the future that becomes the now by the gift of invocation -Sanat Kumara

     The Opening of the 7th Seal:  XVII (1979 Pearls of Wisdom)

    every creature…heard one saying, Blessing and honour and glory and power be unto         him that sitteth upon the throne, and unto the Lamb for ever and ever.

And the four beasts said, Amen.  And the four and twenty elders fell down and worshipped him that liveth for ever and ever.   -Revelations 5

     …the future that becomes the now by the gift of invocation.  Invocation is the science of the precipitation of the God-flame from your individual I AM Presence stepped down to your individual Christ Self who is the great distiller of the God-flame unto your soul.  Drop by drop the individual Guru within you releases the wine of the Spirit; and he is the great winepress, pressing out the Holy Spirit-essence for the alchemy of thy soul’s transmutation….

  Among these husbandmen are those who were once rulers in heaven, who lost their high estate and now they are rulers in the earth.  For the Lord of the vineyard has created the vineyard not only for the maturation of the souls of His children but to give final and conclusive opportunity to those who were the mighty among the legions of the Lord. They were cast down from their seats of authority by their nonalignment with him that sitteth on the Great White Throne.  Now they must prove their allegiance, and in order to do so they must be given the seats of the mighty within the earth.

  Remember, my beloved, earth is a stage that mirrors the stage of heaven.  All is role-playing, role playing….By and by after those husbandmen have retained their positions lifetime after lifetime as rulers of men and nations, they are wont to forget that it is not by their right nor by their might that they rule in the footstool kingdom but by the authority of the Lord of the vineyard….

  This stone (the keynote of the divine plan of everyone who is of the light) which the builders rejected while building their monuments to the lesser self is become the head of the corner of the community of the Holy Spirit that is appearing even now nation by nation.   As the outer walls of a corrupted nationalism come tumbling down, the inner tower built upon the rock of Christ emerges as the nucleus of lightbearers who proclaim the new order of the ages…..

  And with the sounding of the Word though the sound be unheard, the stone of the Holy Spirit becomes the smiting stone of the terrible crystal, the Destroyer of the international strongholds and their strong men.  For the offenders of my people are broken by the rock of Christ….

  And the byword of the initiates of the Holy Spirit is “This is my body which is broken for you.”  Here the Lamb demonstrates the fragmentation of the Greater Self for the survival of the lesser self.  One crumb of the loaf equals the whole loaf.  Now each one of the great multitude contains a single crumb of the Life of the Lamb who is slain.  And the survival and the salvation of the soul is secured….

  For this is the dharma of the Calf (the Ox), the great burden-bearer of personal and planetary karma.  No more are they slaves or sinners.  They are the friends of the living Christ who comes to them in the person of the ascended masters.  And the ascended masters one by one represent the crumbs from the Lord’s table….

   My beloved, the sign of Aquarius is the sign of the intensification of love within the earth. It is the sign of the coming of age of the saints who hold out the crystal cup, receive the blood of the Lamb that is the essence of the ruby ray, and stand within the earth as the guardians of the love of Christ unto his own.  They are the wielders of the sacred spear whose power is the holy blood.       -Sanat Kumara, see


  I AM the Law of cosmic abundance that overthrows all opposition to the manifestation of the light in Mater!         I AM the cosmic flow from the Great Central Sun       I AM sweeping clean the highways of the etheric plane, the mental plane, the emotional and physical planes so that mankind might receive the action of the Holy Spirit, the waters of living flame and the light from far-off worlds

  I AM the action of that light consciousness     I AM that descending light     I AM that wave from the Great Central Sun, the great wave of light which must inundate the planet ere the earth proceed to a golden age of glory      That wave of light descends this day and the debris of the ages and the fallen ones are swept away

  Let that wave of light reverse the tide of chaos and confusion whereby the dark ones have sought to pervert the Mother-flame    They shall not prevail!    They are stripped and demagnetized of their momentum and their authority in the government of the economy this day      By the light of Alpha and Omega, by the light of the Cosmic Christ, by the flame of Victory so the fiat rings forth!     It shall not be stayed; it shall not be withheld

  The legions of light, the waves of light are ongoing    Coming from afar they descend    And all who are of the light and within the sacred circle of God’s love will billow in the spume of love, will feel the warmth and the coolness and the laughter and the glow of the bubbling waters of Freedom

   Freedom is come    Freedom is the I AM Presence     Freedom is the light of far-off worlds    I AM that light      I AM Victory’s flame     I AM the rainbow and the lightning and I AM the sun   I AM the release of energy from stars above     I AM light descending, a spray and shower of light’s magnificence in this very hour      

  -Mighty Victory:  3-3-1974 via Messenger ECP      (This can be given as an affirmation; it is insert 22.09)  

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