So much given with so little return. The Karmic Board demands more.



  As of 3-9-2009, as sent out from the RTR, the 24 member Council of Elders of the Summit Lighthouse are comprised of these: 
Sidney Bennett, Lois Drake, David Drye, Rose Gadigian, Kate Gordon, Hertha Lund, Tina Stori, David Kravitz, Neroli Duffy, Peter Duffy [just in case one of them is asleep? but these are the chelas’ broad representatives!, not the Executive Board of 8!!], Bonita Frazier, Carla Healy, Timothy Kingston, Paul Kyei, Stephen Macchio, Frances MacPherson, Scott McBride, Kathleen Moorcroft, Julie Pollard, Eleanor Rosenzweig, Gilberto de los Santos, Jaspar Soni, Jon Springer, Gene Vosseler.
  Now suppose it takes two-thirds of the 24 member Council of Elders–that would be 16 members–to remove by vote an Executive Board member.  With 8 Executive Board members on the 24 member Council of Elders, this vote of 16 to remove looks like it would be up against a united block.  Perhaps there is a reason why 8 serve on both of these RTR groups.  Did you know that in the 1980s Morya directed Mother to create a broadly representative of chelas Council of Elders, yes, with Krister and Francis coordinating between that body and Mother?    -r
 2-21-04 statement, posted for years at, from Michael McCann:
  Mother’s work to change the Church’s organizational structure and culture met many obstacles. The concept of servant leadership and the desire to create a decentralized, yet connected and empowering organization has gradually been replaced by an elitism bolstered by misconstruing the Masters’ teachings on Hierarchy and the Guru/ chela relationship.
Church attorney, Hertha Lund wrote the following epistle on “Why Nothing Should Change.”  In essence, she takes 19 pages to conclude the following:
    -Saint Germain and the founders did not want democracy
     -Those who have called for democracy have erred
      -If voting on leadership was a way to be happy with leadership, we should have been happy with Bill Clinton.
       -At no time have the Masters asked us to focus on governance. (This is true if Mother’s and the Masters’ direction to reorganize is ignored. -MM)
        -I find that Church historical documents strongly uphold a Theocracy and Oligarchy.
         -Maybe we should consider such a move (democracy) if El Morya or Saint Germain appears and tells us to take this organization in a direction that contradicts the Masters’ teachings, Mother’s teaching, Mark’s teaching, the articles and by-laws laid down by Mark and Mother, and several centuries of philosophy on government.
  Despite Hertha’s weak arguments and condescension, we should not diminish the significance of her conclusion that the Aquarian model for our Church is oligarchy for this justifies infallibility. I believe it was Aquinas who said, “Rome has spoken, it is enough.”
  I AM Morya in the heart of the joy of the violet flame.  I AM Morya in the heart of the will of God.  I stand for every son of God who has been slain in battle by treachery and intrigue, by assassination or war or the murderous intent.  I stand by the flame of the living Word.  I stand by the sword and I say:  Let the laughter of God and the laughter of sons and daughters ring!  Let it ring across the face of the Earth and let these fallen ones know they have had their day!  Their day is done and the children of the Sun are on the march!     -Morya:  2-15-1981 at Camelot via Messenger ECP
  Measure for measure, we stand.  We assess the strength and will not commit to weakness or the disobedient ones our strength, our life, our plan.
  Some miss the eye of Morya by not looking.  Others, too dense to see at all, pass on through as though the master were not standing in the way.  I chide the ignorant ones, for ignorance is not a state that need remain.
  So much given with so little return.  The Karmic Board demands more.  And I present a standard which you ought to have presented to yourselves. Failing to perceive the level of initiation, you walked under instead of leaping over the bar.
  And I am concerned that you fail to discern the jeopardy of your own soul!  For that jeopardy in which you have placed your soul, beloved one, is by the subtle mode of selfishness and self-concern that, without enlightened self-interest, says, “I will help me and mine, and someday it will pay off and I will bring some gift to Morya.”
  “Someday” will never come–I promise you that!  For no grand dream was ever built upon a selfish scheme.  Better to give what you have than to save and not give, for the rats will come and eat what you have stored away and it will not be fresh in another day.
  Thank God the flow of Life yet flows that you may give today.  And do not count that it shall flow forevermore, that when it pleaseth you you may take some small gift and give to humble beggar that I am–or prince or brother or pilgrim.    -Morya:  4-9-1982 at Camelot via Messenger ECP



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