national security has now become the State religion

12-18-2013     So, what is national security has now become the State religion, and you do not question, and that the high priest of secrecy are the rules. I mean what have we come to? I don’t want to live in that kind of society. I don’t want to be Winston in 1984 cowering in the corner because that was the only place he had any … where he couldn’t be seen by the cameras which meant they knew where he was. I mean I got colleagues right now who are under physical, intimidating physical and electronic surveillance because why? Because the State considers them a threat, and they’re trying to send a message.

It’s an extraordinary development and there’s people more than willing to engage in that conduct, and they’re more than willing to worship national security over the sovereignty of individuals. I don’t want to live that kind of a life, and that’s why I’ve dedicated the rest of my life to defending life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness because it matters to who we are as human beings.     -Thomas Drake, former senior executive at NSA and whistleblower of same

from same link:

LS: Whose interests are ultimately served by secret intelligence agencies in the West?

TD: Well, it’s become less and less the citizens and has become more and more a protectorate for the powers that be.

LS: Yes, but didn’t they set up, for example, the CIA in the first place?

TD: See, I’ve said this and a lot of people look at me funny and even take exception to it. The real history is, you have to context this crucial to understanding all this. The CIA which, you know its predecessor was OSS, you know the Office of Strategic Services born during World War II.

LS: Which was placed, by the way, in the financial district of New York.

TD: That’s correct, that should tell you something and, of course, those links go back even further. I mean the culpability of financial interests are at the center of so much in terms of even modern history. I think modern history, if you go back even into the 19th century, you know it’s an extraordinary history to understand it but most people will give it short shift because so much of it is shrouded in mystery and secrecy. Yes, isn’t it interesting that the OSS was centered in the financial district. That should tell you something; but that gave them enormous cover for the operations they want to engage in.

But unfortunately we see that in China the Father principle has been eclipsed by the superstate, the perversion of the crown chakra, the perversion of the Father. Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood E C Prophet, see

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