As it is the Age of Aquarius for the gathering of the grapes

your adoration is the spiral upon the tree spiraling back to the star of your own I AM Presence….

Where would the Master have gone had there not been a house consecrated by the flame of constancy?…Yet the home of light given unto the Lord becomes the flow of all the sacraments of all the seven rays and finally for the integration of the 8th ray of the Buddha and the Mother….

Understand then that the sword of truth that you wield is a mighty sword of authority.  Take that authority under Christ!  Know the meaning of conversion this day that you might be the instruments of the conversion of the multitudes who hunger and who thirst after the righteousness of the Lord….

I stand with the Master of Life and I still stand, and I stand forevermore with his disciples.  I thank you.   -Hilarion:  12-29-1976 at Pasadena via Messenger ECP


We must have therefore a cumulative awareness of that which we are about and not allow the fires in the camp to go out lest the enemy consider that we are no longer alert….The greatest joy of the Mother is this realization that the one who is Christ becomes another who shall light the world–for “as long as I AM in the world I AM the light of the world.”….And so in the hours and the moments when you intensify that light and that call we are One….

Yes, all of this in your heart makes you the effective spokesmen for the Great White Brotherhood.  May it be so.  Let us crown Him with many crowns; let us place the crown of our hearts’ love upon the Christ in one another.

…the placing of Maitreya as a flesh-and-blood person is erroneous, but the denial of Maitreya living within the heart of a flesh-and-blood person is also erroneous.     -Archeia Mary:  4-1-1983 at Camelot


The Lord of the vineyard is the I AM Presence who makes his husbandmen the spiritual/material overseers during the period of the ripening of the fruit of the vine….

Last of all He sends His Son, saying, “They will reverence My Son the Christ incarnate as the Guru.”  But the princes of this world value the Son only for his inheritance.  They desire the fullness of his light.  Because they will not bow down before him they must “kill him” before they can seize on his inheritance.

The kingdom of God, his God-consciousness, I have entrusted with the hundred and forty and four thousand in the earth.  It has been seized upon by the laggard generations who have mismanaged the light, energy and consciousness of my flame.  They have sought to take my Person to themselves as their own, but they have rejected the white stone.  This is the age of the ripening.  And lo, the fields of the Lord are white to the harvest, and the labourers are few who have the know-how to gather the souls of my consciousness….

As it is the Age of Aquarius for the gathering of the grapes, so it is the age of the judgment of the husbandmen.  Now we see the great winepress of the wrath of God, trodden without the city, pressing out the essence of every man’s fruit….

Therefore the kingdom is taken from the oppressors who have oppressed the Word in heaven and in earth, and it is given to the ever-widening circles of devotees East and West who bring forth the fruits of the God-consciousness.   –Sanat Kumara:  “Opening of the 7th Seal, XVII”, Pearls of Wisdom 1979      

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