In order to live, to cognize and to draw upon experience man must possess consciousness rather than be possessed

  Decrees are synthesized manifestations of the heartflame of each one who decrees.  Decrees draw together and focalize the power of the spoken Word, the visualization of the Christ mind and the rhythm of the divine pulse….
  By the power of the Word the Earth was framed, and by the power of the Word the freedom of man shall be dominantly asserted in God’s name.  Use your decrees!  Fear not the opinions of men, for the Hierarchy has spoken and those who heed will profit.                   -Saint Germain:  Pearls of Wisdom 11:24
  I AM the immortal flame of cosmic freedom
  I demand that all of my energies in outer concentration submit to the great God-flame within my heart
  I demand that all that is not of the light be transmuted and changed and that I be the fullness of all that which I already am, for
I AM the full perfection of God
I AM the living flame of cosmic freedom
I AM the buoyant dancing joy of God that passes through my entire four lower bodies and descends from the heart of my Presence to    give me my freedom now
I AM the raising power of the Spirit of light and fire which lifts me to the victory of my ascension and is the full-gathered momentum of     victory of the saints and ascended beings of all ages to ascend back to the very heart of God and the immortal consciousness      thereof.  So help me God.          -Prince Oromasis 
We would direct a ray of light’s perfection to the hearts of men. You seek to probe outer space; your technology reaches for the stars. But I say to you with a solemn warning, neglect not the space that is within thee–the realm of self that requires the prerfection of the eternal plan. You were fearfully and wonderfully made. And I as the ancient of Days did long hold for men the immaculate concept….
We include mention of the feminine principle in connection with the space within, for many are interested in reaching out into the material universe–the world of matter and form–without understanding that the Spirit that interpenetrates all form and substance is the web of reason (the skeletal framework) that communicates and holds together the cosmos….Matter, meaning Mater, is the chalice which receives the invigorating lifegiving eseence of the sacred fire. Thus the Father principle completes the cycle of manifestation in the world of form through the Mother aspect, and child-man is nourished by the balancing sustaining action of life whose twofold nature is epitomized in the Christ….
If a man tear himself from the luminosity of his own heart by outward seeking, he can become enmeshed in externals until the internal fiery world can no longer sound forth its reality.  All things come then into position within the framework of the individual’s chalice of manifest perspective.  His temple is his universe which God infuses with life.  God is the temple and God is the fire that blazes on the altar within.
  The power to expand the chalice is the power inherent in a mustard seed….We reference not the physical heart but the center of sovereign being, the seat of universal consciousness, the powerhouse of individuality.
  In order to live, to cognize and to draw upon experience man must possess consciousness rather than be possessed by fragments of the consciousness of others or by dream episodes and vain imaginings….
  God created the universe as a place of joy.  In order to create natives to His own joy He framed men in His own image.  This image He implanted within them; it is implanted in the fire of the soul that it might never be lost no matter how far man might wander from His service.  Through this image the connecting cords of universal love reach out as the spokes from a hub–from center to periphery–and all things are brought into focus within the soul who seethes with good….
  We must restore the Earth to her golden-age estate.  Technocracy must embrace a divine theocracy. Atheism–spawned of the serpent’s sinuous materialistic concepts, invading and pervading the universities of the world–must be shed that the dove of order with the olive branch in his bill may appear. Then shall the universal Spirit of the Lord God unite the universe that is within with the universe that is without.
For safety, sanity and for prevailing order      I AM Sanat Kumara   Lord of the Flame   Hierarch of Venus          Pearls of Wisdom 11:25
IMG_6262Mark & Elizabeth Prophet
No specific good would occur in the community of being by forcing the separated segments of the universal into an unwilling alliance; for there the liberty of oneness would be ignored and the pull of the senses like snorting wild steeds would create its tides of restless energy to pull man away from the balance of true being.  Only the pull of the sun-center of universal reality, only the recognition by mankind en masse of the great laws governing cosmos and the spread of understanding about cosmos can develop within the unfolding identity of the individual a sense of the harmony of universal liberty….
  Man–caught in the miasma of his separatist dream, deigning to be fooled–has created a thousand foolish splinters that have taken him from the truth-center of his being….
  The meaning of the phrase “spiritual wickedness in high places” is high spiritual development without assimilation of the divine character.  This brittleness of the spirit is a disease which threatens the most advanced disciples; its cure is that humility of heart which retains its hunger for the Spirit of the Lord which is the Spirit of Liberty..(which) is also the Spirit of Cosmic Unity that places the common good of all above the aggrandizement of self….
  More precious than rubies and diamonds or the treasures of the world is this Spirit of Liberty.  By this Spirit great nations have arisen, monumental scientific discoveries have been made and prophetic revelations have been released….
  All religion that has had its origin in the Spirit of Truth ought (1) to bring to mankind a greater awareness of his divine potential, (2) to serve as a bond of union ‘twixt the Brotherhood of Light and unascended man, and (3) to illumine mankind as to the pitfalls of worldly living.  These pitfalls are not absent from the spiritual path, not by any means.  No immunity has been guaranteed the advancing chela.          Image-Goddess of Liberty:  Pearl 11:26
 Blessed ones, the accommodation of the Roman hierarchy to the superstitions and black magic of the people of Central and South America is a crime of the first magnitude against my Son and his little ones. For millions have been trapped into the astral plane, the psychic, and cursed to Death and Hell itself while the priests have stood by to allow the people their superstitious and evil practices rather than challenge them and perhaps lose members or control or money for their coffers.  It is a shocking experience, beloved, to see the evidences of voodoo and the malpractices of people, not outside but right within the churches. These practices all over the land are the open door to World Communism and to an age of great darkness.

   Let all you who would take the flame to Central and South America know that you will be facing black magicians, fallen angels.  And those who perform these practices are truly in league at inner levels with all of the terrorist acts of World Communism which are the practice of Satanism–the shedding of the blood of the saints, their massacre and the violation of their bodies by devils incarnate. These practices, beloved, come forth out of the evil heart of Lenin and his initiation of the dark cycle of Mother Russia which has become the Soviet Union. That reincarnated one in the person of Anton LaVey, blessed hearts, continues to practice cursings and rites of Satan against all churches and lovers of God.

   For the overstepping therefore of his bounds in the attacking of my representative, I say to you, in this hour he is stripped entirely of the powers of Satan and has them not!  Archangel Michael stands over him and binds him in this moment as I speak to you, beloved! [38-sec standing ovation]  You must ratify this judgment by your freewill and by the authority of your being in embodiment daily. This individual occupies physical space in physical matter. The saints on earth must call the judgment and wage a warfare of the Spirit and wield their swords of the sacred Word.

   Understand that this is only the kingpin. You must know that that which is being judged are his words, his works and his person.  And the works of Anton LaVey are in support of every pleasure cult, all homosexuality, prostitution, the violation of the holy child, all evil, all gambling and all money schemes.  This one has dared to claim responsibility through Satanic rite and mortal cursings for the recent scandals that have taken place in the Christian churches.

   Blessed hearts, indeed these fallen ones move against all who attempt to represent Christ. Therefore know that they always know where are the highest initiates and who are the Keepers of the Flame. They know their day is done when confronted by the Call. They have seen their cursings literally dissolve and decompose, and they know what the source of that Call is and who is the mouthpiece thereof.

   Therefore understand, until the Church of Satan itself does go down and until a larger body of people on earth protest that church instead of acclaiming it as the true and old religion, it will take the power of yourselves as lightbearers to be one with God as a majority of freewill.  These practices are an open door for the very same Satanic rites and other misuses of science practiced by aliens in their spacecraft and others in embodiment who would shun all association with the Church of Satan and yet have the identical vibration. Thus Satanism is far more rampant than you would calculate.  For it has to do with World Communism and the shedding of blood of the lightbearers in every nation.  It has to do with the abortion of life that is the work of Herod and his henchmen.

   When you look at the ills of society and realize that it is the fallen angels, the Satans, that have originated and sustained these, you will understand just how far-reaching is the support for the Church of Satan even without affiliation.

   Let the judgment then begin with the source and the head and let it proceed throughout the world. For this world must become the cradle of the Divine Manchild and a golden-age civilization.

   The question that hangs in the balance, beloved, is: Shall the Manchild be born or not be born in this hour?  Whether the cradle is safe or not, we must see.  We speak then of a specific lifestream as well as many lightbearers who ought to be descending who have the anointing of Light.

   Blessed hearts, much hangs in the balance. Therefore I have said what I have said. I have spoken what I have spoken. I have delivered the words of our Father and our Mother, of the Darjeeling Council and the Lords of Karma.  All of these have contributed in the flow and the stream of my delivery.  Therefore the hosts of heaven rejoice and the angels serve a heavenly mass in the Temple Beautiful.  May you know that our love is with you forever and that we look forward to the day when we may walk with you on the highway of our God.  The benediction and grace of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ be upon you forever and forever, Amen.                photo-Archeia Mary:  4-21-1987, Pearl 30:21 

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