not as inherent in matter but in the soul and the spirit which should control the material

  A clear example of the perversions which arise when partial knowledge is substituted for impartial wisdom is seen in the concept of the mechanical creation of man and in the mechanical creation of matter.  This idea is based upon the erroneous notion that man is no more than a well-put-together machine whose components may be duplicated through scientific processes known or discoverable….Religious cults and political philosophies have arisen which propound a mechanical victory for man.  These affirm that by the performance of a certain ritual or by the creation of a superstate mankind will be assured of entering into the kingdom of God….The end can never justify the means for the means of a spiritual attainment are just as important as the goal….

  For it is the Greater which contains the lesser, and the formula for the successful completion of each man’s mission is inherent within the Godhead and may be secured therefrom by sincere application–not as inherent in matter but in the soul and the spirit which should control the material form.  When this energy and divine knowledge, the divine Theosophia, has been metered out into the custody of the seeker it is up to him to utilize in a correct manner all of the grace which has been dispensed to him, to summon from within the domain of His gifts and graces the fullness of the Law of Life working within the members of his own finite kingdom as well as in the infinite capacity of the Godhead focused in his Presence      -Master R(akoczy):  Pearls of Wisdom 1965, “Brotherhood”

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