Paul the Venetian’s retreat on the Rhone; overcoming the money/power elite

 -Archeia Mary, by Ruth Hawkins

Le Château Borely est situé dans le 8e arrondissement de Marseille
Le Château Borely–focalpoint in this plane for Paul the Venetian’s retreat on the Rhone;
Park adjoining Chateau Borely–video:

Overcoming the Money/Power Elite
Americans has it appears a twofold main problem in these times: overcoming the enemy within–on one hand to overcome the abortion game and on the other to overcome the money/power elite.
Messenger E C Prophet pinpointed the money/power elite as plainly symbolized by Pluto at 27 degrees Capricorn in US Conceptional Chart of 7-4-1776 at 5:13 p.m. EST. In that chart Pluto trines Neptune at 22 Virgo and is one-twelfth of circle to Moon at 27 Aquarius.
Antony Sutton in his Wall Street and FDR, 1975, p. 72: (the monopolists believed) “that no great monetary wealth could be accumulated under the impartial rules of a competitive laissez-faire society. The only sure road to the acquisition of massive wealth was monopoly: drive out your competitors, reduce competition, eliminate laissez-faire, and above all get state protection for your industry through compliant politicians and government regulation. This last avenue yields a legal monopoly, and a legal monopoly always leads to wealth. this robber baron schema is also, under different labels, the socialist plan.”
“Sometime before his inauguration George Washington had been anointed by Saint Germain to wear the mantle of the Great White Brotherhood–the highest office in the land,” wrote Messenger ECP in Astrology of the Four Horsemen, 1991, p. 145
The resolution of the difficulty in our original conception–that is, the secrecy/treachery/schemes/perversions symbolized by Pluto at 27 degrees Capricorn–can be and should be alchemized especially culminating in and around 8 p.m. EST of 5-7-2020, Thursday, when a 20-year new cycle of Jupiter-Saturn (then conjoining) is meshing with Pluto (at 25 degrees Capricorn). Jupiter will then be at 27.2 degrees Capricorn and Saturn at 2 degrees Aquarius–thus the three orbs will be basically conjunct, while the three will be sextile Moon at 26 degrees Scorpio; Saturn and Jupiter will trine Mercury at 21.5 Taurus. At that hour 17.5 degrees Scorpio is ascendant; midheaven is 27 degrees Leo. One can see the chart of this by using
Let us consecrate ourselves and America to overcoming in these coming 7 years the money/power elite which aims for a one-world-government under their own control in conjunction with vast forces of Darkness. Every day counts for the flame of Life! -R, Mt. Shasta, CA

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