Wise is the individual who says: “Ah, thou mighty light of my causal body, I catch thee now”


-Raphael:  “Madonna of the Chair”; crystals added






1)  Sons and daughters of God in America alone have had the opportunity since the birth of the nation to come forward and take their stand in every national or state or community crisis!  They have known the facts, they have known the truth, they have seen the dishonor and the betrayal, they have seen the spy activities!  And in cowardice they have turned their heads so as not to see any more lest it might disturb their human comfortability.     -Morya:  Pearl 25:7

2)  Do not let down the Darjeeling Council or the angelic hosts or this entire labor but keep on keeping on unto the finish.    -Archangel Chamuel:  Pearl 47:20

3)  what is the tie that binds us together–it is that tie of determination in the will of God, the determination to not see this evolution and this planet lost by these fallen ones who came from other systems of worlds, other planets.    -Morya:  Pearl 47:22

4)  Therefore you shall receive this decree from my heart in this hour, and you shall repeat it for the ratification of the Lord’s judgment:

Lord God Almighty, I AM a son of the Sun on Earth.  And therefore I do declare this day that I ratify the judgments of Almighty God upon the seed of the wicked on Earth, the destroyers and the spoilers, the corrupt ones, the godless, the dead and the dying.  I ratify the judgment whereby the plug is pulled and they no longer have the source or the access to the light, and that which they have misqualified is now taken from them.  And I declare it in the name of my Mighty I AM Presence and by the authority of my threefold flame!

And because I stand in the earth in this hour I am standing in the presence of the mighty aura of beloved Helios which is activated anew each time I make this call. And I declare that there be an immediate withdrawal of all sympathizers, idolaters and supporters of the sinister force East and West.

And I send forth Cosmic Christ illumination, the education of the heart and the piercing of the soul and the mind at inner levels that the lifewaves of Earth will come into a sudden enlightenment and an awareness–as in a twinkling of an eye–from their own God Presence; and they shall see and know that they must withdraw their support from the seed of the wicked.  And I declare it!  And I declare the judgment of the Lord Jesus Christ (judgment call to be given here)….

 (After the first part of Helios’ decree and 20.07 given), I demand that the forces of heaven and the mighty archangels shall come into manifestation and that Archangel Michael shall descend with legions of light and all of the Lord’s host to cast that devil and his angels and the seed of the devil and the clones and counterparts and counterfeit creation out of the earth and shall bind them out of the pit and bind them out of death and hell and bind the entire astral hordes:  until death and hell are swallowed up in light and victory and are no more and are cast into the Lake of Fire–cause, effect, record and memory–and the platform of Earth is therefore prepared for the descent of the greater light of the incoming great golden age which I look forward to and anticipate as the second coming of the Great Central Sun in the Earth.  This then shall be the coming of Alpha and Omega for the sealing of the Earth in the immaculate matrix.

  And therefore I summon, as a Keeper of the Flame, all lightbearers of the planetary body to be as one, to be in one great union of light and to overthrow the fallen ones who would take over the planetary body and exalt the state as god and have all people as submissive servants and slaves to the Nephilim and the godless and the fallen angels.  I stand in the earth and I demand the overturning of their schemes in this hour!

  I call for the all-seeing Eye of God to probe and penetrate the very nuclei and strongholds of the fallen ones, their secret meetings.  And I demand that all plots and conspiracies toward terrorism or takeover or the overthrow of the governments of the nations established by Almighty God or the overthrow of the divine plan of the abundant Life shall be exposed now, their perpetrators bound.  And these shall be placed before the judgment of Almighty God and His adjudication.  Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus Christ and all the saints of heaven to ratify this judgment through me.

  And therefore I demand the casting out of the dweller on the threshold of the entire sinister force of the planetary body by this my call (give 20.09 here).  Having so given this call I now call forth the solar ring for the victory of all life, for the sealing of those places great and small–both where the light dwells for the victory of light and where evil dwells–for the acceleration of light there and for light’s judgment of those nests of serpents, the very core of the wicked worldwide.

  In the name of the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit and the Mother I accept it done this hour in full power, and I stand in the earth as an emissary of Helios and Vesta until the New Day when the planetary home shall be full of light and only light, and the Earth is prepared and purified and ready then for the evolutions of light that are to come (give 0.30 here)(end of decree)….

  Beloved ones, as you stand for greater light than the Earth has yet known, realize that until the light consumes the darkness, that very darkness will attack the light, and you must be on guard….

  Beloved ones,…please do not take lightly this warning.  You are now clothed with a robe of the Sun.  You may walk the earth as emissaries of the Sun with the God Mercury:  hold your office.  Do not drag that mantle through the mud and do not forsake your calls to Archangel Michael who is your sure defender daily and hourly.         -Helios:  7-4-1984 at RTR, Montana

5)  Now and always man must understand that when he partakes of the consciousness of evil he becomes subject unto the laws of mortality….We come therefore before the court of innocence and we plead for a communication to humanity of the flames of purity, truth and cosmic innocence.    -Saint Germain:  Intermediate Studies in Alchemy, #10, 1970

6)  Capable of wielding both the most intense fires of the physical atom and the purifying spiritual fires of Spirit, the salamanders control the spiritual/material oscillation of light within the nucleus of every atom.         -Messenger ECP et alia:  Prophecy for the New Millennium, 1999, p. 135

The violet flame turns around the spin of electron and atom;p it turns around the downward spiral of the chakras and the energy….The light that flows from your I AM Presence over the crystal cord to your four lower bodies is received by every atom in a clockwise spin, charging it with light from the Central Sun.  Rock music by its syncopated 4/4 time channels energy through your aura and chakras in a counterclockwise spin, thus turning around life and the life-force to the death-spiral of the forces of Darkness….

When you have the maximum attunement and light it is time to capitalize on it….When you have the momentum behind you and the wind in your sails, I say, make the most of it….Wise is the individual who says:  “Ah, thou mighty light of my causal body, I catch thee now; I run with thee.  I will maximize this potential of God.  I will break the bread of Life.  I will contact those I have been waiting to contact!”

Sometimes you receive an inspiration and an idea.  And it grows in consciousness and it builds….Let us capitalize on the thrust of light!…Let our devotees who hear me in Sweden and Norway, Finland and Denmark, let them understand that I AM with you and I commend you for your effort.  Increase then the mighty threefold flame and call for the union of Scandinavia.  And let that union produce through hearts of light who are that union a bulwark of freedom that can move south and encompass Europe, the Isles, and then move east.      -Saint Germain:  harvest 1984 at Washington, D.C., in M & E C Prophet:  Lost Teachings in Finding the God Within, 2005, pp. 228-38

7)   Do you see then that reservoirs of negative force can also be accumulated in these drifting banks of negation to be used by the brothers of the shadow to draw upon when needed to fight against Good?…So long as minute dissensions and divisions occur, so long as individuals set up themselves and their human standards as criteria to judge the children of God upon earth, so long as men fall directly into the traps that are set for them seeking to bring about malicious gossip against our greatest outposts, the world will still be in some peril.  Yet the wise and perceptive at all times recognize and know that the greater the concentrated power of truth used to examine the fabric of thought and the power of truth released as God-direction to man, the greater the opposition thereto.     -Divine Director:  “Grids”, Pearls of Wisdom 1965

8)  Thus Jesus by his very presence at table with Simon was the instrument for the exposure of Simon’s hardness of heart toward the sinner whose sins Jesus forgave, saying “Thy faith hath saved thee; go in peace,” while those others that sat with him at meat also challenged his authority to forgive sin.      -Sanat Kumara:  “Opening of 7th Seal, XXIII”, Pearls of Wisdom 1979

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