sheaths of consciousness outworn; we take note of the sapphire order

How can one sense one’s need to push back the barriers of the mind or sheaths of consciousness outworn?…If you do not know that sensitivity that you ought to have but you do not–I can assure you the one who is above you in the chain of Hierarchy knows it! Therefore listen to that one; follow that one; acknowledge that one     -Maitreya:  4-19-1981 at Camelot, see

-chalice of Prince Y. Dolgoruky, 12th cent., in The State Armoury in the Moscow Kremlin, managing ed. Z. Chelyubeeva, trans. by A. Ilyinichina, Izobrazitelnoye Iskusstvo, Moscow, 1969 (source of following pieces)
photo-chalice of Archbishop Moses of Novogrod, 1329
-dish of Tsarina Tomryukovna, 1561
photo-chancel cross, 1562
photo-chalice of Tsarina Irina, 1598
photo-Monomachos cap of state, ~1300
photo-diamond cap of state of Tsar Peter the Great, 1680s


#1:  we take note of the sapphire order, of the blueness that gemlike reflects the will of God; whereas one knows that it is blue, one also knows that the white light has produced the fragrance of its appearance. …

The legions of men are becoming neither more Godlike nor more manlike.  They are simply dissolving their resemblance to reality in a chaotic nihilism…

I am impelled by the Great Divine Director himself–by the Prince of the House of Rakoczy–to seek to steal from the folds of the world those who have ears to hear….There is no other course to take.

-El Morya:  The Sacred Adventure, S.U. Press, 1969, 1981, dictated to Messenger Mark Prophet; excerpts from chapters 2-6 follow:

#2:  The journey of life, the long flow of identity, is a flurry of beginnings so separated from the Beginning that in the farthest turn of the wheel the beginning of the cycle is forgotten.  We raise the curtain of solar identity….”How remote it all seems,” you say.

#3:  Variance is the disturbing stones thrown in the pond….It is necessary that we establish in consciousness the concept of origins, for the majority of men’s thought processes are patterned after the swing of the mind–to and fro….But such movement can only swing men away from the peace of God and from His love….

The will of God includes within itself the all-chemistry of cosmic purpose; therefore each department of life is brought under the direction of the central purpose of the will of God.

#4:  See the will of God as omnipresent and complete–the holy beat of the sacred heart throbbing within your own.  Know and understand that surrender is not oblivion but a point of beginning and of greater joy….

Now we call for the clear seeing of the God-consciousness in all life as the first step toward immaculate victory which all must take if they are to be reborn in the divine image and likeness.  The quality of thoroughness in all things men do weds them to a sense of the immaculate and the perfect; but herein men must exercise care lest false pride in accomplishment give rise to a spirit of criticism of others whose outer care for perfectionment remains yet undeveloped.

#5:  The very idea of “me” and “mine” often leads to separation.  The strange consciousness of schism finds welcome wherever men love darkness.  They ply the boat of consciousness into watery caves of intricate folly….Walk ye in the dominant way of the sacred stranger who respects no man’s illegitimate thoughts but every man’s person (pure son)….

The wayfarer lingers too long at the stagnant pool when the glories of the fragrant moment are near….What can we do but hold the vision of the grail of God’s will as the beacon of every hour.

#6:  Men have accused me of hardness.  Let me tell you there are two kinds of hardness: hardness of heart which is wholly selfish and wedded to pride and ambition that never says die to its Moloch of self; and the hardness that identifies with the diamond of goodwill–God’s will for total good, total intelligence and total opportunity.

-Viktor Vasnetsov:   Sergius of Radonezh (1882)
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