The Cave of Symbols is the retreat of Saint Germain

The Cave of Symbols is the retreat of Saint Germain in Table Mountain in the Wyoming Rockies. This is an important focus and many inventions are to be released from this retreat. Saint Germain uses this retreat along with the Rakoczy Mansion in Transylvania, India’s Cave of Light and the Royal Teton Retreat.
One enters through a cavern in the mountain lined with pink and white crystal and then moves on into a vaulted chamber 200 feet wide covered with stalactites of rainbow hue in the formation of occult symbols. As focuses of the rainbow rays of God and geometric keys to the release of fohat, the energy that blazes through these symbols extends throughout the United States and has a most significant influence upon her people, keying into their consciousness the matrix of the golden age and the remembrance of their lost inheritance.
On the opposite wall at the far side of the chamber there are three arches spaced 20 feet apart: the first a deep rose, the second a penetrating white and the third a cobalt blue. These are the focuses of great cosmic beings for the victory of the Christ consciousness in America….
When the sons of God are once again in control of the great nations of the world, the ascended masters will step forth with a tremendous wealth of information that has been guarded in their retreats for ages.
-Messengers M & E Prophet: The Masters and Their Retreats, S. U. Press, 2003, pp. 430-1
224. When nations turned toward policies of unbalance, the principle of self-destruction was set forth. Resistance to self-destruction can be established only by balance….Humanity must show understanding of the law of the Cosmic Magnet.
225. The Cosmic Magnet unites the poles of the origins (yin-yang of tao) for the life-imparting force. If the poles do not respond to the attraction of the Magnet, consuming of the energy ensues.
226. The attainment of balance takes such precedence in everything that the Magnet manifests the utmost attraction for the sake of this equilibrium.
227. Humanity has so greatly violated the Magnet of Be-ness that the construction of new life must be established.
229. Most complex is the universal creativeness and interwoven with the most subtle energies….The principle of Fire gives the direction to all new cosmic currents. Therefore the assertion of fusion will be disclosed as a key to the sixth race.
230. In the entire evolutionary process one must seek this destination and the central point of evolution must be ascertained. Mere ascent is not the impelling force, as the center of evolution is the core of all cosmic activity. The chain of events accumulate upon the circumference of this core, and unless balance is established between evolutionary and devolutionary human striving it will be impossible to establish a higher step….
Therefore during the epoch of unbalance between good and evil prior to the epoch of Satya Yuga (golden age) humanity must show exactitude of direction.
234. The attractive forces of cosmic fires correspond to the most intense direct rays of the sun.
239. The fire of the life-process is revealed as the impeller of humanity.
-Morya: Infinity 1, 1930

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