May you develop a new zest by the zeal of the fourth ray

We offer lessons then in the science of the Mother-flame.  We offer lessons in the concentration of that flame in each chakra as the whitefire does increase and spin and intensify.

Beloved, you can know the joy and the bliss of the inner-retreat experience and still be warriors in the streets of the world in the daytime hours and the evenings when you devote yourselves to the defense of life, of souls of all levels.  From the moment of conception to the age of thirty-three these lifestreams need your care, your concern, your physical involvement with their burdens.

May you develop a new zest by the zeal of the fourth ray, the joy of the white light and the means whereby this light does facilitate your service!  There is nothing sterile about the white light, for it is after all the acceleration of all paths and color bands.  The white light is the joy of the bride adorned for her jusband, the Holy Christ Self.  It is the joy of the soul who has earned and woven her deathless solar body and the sealing of all of the layers of the filigree patterns.  It is truly the joy of the saints who have washed their robes in the Blood, which is the light essence of the Alpha and Omega of Jesus Christ.

I AM Amen Bey and I serve our Lord Serapis.  Know then that the intensity of the whitefire always becomes the gentle pastel pink of the rose, the rose that is the golden pink glow-ray; for the whitefire must ultimately manifest as love, even to retain its discipline, its verve and vigor.

O the whitefire!   it does dissolve all else–such is the nature of ascension’s flame–all that is less than pure perfection won in the rising spiral of your ascension experience.  Let not a day conclude, beloved ones, that you do not claim an increment of your ascension.         -Amen Bey:  5-4-1991 at Seattle via Messenger ECP



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