Mater-energy coalesced with matter-form -Messenger ECP

1)  We are a soul (the feminine side of our aspiring nature) clothed upon with material substance, i.e, Mater-energy coalesced with matter-form.  This evolving soul together with its form (the four lower bodies) needs refining so that our bodies can be changed (accelerated) in a moment, in a twinkling of an eye, when the last trump sounds (of victory).     -Messenger ECP, see

2) You are the hands and the feet, the heart of Hierarchy in the plane of matter.    -Leto:  4-28-1973 at Los Angeles via Messenger ECP

3)  And our Dear Mother (Omega) became one with the matter cycles below even as She is in–for Her Blessed Being constitutes–the Mater cycles Above.  And now in the last days the Mother, even the Great Kali, strips from Her own all violations of Her matter-body by the dark ones.  Therefore I give you this prayer to sustain you through the rigorous initiations of the fourth ray:  “Even so come quickly, Dearest Mother, to liberate our souls forever from the bondage of the senses, the illusion of time and space and the violators of the Word incarnate in our souls!  Come, Blessed Mother, come.”   -Serapis Bey, in Lords of the Seven Rays, 1, pp. 158-9

4)  the masks and the masquerades of the Mother peeping through the veils of maya: now you see Her, now you don’t….let the love fires of golden-pink glow-ray rise from Mary’s well, the well of the Mother-ray whence spring the waters of eternal love             -Archeia Mary:  Pearl 17:52

5)  The Blessed Mother has come to teach us how to surrender, how to let go of a false identity fabricated in matter.      -Messenger ECP:  10-11-1975 at San Francisco

6)  Material science in its perfection is the science of the Mother.  It is not to be looked down upon or to be dispensed with    -Archeia Mary:  9-2-1973 at Atlanta via Messenger ECP

7)  These tests (by Satan) Jesus passed in the name of his love for Mother, Mother symbolized in Eve–I-Eva (Lifegiver)–Mother in the universal sense, Mother as a flame in his heart, Mother as the Word Incarnate.     -Archeia Mary:  4-1-1983 at Camelot

8)  There has been much confusion regarding the Office of Mother of God, confusing the Office with my person and considering that somehow in this salutation (“Holy Mary, Mother of God”) the human is made divine….

  The tradition is not because of my person but because of my Office.  It is the Office I occupy as archeia of the fifth ray, and upon this Office beloved Alpha has placed an authority for the divine intercession (including precipitation of healing/wholeness).             -Archeia Mary:  12-24-1983 at Camelot

9)  Let the Holy Family and your family be the sign of the Aquarian age.   -Archeia Mary:  2-27-1993 at Chicago

10)  And therefore the walk of the disciple must be understood, for it is most dangerous when one is partially endued with the blessedness of one’s own Christ Self and yet not altogether fulfilled in it, for it is then that the fallen ones who lust after the light of the Woman and Her seed come to take veil upon veil as they tear away thin skeins of light unto themselves….Until the full flower of the Rose (of Sharon, the Christ consciousness blooming in the desert) then guard the budding of the heart!  Guard the sacred fire!  And become sensitive by the sensitivity of the soul (to subtle attack before)…the full manifestation of the gold-and-white lily of your Christhood      -Archeia Mary:  4-17-1981 at Camelot

11)  physical light, physical righteousness or beauty or flesh and blood will come and go but your eternal sonship hid with Christ in God is a light that cannot be dimmed….but to be in the center of good deeds one must be in the center of the awareness that God Himself is the Doer and the deed….And therefore one does not make too much neither of human achievement nor of the little human mistakes, for to do so can cause that insanity which is born of pride and that division in one’s members, the schism in consciousness which comes on the heels of failure.         -Morya, in Lords of the Seven Rays, 1, p. 72

12)  (When twinflames have advanced together in Lanto’s classes in his retreat–)  For the chakras of thyself and thy twinflame will hold the electromagnetic balance for the increase now of the spin of this planet until the etheric plane is once more tangible, even as it is becoming tangible to yourselves.    -Lanto, in Lords of the Seven Rays, 1, pp. 111, 116

Violet flame chakra man by Elizabeth Clare Prophet  

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