In an age when the accent is not so much on being as seeming to be

  In an age when the accent is not so much on being as seeming to be, it is essential that mankind be taught from early childhood not the fruits of hypocrisy but the fruits of purity….When the cupidities of mankind and the banalities are bypassed, when mankind are willing to cast their all as it were into a common pot and to draw therefrom the substance for which they need, many of the discordant conditions which now exist would be completely wiped out…

  And yet by means of the violet transmuting flame and by the means of Cosmic Christ love drawn forth and expressed by the many, the planetary imbalances may be speedily corrected by the power of the 3×3 and the arithmetic powers carried on to almost infinite possibilities so that the circle comes full square…for a little attainment is better than none at all, and men must derive comfort from small favors derived from the Godhead that they may expand their light and love still more…    

-Gautama Buddha:  1-1-1965 at Washington, D.C. via Messenger Mark Prophet


  This I would teach you:  that as you are one with the inner Guru–the Christ Self–and communing under your own vine and fig tree you must begin to generate the mantra of the Word of Love–the mantra that affirms the very next point of attainment, the very next step, until you come to the place where you no longer think and exercise deliberation in taking that step anymore than you would in merely walking down the street….

  But there is a general confusion if I might say among the students (which is akin to the confusion on this planetary home) that the contemplated action, the happiness, the enjoyment of another’s attainment is the equivalent of the attainment of the third ray, love itself…

  I have come to increase the movement and to give you the inner sense of timing, a timing that reflects now your I AM Presence and the inner vow to become all that you are.  Why, becoming  all that you are–this is what you sing and dance and pray and live and work about!  But this becoming is a movement requiring diligence and an intimate knowledge of the ruby ray which is always self-sacrificing.  Each day when you come before the altar of your I AM Presence remember:  it is the hour of sacrifice.  It would be well to consider, “What shall I sacrifice upon the altar this day?”

  Perhaps I needn’t tell you but I shall, that in order to set now a new forcefield and point of the eye of this mystical body of God moving together we must first of course have had to accelerate and adjust the alignment of our own Messenger.  And therefore it does become apparent in her heart that many who come here come desiring to bring bag and baggage of a former life, considering that the former attainment is also acceptable to the new matrix….

  Let us therefore have an understanding one with the other that some of you must accelerate with individual chohans in order to expiate past karma and gain a mastery you do not have.  This calling ought to be prespected whether you are on the staff or not on the staff or [in] any form of membership in this community.  The Messenger and the ascended masters give to all the freedom to establish themselves at any ring of fire in proximity or distance from the sun….

  Let charity then and givingness be without dissimulation. 

paul-the-venetian-banner-Paul the Venetian:  8-27-1982 at RTR, Montana


  I come to sponsor the dissemination of the Word; and in the name of Maitreya I draw the solar ring around the publications of the Summit Lighthouse–those in print, those about to be in print, those in etheric octaves waiting to be released.    -Paul the Venetian:  12-29-1983 at Camelot, Los Angeles, see


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