as the star rises in hope so we will also rise

1)  “The Father that worketh hitherto” is the creative effort of the universe that enhances the vision of life’s perfection for an onward-moving humanity.      -Saint Germain:  Intermediate Studies in Alchemy, #11, 1970

2)  God created man to have (to appreciate and rejoice in) a matrix of perfection, but man individually has failed to perceive it.  And because he has failed to perceive it he has failed to manifest it, for without the power of vision the people perish.  The people fall into the image that perishes because they don’t perceive the image that lives.

  And I saw that the secret of Life is really very very simple but that only a child can discover it.  And it was in part my faith in God and in His great advancement of the Spirit in me that discovered it–not my human intelligence–because I perceived behind the screen of mere intelligence the eternal values and motivations of God….

  For through our creation and re-creation of the divine matrices in thought and feeling we are able once again to be one with God….But if we tether ourselves to a star–and I’m not speaking of an astronomical star but a spiritual one–then as the star rises in hope so we will also rise….

  By their hardness of heart they’ve damned the flow, in more ways than one, because the flow is God, and people from time to time do resent God–so they damn Him…

  And then (one day) you’ll know just why the brothers of the shadow worked so hard to get you off the violet flame merry-go-round.  Because it only takes one (very well attuned) to light the whole world….

  Now we legislate our laws; then they will come from the heart.  Now we make rules and enforce them by police action, of necessity; then they will be self-administered because we will love one another enough not to violate those sacred principles which make our lives worthwhile.   -Messengers M & E C Prophet:  Lost Teachings on Finding God Within, 2005, pp. 200-14

3)  …all recompense that the Law may require of any man is delivered from the Hand of God through the Karmic Board, whose members seven in number are qualified by their own attainment of right vision and right action to share the judgment seat with the Christ Selves of all mankind.      -Maha Chohan:  Pearls of Wisdom 15:14, see

4)  Positioning then according to the direction of the compass makes more accurate than guessing the choice at hand.  Without the stars to chart the way or the compass, man is adrift at sea, often subject to the very forces he would eschew.  Let it be realized then that if the choices may be made plain each step of the way and if each step of the way you know where you are in the grid of life, then, beloved, you may be true to your Highest Self and pass those initiations    -Leto, see

5)  Celestial greetings from our octaves of light….

  But words lose their meaning to individuals when they permit the darker powers to unknowingly come in and seize their mind, magnetizing their minds by a form of subtle hypnosis which actually at any moment can stop the flow of the tides of light.  When this occurs, blessed ones, it is as though someone took in their hand a strong and powerful magnet, and placing that magnet in proximity to a compass, did draw it from the true north to a side position and hold it there immovable.       -Cuzco:  7-7-1968 via Messenger Mark Prophet

6)  And we are most concerned in this hour to summon angelic reinforcements of individuals who have not quite seen that it is dangerous to position oneself on the periphery of the movement when one has aligned oneself with our cause.     -Saint Germain:  4-29-1984 at Camelot, Los Angeles

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