Thus when you are passing through the exercises of life -Mother Mary

 1) Today (westcoast USA time)–because the Sun reaches 5.5 and 6 degrees Virgo–is the 10th anniversary of the RTR team visit to the Moscow Teaching Center, a key event because there is always a polarity of East and West in the Summit Lighthouse activity, always a blending of Morya’s Darjeeling focus with Saint Germain’s more Western focus.  10 years ago the polarity was very strong and worth mentioning briefly in astrologic terms:  Sun (with Venus) directly opposite Mars, while also in early Virgo there was the opposition from Jupiter to Uranus.  We the Summit Lighthouse fiery stones must blend both sides of the equation of life.                -R., Mt. Shasta, California  8-28-2013      How this might be done:
      El Morya stated:   But tap the roots, because in them is found the sap of power.    –Agni Yoga 1929     
For the salvation of humanity does not consist in separate siddhis but in the central motive force–the heart.  Thus beyond all divisions one must come to the root of motion.     –Heart 1932
Ur is the root of the light of Fire.   –Fiery World 1933        
Only when the force of polarity is asserted does the force of attraction act.   –Infinity 2, 1930
Fiery creativeness is assembling all fiery energies–thus the world is being reconstructed by the tension of two polarities.  It is necessary clearly to discern these turbulent energies.   –Fiery World 1935
2)  Thus when you are passing through the exercises of life where you must surrender this or that trinket or experience or even a dear friend who must take another path, remember that these surrenders are preparatory to the moment when you will give away the most precious gift of all–the son of God that you have become.     -Mother Mary:  Pearl 23:27
3)  We have the key, it is quite simple.  When you know the profile of the fallen angels incarnate, this “Establishment” of the power elite, you understand that it behooves them by their own inner alignment with darkness to snuff out the candle of freedom in the heart of every freedom fighter on Earth nation by nation, people by people.  Lest they pronounce their own judgment they must eliminate [creative hearts] whether through abortion, whether through neglect, whether through allowing people to be fooled [into thinking] that they will be helped and then they are not helped [for the power elite have no intention of helping them–they but give the appearance to molify the rest of the people].  Look at the Afghans, look at the Kurds, look at the Iraqis, look at the little peoples everywhere on Earth year by year and decade by decade!  How are we to direct the course of this nation or any nation when you the people of light have allowed these fallen ones to remain in positions of power?
  Beloved ones, since the founding of this nation there have been in the White House scarcely a dozen, if that, of those who hold any light.  The Office of President of the United States has been defiled again and again until Saint Germain would not place that mantle again upon the current [or any future] president [who does not have that Christ consciousness].  Now then, beloved, there must be a systematic exposure…that the people might have the instrument to divide Right and Wrong, Good and Evil, Light and Darkness, and know that there is indeed embodied Evil and that those who appear to be saviours such as this President are not saviours but agents of Death and Hell itself!       -Fourteen Ascended Masters Who Govern the Destiny of America:  Pearls of Wisdom 34:19 (1991)
4)  Do you understand that it is the receptacle of the Messenger that allows us to deliver such intensity by her intense love of our hearts and of God Almighty?  Appreciate this, beloved ones, and be your own messenger of your own Holy Christ Self and deliver to the earth your “dictations” of steady streams of violet flame and violet flame decrees!    -Archangel Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst:  7-5-1992 via Messenger ECP
5)  Therefore follow the Messenger in fearlessness flame, for it is this flame by which she has conquered for many centuries.  Try it on, beloved, for this conqueror has won many battles and you may surely do the same.  Now look about you; organize your life.  See who needs you the most and what you can do the best.  And in all of this remember Omega, remember Alpha.  Remember I have promised I shall receive you in the Great Central Sun one day….Let the pride be melted like the waxen ones who tried to fly and could not….
  Be not ashamed of the fires of Victory.  Impart the joy of Victory and remember the moment of our cosmic communion for this is a moment you will cherish for all eternity.  This is the moment when you planted your feet squarely on Terra and declared “In the name of God I will have my victory in this life.  I AM victory, victory, victory! ”          -Mighty Victory:  3-27-1975 at Los Angeles via Messenger ECP
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