Walking with the Master, Hearing the Master

1)  Let them remember that kings of old and high priests of old were ordained by man and God in order to govern and control the movements of peoples, tribes and kingdoms, to maintain order in that which otherwise would have been chaos, and to sustain the flame of victory among mankind.    -Mighty Victory:  12-31-1962 at Washington, D.C. via Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Mark Prophet

2)  We don’t need splintered groups, fragmented or fractioned energies.  We need a body of devotees all for one and one for all.   -Morya:  Chela and the Path, 1975

3)  The proposition on the council tables of the false hierarchy in this very era is to determine by outer and inner programming that the outer person will no longer have contact with the inner person….They have planned a robot race.   -Maitreya:  7-2-1978 via Messenger ECP

4)  Many desire to exercise power over the Lamb.  They are ruled by personal pride in their self-sufficiency on the path and by the spiritual ambition to be the Lamb before they have become the Lamb.  These have not the qualifications of adoration distilled through the path of karma yoga.

…let those who go to the Mount Sion to adore him in the meditation of their hearts’ light upon the light of God’s heart therefore learn to seal their chakras from all vibrations less than the Christ-light registering in the matter spheres.  The closing of the petals of the seven lotus flowers is accomplished through the conscious determination of the will of man reinforced by the will of God.  It is the thrust, ho!, of light flashing forth in the I AM the Guard consciousness.   -Sanat Kumara:  Pearls of Wisdom 1979, “Opening of the 7th Seal, XXXVI”

5)  Fear dominates the international scene as those heads of state, those who are the leaders of nations are themselves worshipers of the anti-Light, have cast their lot and their weight in with that very dweller on the threshold and have united the forces of anti-Buddha together with the monied interests of the planet against the children of the light….

For as you know, the little people and those of lower rank cannot act except the ones of higher rank give the order; thus the system of hierarchy prevails.  And the fallen ones in their cowardice, lest they lose their own life and have not another (for they have been prejudged to the final judgment) do not give the command, do not give the order…..

Under the canopy of the Buddha so grow and fulfill purity’s destiny.    -Gautama Buddha:  4-4-1983 at Camelot, Los Angeles

6)  But rather, let the people of America rise up and overthrow that self-condemnation and enter anew into the propagation of the faith in the principles of American freedom, in her Constitution and all for which she has stood in the defense of the rights of individuals.      -Archeia Mary:  5-15-1983 at Camelot, Los Angeles

7)  Beloved ones, let there not be jealousy of the son or of the daughter of God, but let all children of the light know that as they have attained so you may attain.  This jealousy was of old responsible for the destruction of kingdoms:  the jealousy of David, the jealousy of Solomon, the jealousy of Abraham and Isaac and of Jacob, the jealousy of Jesus or of John the Beloved:  those who saw the lights of God desired to have what they had; and the black magicians sought to defeat Elijah and Elisha….

Descending the cone of light now perpetually during my discourse to you is the light of the Mother Vesta that comes for the activation of certain conditions in the earth.  First and foremost we must convey a greater increment of sacred fire to the lightbearers who have prepared the chalice of the heart and the threefold flame….Selflessness and sacrifice characterize these lifestreams, but the purity of heart and the love of the heart is the only magnet that can retain the greater light…

“I AM a lightbearer from the Central Sun.  This Earth is not my permanent abode, and I seek no continuing city here but only a pad, the base of the pyramid of life for my own consummation of love and the transcending of cycles after I have rendered the utmost service of love and pursued the dharma of the Buddha on behalf of the Buddha’s own.”  Thus, beloved, when you remember your purpose all decisions come into alignment.     -Helios:  7-4-1984 at RTR, Montana

8)  This you might say is the incidental crossroads of Armageddon.  Where one (noble one) is assailed, the many will not rise above that level.  Thus without the victory of the Mother in this hour, beloved ones, very personally in your circumstance and everywhere on earth, others who come on the path of initiation will rise no higher than the level of that defeat.     -Archangel Uriel:  Pearls of Wisdom 29:33

9)  it is not a leaping to enter the political race to which I call you or myself but to the raising up of those whose hearts are so like Godfre’s, so like those of us who have occupied this Office (leader of a nation), that you will be the ensign in the earth, the mandate of the people whereby it may be said in heaven and on earth:  this people does deserve in the highest temporal office of the land that highest representative of Maitreya and of the Great White Brotherhood….Thus far we say, we are the sponsors of right action–therefore let right action be illumined, be championed and be taught as to what that awareness/action may be in this land….

The idea that you are a chela has somehow made some of you believe that you are also favorite sons and favorite-son candidates, but instead you make yourselves candidates for the very mockery of the Law that you say you espouse.  And therefore we say that those who accept the call of Christhood under Jesus must recognize that in that calling and in that path they must exhibit tenfold–integrity and the cosmic honor flame–the credibility that is expected of normal citizens:  their lives must be impeccable….If you begin at the beginning of [such mockery of the Law, with] squabbles and discords among the brethren you will see that such a display of pettiness can in no way attract others to your faith.  This must cease!…

Therefore I comment on the words of the Messenger which I placed in her heart concerning those who become farther and farther afield from the will of God and know it not.  Why do ye know it not?  Blessed hearts, the receptacle of the diamond heart, the receptacle of the heart of Saint Germain–your own threefold flame–is the measure and standard of right consciousness….I speak of the fields of this property and beyond and not of the general field of your membership which has many fiery hearts who are realistic; while others dabble in any number of ways and paths and communications purported to be from our octave….

What is difficult, beloved, is that at our level the dispensation to train a Messenger, to raise up one clothed with a certain inner garment whereby you may trust our delivery of the Word….As we desire to do more for you and through you, we are therefore limited by each and every individual’s use or misuse of our communication [of the Word], and the karma we dread most is the karma of neglect when the Word is neglected, when the instructions are so carefully given and people go out and develop a totally independent “tack”….

One wonders in reading the history of the nation how the nation has survived her presidents.  It is because of the heart and the fire of the people!…Some nations have been lost on Earth and their dispensation [for advancement] are not retrievable. They will not rise again, not in this particular thousand years of cycles.  In the case of America–as Saint Germain’s dispensation has been given–a portion of it has already been lost with his exit from the nation’s capital….

And when they (the populace) again come of age, to the age of courage, beloved, then it is your magnet, your profile, your Presence, your right action that will be the nucleus whereby a people once again deserve a son of God in [highest] office.            -El Morya, chief of the Darjeeling Council of God’s Will:  12-31-1987 at RTR, Montana

10)  I stand therefore at the gate of this City (Retreat of the Divine Mother), this City Foursquare, beloved, and I shall place and retain my Electronic Presence here for the alignment and realignment of yourselves….May you have the vision then of so many lightbearers and souls who yet require the quickening; and may you know that as you are quickened through our holy communion so in you there is a heart of fire that can be a signal mountain to mountain across the chains of the ranges of the Earth until all on Earth who once knew me as Sanat Kumara shall know that again the fire is kindled and that I AM in my retreat.     -Sanat Kumara:  3-31-1988 at RTR, Montana

11)  For then you see we place an inordinate weight upon our sponsors….And this is precisely what has happened to the worldwide community of those associated with this activity.  This you might say has come about through an undue leniency on my part.  It is absolutely unwarranted….

They (decrees) work when you agree not only in principle but in practice and in the depths of your feelings of your innermost being with the call and the potential and actual answer to that call.  When you are in agreement, in harmony and in alignment you can make very swift progress on the path.     -Messenger E C Prophet:  8-20-1988

12)  You live in a pivotal century, beloved, pivotal indeed.  You will determine which way the planet goes, even as the little child that prays at bedside.   -Mighty Cosmos:  7-1-1995 via Messenger ECP

13)  I will help you to enter into the realms of light with less of the attendant pain that results from human fear in passing through the gate (of passing away from this life).  This is a mighty privilege I give from my heart.  I flood it forth…to those throughout the world who have the faith to accept it, to request it and to realize that God walks and talks with men today in the same manner as He did of old.     -Archangel Michael:  April 1961 at Boston via Messenger Mark Prophet, see http://books.google.com/books?id=8qRe0W40-o0C&pg=PA127&dq=clare+prophet+walking+with+master&hl=en&sa=X&ei=8ZABUuDUC8mrigLP64CICw&ved=0CEwQ6AEwBQ#v=onepage&q=clare%20prophet%20walking%20with%20master&f=false

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