The new song is the song celestial of the Christ and the Buddha

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Ah, yes, mankind have a warped view of life and of the Teaching and of the path. They do not know the way and the very tenderness of our Father’s love and of His understanding of the very frailties of the flesh and of this world that make of Him the greater glory, the greater manifestation of Life.

Do you not see that if it were possible to be humanly perfect there would be no need for divine perfection?  If it were possible to contain God on earth there would be no need to pursue heaven….

I point out to you the first citadel of righteousness, the first community teaching center (in the West):  the home of Mary and Martha and Lazarus at Bethany, there the place to receive the Master, there the place to receive the disciples.   -Hilarion:  12-29-1976 at Pasadena via Messenger ECP


The new song is the song celestial of the Christ and the Buddha which becomes the song terrestrial as the sound of the hum hummed in the hearts of the great multitude, as the sound of the aum in the white cube of the saints and as the sound of the I AM THAT I AM–the unending Word–out of the mouth of the two witnesses…..

Now from heaven I hear a voice as the voice of many waters.  These many waters are the flowing streams of consciousness, lifestreams who all flow back to the main stream of the Lamb and to the Source, his Father that I AM.  It is the single voice of the Word I heard in the voice of many souls who have sealed the sign of the Mother.  And they walk upon the water for the desire of God is in them.  And out from their midst the voice of a great thunder…that resounds from heart to heart in the infinity of Selfhood that God Almighty the LORD WHO IS LORD has multiplied for the sounding of the sound of the universal thunder of the Word.        -Sanat Kumara:  Pearls of Wisdom 1979, “Opening of the Seventh Seal XVI”

Now, initiates of the ruby ray, learn the multiplication of the Self, thySelf–Alpha multiplied by Omega, Omega multiplied by Alpha in the great cosmic interchange–and thySelf in the midst as the living Word.  Now learn the balance of karma, the fulfillment of dharma and the transmutation of energy misqualified through the perfection of the body consciousness.  The body consciousness is the space in which the Buddha dwells.  It must be multiplied by the time, time, time of the Mother’s pulsating light within the center of the space….

Each of the members of the body of God within the circle of the Holy Spirit are chosen by the Guru and ordained, initiated by him for the purpose of going forth and bringing forth the fruit of the saints and the great multitude city by city and nation by nation.  Unto them is given the science of the spoken Word–the power, wisdom and love of invocation “that whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name, He may give it you.”…

My beloved, the sign of Aquarius is the sign of the intensification of love within the earth.  It is the sign of the coming of age of the saints who hold out the crystal cup, receive the blood (sacred fire) of the Lamb (Maitreya incarnated in MA).      -Sanat Kumara:  ibid, XVII


Mark L. Prophet, author of Climb the Highest MountainThe active and the passive, the Alpha, the Omega–the ancient symbol out of China of the t’ai chi.   -Messenger ECP, see


Image of Old Boulder with the greek symbols Alpha and Omega carved into it

Obama intimates US to strike Iran in a year if diplomacy fails

US president, in interview with Channel 2, says that ‘if we can resolve it diplomatically, that’s a more lasting solution’


Obama emphasized that he has been “crystal clear” that a nuclear-armed Iran was a “red line,” and that the US was committed to preventing Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon with which it could threaten Israel or trigger a regional arms race.

Though he said he prefers a diplomatic resolution to the international standoff with Iran over its unsanctioned nuclear program, Obama said that strikes on Iranian military targets remain on the table.

“If we can resolve it diplomatically, that’s a more lasting solution,” Obama said, but added: “When I that say all options are on the table, all options are on the table. And the US obviously has significant capabilities.”

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