“Something for nothing” is the byword of this age -Saint Germain



The sea of glass upon which the company of saints do stand and whereupon the Lamb of God is ministered unto before the throne of God signifies transparency of thought and feeling which permits the penetration of the unfailing light of Truth and withal the tangible light of the immortal Presence of God….

The gaze of a man cast upon another man ought to be free from hate, from suspicion and from curiosity.  The gaze itself ought to function as the beholding Eye of God, and men ought to send forth a penetrating ray of light charged with love, wisdom and power to bless and heal the wounds of other men whom they meet.

Now then, because so little of the Law is practiced, the world reeks with the stench of abomination….You see, now that I have flung down my glove my naked hand shall clasp the hand of those friends of freedom who are willing to see that the philosophy of action is needed today!  And I will assist them in every way I can.  The track of time moves on.  We would spill out the old burdens that have vainly weighed men down and let them feel the buoyancy of present possibility….we must today strike for God and His light and win a continued series of victories ere the final one shall dawn.    -Saint Germain:  Pearl 8:39


Surely if you open your eyes you can see that all of human cleverness is now arrayed in a determined and concentrated effort to battle for the minds of men.  World chaos is amplified in every greed-motivated deed perpetrated by those who would unabashedly rob mankind of their birthright….

The social gospel has been made to replace the gospel of Jesus Christ, and true faith is on the wane.  Such chaos in reason, denying the Great Source Origin of Life, is a part of the diabolical plan conceived by the sinister force and the emissaries of darkness….The fall of Babylon depicted in the Book of Revelation signifies the ultimate destruction of the material concept and the victory of Spirit over flesh….

Eternal possession must be earned, and those who would pioneer in the clearing of a divine claim must not only stake their claim but also follow the precepts of the divine homestead laws which require them to live in a consecrated manner carrying out that particiular facet of service to life which they have elected to exemplify and do.  This brings forth in man the genius of perfection and victory and makes for a manifestation par excellence rather than a service that is but mediocre….

You see, precious ones, the voice of God speaks in the dimness of mortal consciousness. Because men’s senses are dull God’s voice does not compete with the glamour or raucous voices of the world.  This is why an outer voice is needed to dissuade man from his present madness until such time as the way can be made plain through spiritual culture and spiritual education; then the divine theology which stands behind every religion in some shining luster can be made clearer still so that the universal thread from which is spun the garment of the Lord may be wholly revealed.      -Saint Germain:  Pearl 8:40


I think at the harvest time–when divine abundance is spread as a feast before the consciousness of man, when the wonders of the electronic age with its great power of free communication, free transportation and free control of energy in the removal of drudgery are at the beck and call of mankind–that men should seriously ponder how the advertising media currently used to disseminate programs for gain to the vested commercial interests may be effectively used to further golden-age progress and the spreading abroad of divine truth that will make men free.  I do not care what the cost, for all is lost without it!

“Something for nothing” is the byword of this age, for the old and honest effort of the past has been sidetracked in part because of mechanization….Let us persevere together, for as a commander in battle I know when we must remain fixed, when we must retire and when we must advance.  We are on the move forward!  We shall not retreat!                                          I AM your Knight Commander,   Saint Germain   Pearl 8:41


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