not to fall upon the earth but to rise in cosmic works and achievement

  The fiery nature of man is but a dim memory of his days with God when the creation danced in the buoyancy of the divine flame….The fire of the electron is the fire of God, and everywhere in nature the manifestation of our blessed salamanders carries out the will of God in the natural order of things….

  Among mankind today the firm resolution and resolve of the soul should be to reestablish in everyone’s life the mighty impetus of victorious Godhood.  Forgotten by most men is the fiery crown of the soul, the indwelling Presence of God in the temple of identity and being….

  Of all the fabrics which hold together identity and being, memory is the greatest.  This is the etheric level of identity charged with the fire of divine memory.  Banked often upon the shores of identity the divine memory requires the stimulus of the Holy Spirit to burst forth into action in the identity of man.  Then the cloven tongues descending upon man signify the descent of the fiery element and the new birth into the consciousness of God….

  The fire is the servant of all, and yet God Himself has chosen to honor it.   -Oromosis, prince of the fire element and of his fiery salamanders:  Pearl 8:46


  “Proof!” they demand of the existence of God, and I say “Let them prove the existence of themselves and they shall thereby establish the existence of the Eternal One in themselves.”…

  To deny oneself the flow of opportunity is sad indeed, for as it was poetically expressed, “of all sad words of tongue or pen,/

The saddest are these:  ‘It might have been!’ ” (-Whittier:  “Maud Muller”)…

  Without Him we would all be nothing, but through Him we shall all together become something very noble, very wonderful, very beautiful.      -Morya:  Pearl 8:47


  The Infinite One has bent the bow of His identity and as the Infinite Archer He has sent forth the arrow’s individuality not to fall upon the earth but to rise in cosmic works and achievement as children of His heart robed in His splendor and consecrated to His ideals.

  The breath of God, the holy breath, makes the body and mind to stand up….and if men ought to fear at all it is to fear the darkness in themselves.  If men ought to retreat at all it is to retreat from the terrors they have created and spewed out upon one another.  If they are to flee at all it is from the wrath that is to come upon those unchaste attitudes of mind which, in the wretchedly human sense of false justice, corrupt one another and defraud one another of the immortal birthright while denying the Lord who has brought them every gracious gift.     -Maha Chohan:  Pearl 8:48 (to be continued)

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