On Decentralization of the Summit Lighthouse

                       On Decentralization of the Summit Lighthouse                        October 19, 2013

  Mother at the Royal Teton Ranch staff meeting of May 13, 1997, Sunday, commented upon the 4-30-1997 Morya withdrawal of sponsorship from the Summit Lighthouse (he chose to sponsor only those whose world service was deemed worthy of Darjeeling Council sponsorship).  Mother said she was the bottom of the lineage from Sanat Kumara (through Gautama Buddha, et alia) and therefore she would as Messenger in embodiment continue the Summit Lighthouse sponsorship, that Morya was no longer oversseing this activity.  With Mother passing from embodiment on October 15, 2009, Thursday, at Bozeman, Montana the determination of the Hierarch at Luxor—sponsor of the Mother-flame and ascension flame—naturally was the first order on the list.

  And now, four years after Mother’s transition, where are we?  The Archer with His arrows of light ever wings ways forward for all life,–by day, by night, by sevenfold pure design.  Lanello and Mother are on the way to greater service at Lake Titicaca, even while they have their retreat on the Rhine; chelas may offer to serve with that pair or offer service with perhaps another lord of the seven rays of Life.  Let then the pathways of freewill help clarify, individually one by one, the varied courses of initiation forward.

  Yes, there is a vast reordering,, a decentralization at hand in large part because the Teachings are spreading worldwide ,while time/space cycles of initiation are required on the various land masses.  All in all, harmony in inner planes must underpin the diversity in the seven land masses—N. America, S. America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and Antartica.

  Decentraliztion—Morya in spring 1997 decoupled the Darjeeling Council’s group-sponsorship from the Summit Lighthouse.  The line is drawn at times quite subtlely.  As devotees we may decentralize and take tests toward our own summit of Being, become less dependent upon the momentum of ascended master to get the job of personal overcoming done.

  The light momentums of Theosophy, Phylos’ story, Guy Ballard on Shasta in August 1930 and that group’s efforts, Max Heindel, Edgar Cayce, Yogananda, Aimee MacPherson, Ramakrishna, Christian Science, the White Lodge in Oceanside, Agni Yoga and other uplift movements were integrated roughly or precisely into the Summit Lighthouse gradually until by 1997 Morya found it more crucial to allow and encourage a decentralization cycle to unfold.                                


–Roger at Mount Shasta, California




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