The divine thought must be examined in order that motives may be purified and then tied to divine sources

  For man is destiny not dust and thus all shall understand that the Word in the heart Destiny not Dust with the lighthouse rising from it shows that mankind has a way to go to let their light so shine before men that they may glorify their Father which is in heaven.      -Gautama Buddha:  12-31-1967 at Colorado Springs via Messenger Mark Prophet



-Auriel Bessemer drawing ~1971

  The divine thought must be examined in order that motives may be purified and then tied to divine sources of greatness and strength.  Thus the acts of many among men will move as God directs to form a union of cosmic effort that will prevent the energies of the children of God from being dissipated in many contradicting avenues of religious expression thereby–through error, personal idiosyncrasies and ambitions–minimizing the effectiveness of the power of God upon the planetary body….for verily those who expect a reward from mankind have their reward, whereas those who do all things for the glory of God and without expectation of return deem it an act of divine grace that they may serve holy causes.  These then trust that the return of virtue which they have sent out will be to the Godhead and for the magnification of good throughout the world and toward all humanity….

  My key recommendations then which as chohan of the first ray I give to everyone in this new year of 1968 are 1) to cease absolutely from protruding the personal self as the active power in spiritual service and 2) to surrender the personal self to the Holy Christ Presence and the mighty individualized I AM Presence, the divine image which God made for each man to be the only acting presence in the life of the individual….

  The abundance of the manifestation of the Presence can be stepped up as easily as one steps on the accelator of an automobile causing an increase in teh speed of the motor, but each individual who uses this law must be careful to see to it that there is no sense whatsoever of the personal self as the doer.

  When God alone is called into action by the disciple as the power of invisible–and therefore invincible–service to one’s fellowmen wherever he walks, the roses in a spiritual sense burst ’round his feet and release their perfume into the atmosphere.     -Morya:  Pearl 11:1


  I come that you might remember the love that is the hallowed circle of life.  I draw that circle around you now, around you each one together with your twinflame.  And there is imparted to each one of you by angels of Raphael’s band the truth of the Presence of your divine compliment that you might feel for a moment the wholeness of Father-Mother in life as Above, so below.  It is the Christ consciousness of the counterpart that I would have you experience that you might see how the merging of energies in a spiral of wholeness is for your ultimate victory and your ultimate return.  This hallowed circle can never be broken but includes all of life also as the awareness of Self and Selfhood.       -Archeia Mary:  6-16-1974 at Burbank via Messenger ECP

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