Since its wisdom is the antithesis of the passions and the misuse of the sacred fire

  As no man or woman can see God and live any longer as mortal man or mortal woman, so if you ask a seraphim to give you to drink of the elixir of Life, remember there is no turning back to the former state or estate.  Therefore the cup is withheld until you by striving shall enter in to the fusion with your Holy Christ Self….
  Many shall perish for want of vision.  I trust none of you shall be counted among that many. The day will come when every man and woman and child must see for himself, must pierce the chaos and the Old Night revisited upon earth.
  May you be in the holy place when you require that vision.  May you have the discriminating wisdom of the beloved Amitabha, and may the discriminating heart of your Holy Christ Self separate the tares from the wheat of consciousness. And may that wisdom itself utterly consume, by the passion of the Lord Amitabha in you, all passions of the flesh, of the desires, of the mind and the memory.
  Let there be then the setting aside!  Let there be the use of Archangel Michael’s sword!  Cut from yourself the ties to the underworld lest you be sucked into it by a force beyond your own.  Simply take the sword, use it as demonstrated by the Messenger and declare yourself free from those pulls from beneath.  Plunge that sword into the demons, into the grotesque forms that linger at the partial openings of the mouths of the bottomless pit in this state and elsewhere upon the planet! Be free from those ties, beloved, for your victory is very close; yet by your own measurement [it is] at times very far, simply by your neglect to be it….
  Keepers of the Flame who hear my words, know that your decrees are vital for your own victory and that of the planet!  Your observation of the cycles of the fourteen months (of the Crucifixion of the Mother and Her Seed, an initiation presided over by Serapis) is essential also.
  I ask you now to stand and be counted, [those of you] who shall receive the locking-in of the fourth secret ray band for the fulfillment of his mission, her mission and that of this Church. Holy Justinius, receive your troops!…
  The sands in the hourglass fall for all, yet no man does know in the outer, nor woman, how many grains are above, how many below.  Seek resolution so that when you come to our retreat you will not need to remain two hundred years in the lower etheric octave dealing with those things that can be accomplished [today] by the fiat of your spoken Word and your allegiance to the Word you have sounded.  Believe that your fiat does invoke the full power of the Godhead and accept your freedom, beloved!…
  Since its wisdom is the antithesis of the passions and the misuse of the sacred fire and since you have not diligently sought the binding of the dweller[-on-the-threshold] that represents all of those momentums, it was considered [and decided] by the great Cosmic Council who has sent me this night to forestall the locking-in of that secret ray into this body and Community.  
  The hour has come then, beloved, that if this secret-ray cycle is to bear fruit of victory and God-mastery for some among this planetary body, there must be the locking-in.  Hence we have called for your petitions for forgiveness and this is a conference for inner resolution.
  Blessed ones, this cycle is in the planetary body.  It will work its work but some must anchor the pillar of fire that it represents.  Therefore I ask you to pursue the highest calling of the fourth ray under my guidance, tutelage and sponsorship.  I offer you sponsorship guardedly, yet I do so out of profound compassion for your state.  I desire to assist you in the raising up of ascension’s flame, and I desire to see you not crumble beneath the weight of this secret-ray planetary initiation….
Therefore I ask that you signal our seraphim in this hour if you desire the true locking in to your chakras of this ray.  I ask you not to fear or falter yet to also be realistic….
  I will tell you that locking-in to this fourth secret ray band will be a great assist in your overcoming of all adversaries of this Community and Church, Messenger and chelas (one can pray to Serapis, Justinius and to Elohim Cyclopea for this initiation.) It is necessary for the victory.  I will also tell you that to ride this ray at its crest in this hour and to continue with all diligence will allow you to arrive at a certain level of the passing of initiations that will enable you to increase your attainment and ability to draw forth supply and all that you need to go on in the fulfillment of your mission.

  Thus it is a ray for which there is no substitute, a cycle for which you will wait again another fourteen cycles (16 years and 4 months)….
  May you pause each day–and never be without this visualization when you invoke your tube of light–-to see then your seraphim attendant dressing you again from head to toe in armour of light that will deflect from you all harm directed against the holy office you have chosen, which is to embody the fourth secret ray.
  I ask you to visualize this armour for your children and for all other Keepers of the Flame who will similarly take their stand to receive the locking in of this fourth secret ray.  Do not call it forth or visualize it for any other, for this is unto those who are understanding of the necessity to move forward with the planetary initiations.  Any and all Keepers of the Flame in good standing who in the future may hear this dictation may also stand to receive this ray and to receive the armour for their stand….
  Beloved, the fourth ray as the white sphere of the Causal Body is very close to the five secret rays.  May you extol its virtues and embody them.  May you remember [my words] and call for the clearing of the memory of all Keepers of the Flame who have heard me.  This is a very special moment, beloved….
  Indeed, beloved, this is a moment of great comfort to the Maha Chohan, to Gautama Buddha and Sanat Kumara.  As you have labored long in this lifetime and borne much, we have labored aeons with the evolutions of Earth.  And though the harvest from the total population may seem small by percentages we count the harvest of those who take their stand for the Mother-flame in this hour to be considerable, for we count [the harvest] from among those who have the qualifications to begin with….
  Now, beloved, there is a sealing of your chakras and a sealing of the rays. [21-second pause]  Guard the heart most precious.  I, Serapis, place spheres of light around your heart for increased protection in all the days ahead.

  May you consider yourselves holy.  May you fill the role of holiness.  May you see across the helmet of the seraphim that you wear the inscription “HOLINESS UNTO THE LORD!”  May you carry a flame of holiness.  Let your conversation be “yea, yea” and “nay, nay,”  affirming God and not [otherwise] even allowing the mouth to be opened lest the lesser vibrations pass through. When you are present with seraphim, beloved, you are in the presence of holiness.
  Each one of you receives then the presence of a mighty seraphim with you unto the hour of your fulfillment of [your mission in] this life–unless you somehow violate that presence and that tie by word or thought or action…
  Remember, one of the gifts that the seraphim have [received from God] is [the ability] to place their Electronic Presence over you, to lock-in to your entire four lower bodies and to bring about a gentle healing and spiral of wholeness, the mending of the tears in the garment, the weaving and the reweaving of the deathless solar body.
  May you rejoice at such sponsorship and may there be a true change in your attitude and outlook, in what you allow to occupy your mind and your time, your space and your feeling world.
  We desire you to rise not a single notch but three feet this night.  Visualize it, beloved, and may it be so.  We desire you up the spiral staircase, far out of reach of the denizens of the lower darkness.  This is my mission in coming, beloved.  My gratitude to all Keepers of the Flame who have made possible this dictation at all.  Better late than never!          –Serapis Bey:  12-29-1990 at RTR, Montana via Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet
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