I come bearing the Crown of Life which each one may wear -Leto

  Let not your minds become flabby as you decree and give your invocations.  Use the strength of your mind, the very will of your mind to project a mighty arrow from your heart to the hearts of all mankind to make that contact!  I tell you that many of you do not make the contact because you allow your minds to become as putty.  They are not firm in their determination, and so you wander….
  Therefore let not the lethargy of the world be a burden unto you during this month and the coming months but cut through by a determined effort and mark.  Raise the sword of mercy and the sword of blue flame and cut through.  And you know, the resistance of that effluvia is something like the resistance you feel when you take a knife and put it through a piece of cheese.  There is a resistance to the flame in the mass consciousness, so you must be willing to put forth the effort that will make its mark and cut right through unto the end.    -Leto:  11-5-1972 at Colorado Springs via Messenger M or E Prophet; see:


   I have come to speak to you concerning the fact that I desire to be present with you in your members as the conscious radiating point of Lady Master Venus, of Mother Mary, of the Mother-flame, of Omega and your own ascending solar awareness.  And thus I have come to make this request:  that you give acknowledgment to the Mother-flame and those who have achieved an ascended awareness of that flame–myself, the Holy Mother and others of the ascended hosts to whom you may call, Kwan Yin, the Lady Master Nada, Pallas Athena and those who have personified the Mother and the Child.  For by holding the chalice of your identity to receive therein the elixir, the essence of the Father and the Body of the Mother you enter into that ritual of sacred communion daily and hourly which is the means whereby a planet and its people may rise into the golden heights of the Golden Age consciousness.

  I come bearing the Crown of Life which each one may wear as the crown of attainment of cycles of perfection.  And the stars in this crown are the stars of the diamond shining Mind of God that reflects the facets of the 144,000 virtues of the Mind of God.  This is that which I desire to amplify in you–-the crown of heavenly virtues made tangible and real.
  You are the hands and the feet, the heart of Hierarchy in the plane of matter.  To whom shall we go to give our gifts?  To those who will receive us.      -Leto:  4-28-1973 at Los Angeles via Messenger ECP; see:  http://books.google.com/books?id=lbx2yrOXV4AC&pg=PA163&dq=leto+prophet+science+religion&hl=en&ei=SRwWTtPeHoe4sQP88qjpDQ&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=1&ved=0CCkQ6AEwAA#v=onepage&q&f=false
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