The beauty of life is contained in cosmic unity





135.  As an unfailing spiral fed by the forces of matter does the eternal current rush along. Thought can overtake the light that follows the current.    -Morya:  Community 1926

114.  The symbol of the spiral is laid in the foundation of our creative power.  Gradual growth does not permit creativeness to wane…..The rhythm of the spiral accelerates proportionately with the ascent…. People are in dread of time, realizing the crumbling of their structures, because man manifests an unrhythmic motion. The beauty of the spiral tension will be at the base of all creativeness. 

115.  The subjection of the lower to the higher lies at the foundation of cosmos….When the higher dominates, then the lower through transmutation is regenerated into a quality of a higher order.

116.  Humanity is ill with repulsion, and the earthly spere is satiated with these suffocating horrors.  When humanity ejected the concept of the most sacred principle, the reign of repulsion was established.

117.  The beauty of life is contained in cosmic unity, and the principle of life is based upon the affirmation of achievement.  The self-sacrifice in achievement links the spirit with the highest manifestations of Be-ness.  Fullness of life may be expressed by the spirit who carries the chalice of self-sacrifice on his way toward infinity.

119.  When we entrust a mission first we appraise the degree of tension of harmony.

120.  Cosmic magnetism gathers nations, gathers races, gathers parts of the world, gathers aspects of evolution, gathers arcs of consciousness, gathers manifestations of all attractions.  At the root of all vital manifestations may be discovered cosmic magnetism, and even behind the karmic law stands the Cosmic Magnet.

123.  When we proceed in pace with the cosmic magnetism then harmony is manifested….Man’s strength lies in the Cosmic Magnet, and his loss of this powerful potential through lack of comprehension exposes that gaping abyss which man cannot cross save by plunging to the bottom and then ascending.

124.  When the process of separation begins to predominate, the power of the Magnet then predetermines a new combination.  All prophecies regarding the falling apart or the uniting of states are based upon a decrease or increase of the cosmic magnetism.     -Morya:  Infinity 1, 1930


  …let me hasten to assure the devotees of freedom that once you have embarked upon a spiritual course, the very fiat of movement is itself the bearer of your freedom.  By contrast the inertia of non-commitment and the sense of hopelessness will draw you down into negative spirals of worldly magnetism….But if the imagination is to be tethered to cosmic freedom man must first understand the nature of freedom.     -Saint Germain:  Pearls of Wisdom 14:6, see

  What chicanery it is that individuals raise the double standard!    -Saint Germain:  Pearls of Wisdom 14:7


The fallen angels have never stopped trying to create a superior being to man.
The creation of what the ascended masters call mechanization man is the ultimate revenge of the fallen angels against the sons of God…. From the akashic records–the impressions upon the ethers of all that has ever transpired in the physical universe–we read the history of mankind’s self-ruination through their cooperation with the genetic engineering experiments of the Nephilim….The genetic engineering of the human race and lower creatures became their modus operandi of controlling man–and the relationship between God and man.
-Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet, see

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