hope becomes faith and faith becomes Reality -Saint Germain

You will understand, beloved students, that it is only in the outer activity of the physical world that you require a medium of exchange;…one has but to rejoice at every step of attainment and every step he hopes to attain, because hope becomes faith and faith becomes Reality.
Now, beloved students, under no circumstance allow the experience of the outer to pall upon you;…continue on with that calm, dauntless determination to scale the heights, for “I AM that great Presence sustaining you and you cannot fail.”…Use “I AM the perfect poise which controls everything.” –I AM Discourses of Saint Germain, via Messenger Guy Ballard, 1935, pp. 120-3.
I bring you greetings from the Great Host and the great Master Himalaya. This is the first time (Nov. 7, 1932) that the Presence of this luminous brother has been brought to the knowledge of the outer world….Again, students should understand that the Master’s province is not to assume their responsibility by solving their problems for them, but to convey intelligent understanding which they may apply in their own lives to solve their own problems.   -ibid., pp, 126, 129.

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