Give me your attention daily -Mother Mary

1)  Give me your attention daily, and as you stand before your mirror call and ask me to purify all your past perceptions of imperfection.  Then after your call see your eyes as I do–as blessed orbs of luminous beauty, veritable window of the soul through which God can gaze joyfully upon all His creation and see the perfection that light has placed there right behind the screen of appearances.      -Mother Mary:  Pearls of Wisdom, 10-23-1959            (I AM the Eye that God does use/To see the plan divine/ Right here on earth His way I choose/His concept I make mine!       -Morya:  “O I AM Eye within my soul”)

2)  You see beloved ones, the Presence of God was and is able to care for the Ark that represents His dwellingplace (the secret place of the Most High right within your heart) no matter how rough the road may be, and the lesson for mankind is clear–that men ought to have faith in the power of God to overcome all obstacles they cannot surmount themselves!  Victory is given to those who dare to trust wholly in their own God Presence and refrain from placing human hands on His work of faith, wisdom and love once they have surrendered it to the Presence, knowing that Presence will bring victory out of it–do you see?…

  It seems a mystery to some as to why the ascended host have so often tried to keep open a channel to their octave and in so doing have had to institute changes in plans and reorganize some phases of their service to mankind in order to better meet changing situations.  To each of these and to each of you I say:  I AM Victory and nothing, no, nothing can halt or mar a plan divine in the safety of our octave!  It is only when lowered for externalization that human exploitation sometimes occurs, or the dominant impulse is for the human to “place their hands on the Ark” or to make God succeed! or some other equally foolish idea–for of course this is but human nonsense as God is all victory, He is success, and it remains for man to accept His plan and carry it out!…

  Your Presence is the divine pinnacle of discrimination enthroned at the “Summit” of every man above all human personality, even each one’s own.    -Mighty Victory:  Pearl 3:2

3)  The kingdom of God is intended to be the universal possession of all, yet it must be personally and individually cognized and entered into by each one who must first be in full possession of the limited sphere of consciousness given unto him by God ere he can inherit the whole….The evidence of that which is not yet wholly perceived by visible man must come into the breaking light of his own inward perception of the Invisible Man.      -Master R:  Pearls of Wisdom 1965, “Kingdom”

4)  The Mother-flame in you is the key to the victory of the planetary body, even as the ascension flame and the Kundalini fire is the key to the victory to your own lifestream….Here on earth as it is in heaven, I lower the Matrix.  

  And I command forces and molecules to come into alignment with the golden city and the golden age and peace.  And I, Gautama, declare that those who pit themselves against peace, those who pit themselves against harmony, those who pit themselves against the Church Universal and Triumphant shall be driven back by their own hatred!  Those who pit themselves against the I AM race and America and freedom in every nation–they shall be turned back!  For I hold my hand, and the steely walls of light shall return unto them tenfold their malicious intent, their murderous intent, that of the Liar and the lie.  And therefore they shall not hold sway–those who intend to destroy this nation with or without nuclear force, those who intend to enslave its people….

  For I am destined to keep the flame of the Mother’s purity forever and forever and forever.      -Gautama Buddha:  4-4-1983 at Camelot, Los Angeles

5)  Those who cannot stand at the altar and be an example of the path of walking in the footsteps of Jesus Christ ought to step down for a season and go through the purging and cleansing of their souls that they might offer a transmission of light to their parishioners….Where a standard is held, society may rise; where standards are leveled all shall go the way of the downward spiral of civilization.    -Hilarion:  4-26-1991 at San Francisco, CA via Messenger ECP

6)  Being the Messenger then I feel that I am in two worlds, the world of Spirit and matter, and that when these come into a beautiful equilibrium we will see the beginnings of the golden age we have all longed for….

  (In 1993) Saint Germain continued:  “Let us trim the fat and not engage in any projects whatsoever that do not immediately lead to the practical dissemination of this Teaching or of the profile of this Community.  Let there be a reordering in all departments and let the Community come together and let there be one-pointed direction and let the priorities be established.  For I, Saint Germain, have lined up advisers at inner levels who will overshadow you.  You have but to organize yourselves according to the superior business methods being practiced in the decade of the nineties.”…

  A key component in starting off a new lifecycle is greater emphasis on planning and the formation of a mission and a vision.  You have to have a work that is your passion….

  Our Church’s current mission statement is as follows:  “Our mission is to publish and apply the Teachings delivered by the Ascended Masters to their Messengers Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet and their anointed successors in order to restore the original one-on-one relationship between the soul and God and to liberate the souls of planet Earth.”…

  A certain amount of internal focus is necessary.  If you don’t have your house in order you’re not inclined to have guests over for dinner….If the Industrial Age was about powerful corporations, the Information Age is about empowering–empowering individuals.  In order to be empowered individuals need to be trained.  It’s as simple as that; and they need to take responsibility for their actions….

  Look for the open door….We need to meet people where they are and accept the God-potential within them.      -Messenger ECP:  “Paradigm Shift”, 6-30-1997 at San Diego



-Portia by John William Wright, 1846

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