Saint Germain explains about the psychic plane

 This beloved sister and brother (Messengers Guy and Edna Ballard of the I AM Activity) have gone through thirty years of strenuous, conscious preparation for this Work….While the invisible mechanism, shall I call it, for this Work is in one way very powerful yet in another way it is as delicate as a gossamer veil….

  There is no mental state that shuts the door against the very thing you are striving for like a feeling of distress about it….at no time let one’s self become disturbed because another is using a faculty different from one’s own, but rather rejoice in it.

  …that impelling force to become a teacher which always asserts itself somewhere along the pathway of the student.  It is not that the desire is an unworthy one, but in so many many instances the students attempting it too soon before they are sufficiently fortified mentally, meet with obstruction which they are not able to stand against and they become permanently discouraged from further effort, defeating the wonderful work that they might have accomplished later….An individual who is a stirring-stick can do more damage in one hour than you realize….

  It takes enormous strength to stand your ground….There are two things retarding to a student’s spiritual growth.  One is when the husband or wife does not agree with one’s efforts and the other is outside suggestion….

   There is not one out of ten thousand who understands that the awakening of the sight into the psychic plane is not a spiritual thing.  When people begin to see on the psychic plane they are but using the physical sight a little expanded and do not know it.  In the psychic realm the suggestions given offer just enough Truth to anchor interest and hold the attention until psychic forces get a good hold on the person.  This always comes through the fascination of the phenomena….

  When people enter into the psychic plane everything is distorted and they have no definite proof of the Truth.  Those beings in the psychic plane who seek to get others under their control begin to prophesy and it is one of the first things they do.  -I AM Discourses of Saint Germain, via Messenger Guy Ballard, 1935, pp. 244-252 (12-12-1932 dictation)


  The fascination of the phenomena of the psychic plane, I assure you, is most alluring; for those whose attention becomes firmly anchored in the psychic plane do not loosen themselves from it in that embodiment and it may take several embodiments to free them….

  The sincere student will give no attention to the phenomena of psychic seeing or hearing, but understands that he must push directly through by the power of the inner will through his outer determination and enter within the Electronic Belt of Light where only the Truth is expressed….Within the psychic stratum of thought and feeling is the principal activity of what We know as the sinister force in this world….and once in a while, one psychic prophecy being fulfilled in order to bind the attention more strongly; with this there is also a certain substance which is drawn into the brain….

  The forces within this stratum work most directly upon the feeling nature; and this means upon the passion of the individual because it is most easily reached.  Men and women who have lost the controlling power over their passion, which may be either sex or anger, have knowingly or unknowingly become entangled in the psychic stratum of thought and feeling, thereby opening the doors of their beautiful and wonderful temples of God….Sometimes the influence is cunning enough to hide this from the outer world for a long time, thus carrying on its nefarious work, as it thinks, in secret….

  If individuals coming to the point of being united in marriage, man-made, would call out to the God within, the Mighty I AM Presence, that “If this marriage is taking place through the desire of passion, then let it never be done,” great grief and torture would thus be avoided….

  War periods more readily than any other open individuals to this psychic plane….Is it not strange, beloved students, that one will so long wander about in discord and limitation when the Master Presence of Light, the I AM Presence, walks by one’s side at all times, waiting one’s decision to turn to it and receive its radiant glorious blessings of perfection in all outer manifestation?…The students must understand that they cannot divide their attention between the I AM Presence and outer things–for it is a house divided against itself and must sooner or later fall.    -ibid., pp. 255-63 (12-15-1932 dictation)


Sun into Taurus at 3 p.m. PDT, 4-19-2013.  An opposition of Sun (including parallel declination) to Saturn is one prominent feature of the next 10 days.    -R

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