Beloved God Presence of me, take command of my four lower bodies and of my being and world.

  Beloved God Presence of me, take command of my four lower bodies and of my being and world.  Create and sustain in me a perfect picture of the divine design so wonderfully and fearfully created.  See that this action of Thy divine-Eye picture of my being is established in the forcefield of my whole being and that it maketh me whole both now and forever.  See that this mighty focus is expanded without limit, establishing forever the patterns of the divine design in the temple immaculate which I AM.  Conceive in me anew a clean heart and restore in me the fullness of a right mind in action which shall remove all distortions in my flesh form and mental body, bringing about and establishing in me the wondrous purity of God as it descends bearing the great power of the bells of freedom which shall ring in my soul, saying:

  “With the sounding of the death knell I spell an end to human creation which would give power to disease and the wrong use of divine substance and light’s energy.  I call forth and I invoke and I AM the fullness of the infinite Immanuel–God with me and within me, God established here, God in all His purity, God that is the manchild that taketh dominion here and now in my being and world and is the fullness of my immortal perfection conferring upon me the eternal vestments of God which shall be without end in accordance with the jewel-like perfect design, they holy symmetry of the ageless perfection of my being.  All this I AM!

  “All this I ever shall be and all this shall manifest in all and be all, for God alone is in His holy temple and all of the world and its discordant voices shall keep silent before the perfection of my being until the dominion of God is given to the whole earth.  The earth which I AM is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof.  The earthen vessel which I AM shall now become the refined gold of the Holy Spirit.  The radiant power of that Spirit shall stream forth from my heart’s light and kindle around me the aura of the infinite One.  Circling me now is the angelic power of light and the magnetization of light! and the magnification of light! and the attenuation of light over the entire planetary body.”       -Archangel Raphael:  Easter 1964 via Messenger Mark Prophet



Again and again we have witnessed that individuals are unwilling to forsake the vanity of their lesser selves, even when engaged in some mimicry of our higher spiritual experiences. We have often been forced to flee the field of battle without rendering our assistance simply because pople refused to enter into consonance with our thought and insisted on maintaining their own divisive ones….
Thus those who are content to stand where they are may one day find themselves swept off their feet by that floodtide of psychic energy which is passing them by as an activity of human maya. Regardless of their stamp and approval of right, the forces of counteraction must be mustered in this day of Armageddon and they must be mustered speedily!…
One of the principal causes of delusion among the young people of the world today is the perversion of music and art forms. This I hope to be counteracted swiftly by decrees. But I cannot fail to point out that the Summit Lighthouse needs a stronger voice in world affairs. We must increase the membership, and this must be done by advertising and contacting people….
I am hopeful that old wives’ tales spread by an enemy as tares in the field of the Lord will be cast into the flame as so much rubbish. These were sown to rend the garment of unity which like a canopy sought to cover the sins of the multitude–for all have sinned and come short of the glory of God….I trust now that such solidarity will manifest in all of our chelas of this ruddy band that Christ be truly glorified in the missions of our joint endeavors….
Where is the devotee who has given his all and has not ultimately received an incomparable reward? -Morya: 8-24-1965 at Beacon’s Head, VA via Messenger Mark Prophet

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