no right however basic can long be secure without the underpinning of the spirituality


  Saint Germain has said that no right however basic can long be secure without the underpinning of the spirituality that instills a compassionate use of that right.     -Messenger ECP et alia:  Saint Germain’s Prophecy for the New Millennium, S.U. Press, 1999, p. 239.  Quotes from Saint Germain dictations follow, as given in this book above–

I would tell you that never in your history since you first placed your feet on this planet and on this soil have you had such a challenge as you now face and as you and your progeny will be facing in the next 200 years.   (4-7-1996)


There is a potential for absolute cataclysm and a potential for an absolute golden age. (4-7-1996)
In order for humanity to triumph over their returning negative karma that has accumulated for 25,800 years they must collectively row upstream, so to speak….For once humanity’s negative karma does crystallize in the earth, in the four lower bodies of the people and in all life animate and inanimate, it will take a tremendous effort on the part of the enlightened ones of Earth to purify the world of its human effluvia. (3-2-1996)
The mitigating factor in economic debacle, in nuclear war, in plague untold and death is the nucleus of lightbearers and the quotient of sacred fire they invoke….We are determined; you must be determined. (11-27-1986)
Some have entered into the same old [Atlantean] spirals of deception, the abuse of power and money, and have therefore turned around what might have been truly by this day a golden age in America. (10-14-1991)
And we together have come to the nexus where the configurations of light and darkness allow our souls to pass through the eye of the needle and raise this civilization to forgotten heights of glory. (3-10-1996)
What you can do to work planetary change is unlimited. I said it is unlimited! The infinite power of God is available to you, greater than all nuclear power or weapons. (2-22-1987)
What is noteworthy, beloved, is that in all areas of crisis and ultimate catastrophe it has taken but a few lightbearers to save a situation and but a few spoilers to ruin all for the people. (10-21-1987)
And if you desire to increase your capacity to receive my assistance, then take up the calls to the violet flame and see how your aura will actually turn a violet color. (2-7-1987)
I am the guard of your soul’s liberation in the age of Aquarius. (8-17-1975)
I have learned that wrong thinking, carelessness, greed and apathy kill and maim too. -General Lewis Walt, USMC retired: The Eleventh Hour, Caroline House, Illinois, 1979, p. xii
The welding together of dissonant elements of society is necessary in orer that the harmony of higher spheres, dispensed from the many mansions of the Father, may come to the people of this blessed planet with that long overdue peace which every mother’s heart ought to crave.
Sons of the flame, keep your hands upon the plow as it makes its straight furrow for the reseeding of this age with the seeds of righteousness in God’s name. -Meta: Pearl 11:28
Men lament their transitory nature, but let them understand that the very nature of the transitory (subject to change) makes possible the way to light. Those who climb to the stars on ladders of light should understand that until their feet have left the highest rung and they stand upon the star of light’s attainment they remain in transit….
Like never-fading flowers the permanet body of man–his luminous body of light–is the eternal hope that, rising in the human heart as compass needle, enables man to chart his course over the troubled seas of life…To cast your anchor beyond the veil means to fit yourselves for progress.
Recognizing where you are and where you are going establishes contact with the higher way and enables you to come up over discordant conditions because your anchor is already cast into the goal-fittedness of the master’s plan for you….
For it is not at the end of the road that men can act to remedy but as they go–as the days come, as they are dispensed–then can correction be made….
This (universal) plan of glowing reality is framed right within the fire of the heart, the heart of purpose, the fabric of soul-substance upon which God would engrave worthy acts. -Rose of Light: Pearl 11:29

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