Here is a picture of the Guru-chela relationship



-ouzel & merganters


new moon on 9-5-2013 at 4:36 a.m. PDT, Sun at one-ninth of circle to Venus.


1)  Revere God and let Him take care of the human, and do not create a false hierarchy in your mind, a panoply of all persons you know–some you place on the highest rung and some on the lowest in your system of judgment, and then you seek the company of those whom you think to be the important people who can somehow add to your stature.    -Maitreya:  7-2-1978 via Messenger ECP

2)   Here is a picture of the Guru-chela relationship [the Messenger draws on the chalkboard.]  The figure eight is between the I AM Presence and the lower self. When you have a real Guru in the flesh who receives you as a chela, this is the relationship you have:  twenty-four hours a day for life the Guru’s causal body is flowing into you and your self is flowing into the Guru.

  The Guru cleanses, strengthens, purifies and sends back to you your Self.  Now that is the exact relationship you are intended to have–the soul with the I AM Presence, with the Christ as the mediator of that flow.  You are the quick if you maintain the flow twenty-four hours a day between your lower self and your Higher Self.
  You were once the dead but are now quickened by the presence of the light and the person of the ascended masters.  It is a process of awakening and quickening every cell and atom of consciousness.  None of you has the complete one hundred-percent flow from your causal body to your outer self.  If you did you would have a much greater God-consciousness and self-mastery.
  That is the goal, and the Messenger becomes the mediator of that goal releasing the light whereby you gain more and more awareness of the Person of God the Father. You have not seen the Father but have seen the Son and you must see the Son in flesh and blood.
  You must be able to understand the Christ in the person of the Witness.  All else is simply our imagination, the best that we can conjure up from the Bible, from stories, from visualization.  Until the Christ is anchored in the flesh of someone with whom you have that relationship you really do not understand what the personhood of the Christ is….
  To restate this, we see that we have lost the contact in two ways.  One, by looking at Caesar instead of God.  Two, by not exercising the spoken Word to invoke the angelic host. The power of the spoken Word then fell into disuse and when that occurred, the power waned, for it has to do with a momentum….
  Each time the Guru-chela relationship–the teacher and the teaching–is present all who have rejected it in the past and have therefore been outside of the circle of oneness, outside of Eden, must come into that circle once again and see it for what it is. They will have their human rebellion exposed and they will see the great glory of God. Then they will have to choose which one they will serve.    -Messenger ECP:  1-8-1979, Summit University at Camelot 
3)  Realize then that when you have a single-pointed determination to manifest God-victory immaculately and with the highest excellence on one virtue, that virtue can become the point of the diamond and the point of the lance, and it can become that very figure, that very point where you join in Shiva’s cosmic dance.    -Lanello:  Pearl 24:2
4)  And God will not lower into the chalice of your heart the elements of that flame until you have stood by your own light, your own determination, your own momentum!–until you have stood to conquer those who would challenge you the moment you would receive that energy.      -Ray-o-Light:  Pearl 25:29a
5)  If it is indulgence you want, go forth.  For the world is ready with much indulgence for each and everyone of you if you care to cry upon the breast of the world’s mothers in the human octave….
  And if you desire to be then on the trek and on the track with Maitreya, El Morya and Kuthumi you will have to keep pace…..Therefore do not come with human solutions and plans seeking our ratification.  It is not necessary to do so; we have sent forth the call and the plan.  If you will come with us we will move together.  If you will have your own way, go to it.      -Maitreya:  7-14-1985 at Camelot
6)  For I am the one sent to deliver Saint Germain’s Prophecy, Jesus’ Lost Teachings and the healing power of the archangels to a nation (and many nations) that is sick at heart but knows it not, grievously troubled of soul yet having no awareness of the malady (its cause or cure), and without the political fibre to save itself….
  All students of the ascended masters teaching must know:  the forces who would deter this mission–whether misguided or embittered by their own failures or threatened in their seats of temporal power–are organized and committed to defeat Saint Germain’s sponsorship of freedom in America, in the world and in anyone who speaks his message or proclaims his name as the Hierarch of the Aquarian age.    
-Messenger ECP:  9-18-1987 letter to the field

7)  Hear, o Israel, the LORD our God is One LORD and He is not divided!  Therefore you His sons and daughters cannot be divided in your members.  Cease the division! Become one-pointed!  Cast all lesser consciousness, philosophies and ideas into the wind of the Holy Spirit.     -Elohim Hercules:  Freedom 1994 at RTR

8)  [an invocation]

 Beloved Saint Germain and Portia, Kuan Yin, Godfre and Lotus, Lanello and Guru Ma, in the name of Brahman, in the name I AM THAT I AM:  Sanat Kumara, send forth the archangels of the seven rays, the archangels of the five secret rays, with their legions to take command over all opposition to the freedom of Taiwan and its people, and bind every evil force pitted against it 24 hours a day.  Bind all attempts through legal maneuvering to invade or annex Taiwan by China.

   I call for the mighty Electronic Presence of Saint Germain and Portia and the great Teams of Conquerors from out the Great Central Sun to come to Earth in this hour for the rescue mission on behalf of Taiwan and for the rolling back of all darkness pitted against this island and its people.  I call to beloved Gautama Buddha, Mighty Hercules and Amazonia, beloved Kuan Yin and the great Karmic Board for the absolute God-victorious protection of this ancient land of freedom and for the binding of all attempts against Taiwan.


I call to the mighty Electronic Presence of Godfre and Lotus for the multiplication of Saint Germain’s dispensation by our causal bodies of light.  Beloved Saint Germain, I ask for your mantle to be upon each and every worthy devotee, Keeper of the Flame on the inner and outer planes throughout this planetary body.  I call for the multiplication of Saint Germain’s stupendous light of freedom to Earth from cosmic sources given on July 1, 1982 and for the saturation of Taiwan, Tibet, China and the Orient–as well as America and all nations on Earth–with whitefire and violet flame to draw the seed of Sanat Kumara into alignment and to bind the fallen ones.  Let the fallen ones be sealed off and cut off from access to the light!  May the lightbearers accelerate!

  I accept this done right now with full power, gratitude and love according to the will of God and the mercy of the Law, amen.


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