Saint Germain and Jesus Christ dictations–excerpts

  Every individual, if he have understanding, has a right to protect himself.  The students should always be taught never to judge the action of a greater intelligence than themselves….It is utterly impossible to satisfy the outer activity of the mind.    –I AM Discourses of Saint Germain, 1935, p. 276

  …as the students begin to work more from the fire element standpoint, the more necessary it is to keep up the guard.  The training which we are endeavoring to give forth to bless, protect and enlighten the students is to train one’s self to be onguard at all times….Whenever there is a center of light of the intensity of this focus there is always the disturbing element that would seek to enter through someone.  -ibid., pp. 277-8 (12-22-1932 dictation)

  If the individual will not correct himself, how can he ever gain the eternal victory?  The I AM Presence is the all-power of the universe to make this correction.  Let the I AM Presence flow until it washes everything clean….If you will stop the discord, the stream of the I AM Presence automatically cleanses away all impurities….if the discord could be shut off for one year, the mind and form would express eternal youth and perfection.  -ibid, pp. 283-4 (12-22-1932 dictation)

  Do not give recognition to anyone who is a tool for the sinister force.…Mighty I AM, only as we see Thy perfect manifestation in all things do we cause perfection to manifest in all things.  -ibid, pp. 298-9 (dictation of 12-25-1932)

  It is not possible to divide the attention, for it must all be given to the I AM Presence in order to go beyond a certain point of attainment….declare:  “I AM the Almighty Governing Presence of my life and my world and I AM the peace, harmony and courage Self-sustained which carries me serenely through everything that confronts me.”…we may not under any circumstances take the student beyond the point where he is well fortified….

  It should be remembered by the students that when they say I AM, they are making the outer activity a mighty magnet for the light to reach and expand….

  I AM is the intelligent active principle within us, the heart of our being, the heart of the planet and the heart of the system.  -ibid., pp. 302-7

  When you are looking into the physical sun you are really looking into the Great Central Sun, the very heart of the I AM Presence….You have the Scepter of Power in your consciousness–now use it!…The whole thing is to instantly draw forth the I AM Presence and set it to work.  -ibid., pp. 308-9 (dictation of 12-29-1932)


  The students should always understand that it is in the great silence or stillness of the outer that the inner power flows in its ever-increasing accomplishment….I assure you, blessed children of the light, any proof given outside of yourself is but temporary; but every step proved in and through your own conscious application is an eternal accomplishment….However at this time there has come to the assistance of humanity the Cosmic Christ power which became so real to me….

  I spent some time in Arabia, Persia and Tibet and closed my pilgrimage in India where I met the beloved Master who had then made the ascension although I did not know it at the time.  Through the power of his radiation revelation after revelation came to me through which I was given expressions or statements that enabled me to hold steady the outer activity of my mind until it no longer had power to disturb or retard me.   -ibid., dictation of 12-24-1932 by Jesus Christ, via Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Guy Ballard pp. 312, 316



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