when your heart beats in adoration to God and in attunement with His purposes there is a connection

ImageImage–Mt. Shasta

  Mortal tangents which sap the energy of many divert the needed assistance from the Brotherhood and deprive the sincere of the assistance they seek, both for themselves and society….It is not difficult for people to accept that accuracy in the keeping of records on earth is essential to good business practices….Now the pursuit of happiness is often neglected through human restlessness without the seeker ever coming to an awareness that the train of his thought has already left the track of reason and justice….Happiness is a nebulous thing unless it is tied to the great motors of Universal Life….

  Woe betide the individual who is content except that contentment be founded in the security of divine truth….

  The decay of moral values then has not come about so much as the result of neglect by individuals as by a spiritual bankruptcy on the part of the progenitors of each recent founding generation.       -Saint Germain:  Pearl 8:37


  To wave the banner of freedom over the world requires a sustained effort; yet wherever you are when your heart beats in adoration to God and in attunement with His purposes there is a connection, a strand of great light between your world and the world of divine freedom.  The flow of divine energy over this cable is buoyant and all-knowing….

  The clash and clamor of the world are intended to drown out the voice of God and to make His Words seem uncertain and vague.  I cannot stress enough then that the hours of waking consciousness are like diamond-sparkling strands of holy radiance, and they should be used as links to the Infinite….

  To break down the image of the American people in the eyes of the world is the desire of those who serve the god of mammon….You must perceive aright that it is not man alone nor even human ambition that is solely the fault with this age. On the contrary, the error lies in the driving sinister strategies of the brothers of the shadow who find in mankind’s loose ambitions a lever whereby they can open the door into the individual’s world and dump upon the screen of his mortal consciousness the refuse of their chaotic confusion….Every man’s ego  is their advocate.       -Saint Germain:  Pearl 8:39


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