it is His mercy and His intent to flow into the consciousness that bids Him welcome

Let me here and now then for humanity, for the individual, for religious expression upon the planet remind you that this generation shall pass, its mistakes and its errors shall become part of the history of mankind’s experience, but the Lord of Life and the great cosmic flame of Mercy shall endure forever.  Would it not be wisdom then to identify with the enduring side of life rather than with the passing fanciful fragments of the moment?…

At a recent conference held in Darjeeling (Morya said to me,)…”Midst the struggles of the masses for recognition of one form or another they seldom recognize the mobility of the self.  Enmeshed as they are in the maya of delusion they run with the herd or, as we would put it, they merge with the branches below (of a great mountain pine tree), often losing the perspectives of their lives and a sense of total purpose.  Sometimes all that is necessary to bring about their reorientation is a pause and a steadied gaze upward along the central shaft of the pine, a gaze toward the snowpeaks in the midst of the skyey vigil they keep.  For theirs is the way of purity and the way of loneliness that understands that union with God must be sought with one’s entire being to the exclusion of all else.”…

As man ceases to struggle and lets God’s mercy-flame free him from the sense of struggle and from the sense of blame he is able to make greater progress in whatever his goals may be–whether they be complete or fragmentary of a whole not yet seen.  There are no goals so small or so great that God will not inhabit them when He is invited, for it is His mercy and His intent to flow into the consciousness that bids Him welcome…

How gentle is the ascended master consciousness yet how firm!  How tender yet how highly resolved!    -Kuan Yin:  Pearl 12:52.

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