egret at Lake Siskiyou; you must earn the right to see


1)  Thoth is often portrayed as an ibis (below).  

…”The first we hear about the religion of Egypt is where an ancient record states that about 16,000 years ago Thoth, the son of an Atlantean priest, planted the Egyptian colony at the mouth of the Nile….Egypt was a sub-colony of the Motherland under direct control of the colonial empire–Atlantis”  -J. Churchward:  Sacred Symbols of Mu, 1933.

“Hermes was called by the Egyptians Tat, Taut, Thoth.”   -Hargrave Jennings:  The Divine Pymander, trans. Dr. Everard, 1650    see:

2)  Let the song be sung.  Let the Elohim be heard!  And let the winging of the bird of light release thoughtform upon thoughtform of your own great God Self.     -Godfre:  2-22-1982 at Camelot

3)  And after all there are those birds of a feather who flock together who are not spiritual birds of light but astral fowls who often create the fouls of life that cause you to be out, out of the game, out of the field of initiation, required to begin all over again when you just were about to seize a higher spiral of harmony by God-control of mouth and word and feeling and all those things upon which you have been God-taught for so long!     -Kuan Yin:  Pearls of Wisdom 24:25

4)  Steel is tested by fire, and the strength of the spirit grows through the breath of life.  Much may be learned even from the flight of the crane.  But much must be endured if you would fly to the Land of Marvels.      –Leaves of Morya’s Garden 1924, pt. 262

5)  Once a heron was slowly moving toward the edge of a pond to catch a fish.  Behind there was a hunter aiming an arrow at it, but the bird was totally unmindful of this fact.  The hunter, saluting the heron, said “When I sit in meditation let me follow your example and never turn back to see who or what is behind me.”   —Sayings of Sri Ramakrishna, 10th edition, Madras, 1965, #609.

6)  I am, beloved, the Mother of Aquarius.  Call to me, for I am Portia and I have stepped down from cosmic levels to be with you.  As you receive me Earth shall become Freedom’s star.      -Portia:  Pearls of Wisdom 31:41

7)  It is the requirement of the great Law that one should demonstrate the path of the ruby ray and be the example to all, yea, and be the electrode in heaven whereby His Holy Spirit descends in the midst of the body of believers, the living church; indeed there is no church without the community of the Holy Spirit.  And there is no Holy Spirit except one among you who has descended from God ascend to God.      -Sanat Kumara, 1979, see

8)  Know then, beloved, that you must earn the right to see, and the means of earning the right to see is obedience itself.

     -Mother Mary:  3-1-1988 at Fatima, see



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