Seek to liquidate those debts which will enable you to tackle higher responsibilities

The aperture through which men behold the frail stream of mortal life is too narrow to permit full viewing, and thus men should not expect too much of themselves even when they pursue the path Godward until they have expanded their spiritual faculties beyond the dominion of their own opinioned progress to where the Voice of God can clearly be heard saying “COME UP HIGHER.”

…it is the wish of the Brotherhood to show forth the fact that men are often concerned with that to which they ought to give but partial concern or merely a fragmentary glimpse, whereas the important directional concepts of Life–which mold and shape destiny and bring life into consonance with the divine pattern–are often neglected for some temporary personal advantage….

We would like to point out that to attempt the scaling of the stars when men are unable to overcome small conflicts within their own domain often focuses energy and attention away from the direction of greatest need….Seek to liquidate those debts which will enable you to tackle higher responsibilities, and thus not only hold your ground but also move forward in the light….

The law of man’s being indicates that passivity and self-interest wedded to inertia and the desire to attain the greatest personal advantage with the least expenditure of time and energy cannot be expected to produce the same yield as that of an ordered mind and heart that in full faith perceives the goodness of God, extending to all generations and giving to every man the fruit of his own labor and to each and all the opportunity to let that labor become teamwork with Almighty God and the heaven host.         -Kuthumi:  Pearls of Wisdom 9:1


It is most difficult, precious ones, for the ascended masters to reach mankind when their own souls are unable to do so!…Do you know what it means to satisfy the longings of the soul by setting your feet upon a pathway worthy of eternal pursuit?…

Unless you shall treasure our Words as God intends, we cannot assist you anymore than can your own soul in attaining that development of right action and right reaction which is our intent and God’s as well….

Come with me then to the garden of your heart, raise the latch of your attention, watch the great golden gate swing inward, see the peaceful winding pathway, the verdant protective hedges, the trellised roses of love, the lacy fern of form symmetry, the statuary of masterful achievement, the trinkle of falling water from the fountain of God-purity, the hush of reverence in angel minds, the sense of prescience, and the peace engendered by this retreat from the worldly sense.

In the garden come apart,/ In this garden find your heart,/ In this garden is liberty,/ Hear the anthem of the free!/

Be brave when all the world’s in fear/ I AM God Presence ever near/ There is no failure in His plan/ Of liberty for every man/…

Every precious day I see/ As welcome opportunity/ To dwell in garden fair within/ Where God does triumph over sin/ And find the way that leads me Home/

And keeps me seated on the throne/ Of oneness with Thy purpose rare–/ This is my heart’s great daily prayer:/   Father, I thank Thee for beauty, and more than all,/ For the beauty that now and always is within me!                              -Paul the Venetian:  Pearl 9:2


If men ponder the existence of God, they must open their eyes to see how the methods of the Cosmic Lords have infiltrated the planetary cycles of scientific progress, how the handwriting of divine fingers has inculcated in the souls of men bereft of their native purity a desire for true culture, for a code of honor in their dealings with one another, and for crystalline values that are never shattered by the boisterous activity in the marketplace.
At a time when Hierarchy faces many tests in its outreach to serve humanity, a more valiant response than that which has been invoked in any previous year must be elected by the true devotees else there may well perish from the Earth those cultural values and virtues which pave the way for great souls to express great ideas in defense of the divinity of every man.  The balance of the genuine heart should remain undisturbed by the rumblings in the world order while possessing the flexibility of being moved by the gentle winds of the Spirit that bears fresh ideas from God’s own hand from the realm of cosmic purpose….to assist the race in the development of that soul consciousness which will cast aside the trivial and concentrate upon the best and highest gifts.

If the comparatively few will today as of yore keep the flame on behalf of the many–who would do better if they knew better–we will raise the cultural levels of the world, and in short order you will see those conditions overthrown that literally make merchandise of men in the marketplaces of life.  Each person must share in the world responsibility as well as in his individual responsibility.  When this is done by all the door to spiritual octaves can be opened wider, and we can step forth to instruct men in a righteousness for which their souls have longed.

But above all a new educational system for the youth of the world is essential; for tyrants and dictators who would rule the world, as well as those who profess to be worldly wise, spreading abroad their darkness and false ideologies, have always sought to bend the minds of the very young and to lead them into the realm of hatred and moral decay.

Will ye unite with us–with the bands of the cosmic heavens that are telling mankind that God lives within them and that because He lives, they too shall live?    -Gautama Buddha:  Pearls of Wisdom 14:1


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