You say “How can this be true?”  True love is a purging fire.  If you decide to carry it to such an intensity you shall become the Refiner’s Fire….Truly the astral plane is a place where people are brainwashed, as they say.  Their minds are controlled to believe that that which is offered to them by fallen angels is in their best interest….

If you call to me I will give you a recounting of many many incidents in my life in which I devised the means of self-discipline whereby I did conserve the sacred fire of love and therefore had the power, mighty indeed, to convey it to others who had nothing at all in the cups of their chakras….

Give to those who are able to take of the cup of living love and not dash it.  Retain and hold the balance for others who would only lose it–to their loss and yours.  Therefore be wise and let the all-seeing Eye of God at the point of the brow become for you a point of single-minded true discernment and discrimination in order that compassion may flow where compassion does compel.    -Clara Louise:  10-12-1991 at New Orleans via Messenger ECP, see

or see


1936 Star of the Hero - Nicholas Roerich  Star of the Hero by N. Roerich, 1936IMG_9012

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O Shasta, crown chakra of Lemuria

O Shasta, crown chakra of Lemuria, of Lemurians focusing the light of God-consciousness, now release thy flame of golden light!  Now release that energy! Now let mankind know that the one true God is able to raise up a mighty people, a mighty continent, a mighty following unto the glory of the I AM THAT I AM . And this precipitation of the golden elixir shall be a monument to the Great Divine Director.  And it shall be for the seventh root race, for incoming souls a focalpoint of mastery and of light and homecoming and of welcome of the Mother-flame.  -Ra Mu:  early July 1975 at Mt. Shasta via Messenger ECP



[When you] get inside of the heart and inside of the heart of the Mother everything that you do, even that which seems mundane, in actuality is the rest in motion of the cosmic Shakti and the Word. View life from another angle and see how the prisonhouse of desire is really not something that is a part of you or of anything that you would desire to have endure.  Realize that the ascended master consciousness and our presence in your midst may be only degrees apart from some aspects of your life.  It is our attitude toward life, our bountiful attitude, our attitude of Be-ness–that Be-attitude–that has resulted in our state of perpetual bliss in the Mighty I AM Presence.  Do not think of the ascended state as so far removed or of the ascension process [as] something far down the road.  Dwelling in the bliss of the Presence ought to be a daily affair of the heart, the heart pulsating, expanding whitefire Mother-flame and the peace of the Buddha.   -Ra Mu:  11-28-1981 via Messenger ECP


This divine Love is the original divine Plan of God that in its whitened purity is the brilliance of the never-failing sun from the heart of the universe.  God proposed and created beauty and perfection in an unlimited manner….

Nature is trembling as she steadies herself to release the power of divine Love into the world of form.  And as Ra Mu long ago in ages past said, “Behold, it shall come to pass that great destruction shall be upon Earth,” so do the Lords of Karma today warn this age that the time is coming when the accrued karma must itself be dispersed and nature must shrug.  And when it occurs great destruction will come unless the Law can be comprehended and the New Age be commenced.

For the children of the new age, the children of the dawn, these are the Christ-hope of the ages, those in whom the Christ finds homage and home.  And they are the ones to whom is entrusted the foci of light to plant the torch of beauty upon the planet and carry it with them about wheresoever they go.  And as the wind they go, they go here and they go there, and Behold, by their prayers and efforts the world is blessed, even the flowers take on new light, the skies become bluer, the radiance of the grass greener, the sun more mellow and the hearts of all become chastened by the infinite love of God, chastening and spurring men to understand more of the sublime reality that they are, that man is.  For all shall know Me from the least unto the greatest, saith the Lord God, all shall know Me from the least unto the greatest.                -Cuzco  5-5-1968 via Messenger Mark Prophet


  -Mother led a small group up Pike’s Peak in summer 1973 to anchor the flame of Mu for America.  The Messengers had traveled to Hawaii in summer 1972 and had magnetized the flame of Mu.

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aspire to that God-dominion and start being the master of your life

Do you not know that they (elementals) will only respect your command when you are in the full cosmic honor flame of Shiva, when you have the fullness of that love without compromise?  Beloved ones, if some of you would only aspire to that God-dominion and start being the master of your life and start showing it to those around you you would see that elemental life would once again respect your flame and then you would realize that the key to the victory of the Coming Revolution is in the enlistment of elemental life.            -Shiva:  4-24-1978 at NYC, see

Shiva’s Light for Longer Life


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I, Gabriel, send forth my light from the inner cube



…let the Word itself–the true teachers the ascended masters and their true teaching–be thy salvation.  And blessed are they who are not offended in me.  For I AM WHO I AM and I will use whom I will use and speak through whom I will speak to edify my children, exalt the humble and in church and state.

But know this, O world:  Neither the light nor its Messenger is dishonored by the dishonor of the people to whom it is sent.  Nor is the vessel contaminated by those who contaminate the crystal clear water which I give freely to all.

Let us begin at the beginning.  Moral integrity for the sake of God and for the sake of the people is the requirement of the hour….And if the Holy Ghost be not in you then you will be devoured by the enemies within and without.  The Messenger brings the teaching in honor.  It is up to you to receive it in honor, to apply it, to live by it, to exercise the Word and to honor the Word person to person.  -Sanat Kumara:  Opening of the Seventh Seal, 24, see


I, Gabriel, send forth my light from the inner cube.  I receive my Messenger within that cube and the walls of light are sealed!  And many doors are sealed!  And I send the disciples of the LORD to preach my Word in her name.  I send the disciples of Lanello to preach my Word in his name as that Word was preached by Isaiah and Jeremiah and the prophets….The fallen ones will not take this revolution to their own and confute and confound the Word of God!

For the Word of the LORD given unto me, the light of the whitefire of Alpha and Omega, I transmit from the fiery core of each one’s heart, from the inner chamber of the cosmic cube from the very heart of the Messenger.  And that Word of whitefire it goeth forth out of the mouth of the disciples who have followed the Word and the admonishment and the teaching and the exhortation and the rebuke and the love and the forgiveness….

Go forth.  For this is my anointing and my blessing to all men and women of the Spirit who will follow the Messengers and understand it is the hour of the mighty wave of light from out the Great Central Sun.   -Archangel Gabriel:  8-3-1980 at Camelot, Los Angeles, see


Thus the very ones we would help, from them we must withhold a greater portion–which portion if contained and preserved in the heart would raise them up swiftly to newness of life and a new birth of the ages.  Thus instruct this blessed youth with higher ideals and goals and a looking to the far-off worlds.  Inspire them with the understanding that by that light they can forge a golden age and in the very immediate future healing for their bodies and minds, for their communities and their own calling in life….

I AM Portia, never blind to justice or injustice.  For by the all-seeing Eye of God both are isolated and brought to the fiery trial.  We come for action, for organization, for administration of the organization of the Great White Brotherhood on earth.  We enlist you as leaders and followers of our light.                 -Portia:  7-2-1980 at Camelot, Los Angeles, see


by John William Wright, watercolor and ink, 1846

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walking in his footsteps each one shall realize that behind those footsteps is a greater magnetization

156.  Calm is found in the light of truth.     -Leaves of Morya’s Garden 1924

308.   It may often be noticed that a child understands the hidden meaning of an occurrence better than an adult.  Only according to inner feeling can we approach a just evaluation.  -M:  Hierarchy 1931

240.  After courage comes calm.  The coward cannot arm himself with calm.                                                                                                                  379.  Calmness of the heart means firmness and unfalteringness.   -M:  Heart 1932


There is no need for men to waste energy in denying our existence, for those who see us as we are are already convinced; and we who see men and women not only as they seem to be but as they really are are also convinced (while being convincers of men) of the immortality of the divine expression of each one upon earth.

What a great help it would be to the Hierarchy of Light, to the spiritual overseers of the planet who function under the divine grace of God, if embodied men and women would leave for a moment their worldly cups and the fulfilling of mortal desires to feast at the table of God and to partake of the unguents of the Spirit as they are applied by the angelic hosts in all of their healing love and ministering service to the children of men!  What a boon it would be to those who serve with me and the angelic hierarchies if more among mankind, in the full faith of our existence as ministers of the Eternal, would open the doors of their hearts to the reality of our existence!  For it is this acceptance in the feeling world of the individual that provides the connection which assures the flow of our energies into his domain….

How easy it is for individuals to tear down, to destroy, to condemn and to enter into the root of bitterness.  But it is just as easy for them to be buoyed up by the floodtide of divine love and to give that sweet release to other parts of life that all parts of life need in order to enter into the Father’s Spirit.

inner dependence is the expression of the great inner light, the seed of the Cosmic Christ that is implanted within the domain of individuality to be cultivated and tenderly loved.  This is the rod of Jesse,  the seed of the living Word. This is Aaron’s rod that budded.  This is the perennial hope that ministers to men, and it is the rod and staff that comforts their souls. Without father, without mother, without beginning of days and without ending is the Spirit that unifies the soul with the great lightning flash of creative essence and purpose.  It is not that we would create a mystical drama of words without meaning; it is that we, in stroking the soul with cosmic hands of light, would call to each electron, each atom to flash forth its Central Sun of purpose….

The meaning of our release then is that the flame of purpose that is so mightily impregnated in the soul can break the bonds that have held individuals to a round of continual unhappiness and assist them to find their freedom to worship the Divine Manchild by right cosmic action. Then, walking in his footsteps each one shall realize that behind those footsteps is a greater magnetization for every soul who shall follow me in the regeneration (Matt. 10:28).       -Archangel Uriel:  Pearls of Wisdom 11:50


the immovability of the Christ is a rock in the cosmic domain that remains a rock amongst mankind.

What stunning facts are immortal laws.  How they burst into bloom upon the deserts and wastelands of vanished opportunities when the soul first asserts its willingness to accept the healing hands of the cosmic Presence.   -Archangel Raphael:  Pearls of Wisdom 11:49


America was intended by God to be a saviour nation to the world, and the annals of the Great White Brotherhood reveal the plan….She was intended to rise stone by stone–lively stones all–as living temple of monumental achievement pointing the way to the stars.    -Godfre:  Pearl 11:31


Those who would rise politically in the world often capitalize on the weaknesses of humanity to achieve their ends; their method is to set one segment of society against another by using both secular and religious issues to divide and conquer the minds of men whose hearts are in reality one.  This tactic is often the root and only cause of the underlying social problems that confront individuals and nations today.   -Maitreya:  Pearl 12:43


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it is by certain fiats that your Messenger has made

Thus, beloved, he who maintains the most concentrated attention on the I AM Presence and the one-pointedness of a goal, being swift as an arrow, he then is one whom we declare safe for the acceleration of the cleansing of the astral body which must come about fast or slow as you decree it.  Therefore concentration and the strength of mind and will and heart on the assignments we give you builds [of] itself a shaft of light that is protective and thus we are able literally to drain the astral body of toxins and diseases and darkness and shadows and entities of past lives….

Beloved ones, it is by certain fiats that your Messenger has made concerning her life and the life of the Community and its future that we have been able to open doors of knowledge and understanding to her.  Without these fiats, these probings, these challenges of limitation and ignorance and darkness and the inner realization of the need to claim more of the cosmic Unity, this information and expansion would not have come forth….Thus, beloved ones, ye have been bought with a price.    -Serapis:  12-29-1985 at Camelot, Los Angeles, see

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