US-based telecomms getting US legal immunity

  US-based telecomms getting US legal immunity from prosecution on 7-10-2008* wasn’t a wise decision by Congress or President.  The previous case of IBM being especially privileged and/or legally immune–though IBM plainly broke the US Trade with Enemy Act as Edwin Black in IBM and the Holocaust, 2000, proved–should have prodded consciences deeply.

  When President Bush (as well as Obama and McCain) late in 2008 advocated the privileged bailout to big banking at the expense of the heavily-indebted American people, the absurdity of this overall direction of government is plainly to be perceived.  Various other megacorps have desired legal immunity too, and some get it.  Government at Washington has become corrupt to the core, all such corruption being in line to the anti-US Constitution Federal Reserve Act of 1913 that placed the direction of the US economy in the hands of a private, secretive monopoly group who are very rich.

  Making Fannie and Freddie into a taxpayer-liable operation, making A.I.G. into the same via taxpayer-unerwriting of these corporations–this is major selling out of ethics and architecture of America.  Should mega-pharmaceuticals/chemicals including Monsanto get immunity from prosecution?  Why won’t US courts strike down such phony laws?  The reason behind immunity and special privileges to elites is to create a “superior” breed and to reduce all others to slaves.

  Going back in history, the plot by England’s Henry Eighth to place himself and his heirs as the head of the English Church–a monopoly run absolutely by an elite–did run into a hitch:  Thomas More and a few others refused to sign an okay to that plot, therefore Fisher and More were executed, and the bishop in charge of the Glastonbury area, because he could not deliver to Henry Eighth the whereabouts of sacred relics rumored to be there, was tortured.  All the existing English Catholic holdings were confiscated by the King.  Lord Bacon chose not to speak of these deeds by his grandfather in, say, the drama Henry the Eighth by “Shakespeare”.  Bacon too came under the higher law of Hierarchy–he was debarred from the church rulership, being an heir of Henry Eighth.  (Kuthumi in 1976 Pearls of Wisdom mentions this.)  Lord Bacon could have become a non-monarchist but found doing so inconvenient or unstrategic. The lesson here is that ethics/righteousness is the root of the life of the land.

  However, Lord Bacon via his Freemasonry did seek to amend such high matters, though not in public, only in private.  Apparently he gauged that another chapter would be required:  the USA!     -R.

 *  6-21-2008          Senator Obama(D-IL) said there is “little doubt” that the Bush Administration, with the cooperation of major telecommunications companies, “has abused [its] authority and undermined the Constitution by intercepting the communications of innocent Americans without their knowledge or the required court orders.”  “Given the legitimate threats we face, providing effective intelligence collection tools with appropriate safeguards is too important to delay.”

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