Attainment and service are advantageous because

When there is gross interference on the part of the old world order it is always an attempt to stultify the vigor of the Spirit and to sunder the holy thread of contact between the realm of the immortals and those who tarry in the dusty world….

God is love and His love excludes only those who exclude themselves.   -Serapis Bey:  Pearl 12:15


Attainment and service are advantageous because they lead the way to eternal life when they are harnessed to the stars of cosmic law….

It seems highly unlikely, in the next few decades, that we will be able either to establish a world order based on universal reality or to bring about peace on earth….The full meaning of life may never come to men upon this planet, for life is vast in its dimensions; but the Holy Child that emerges from within the individual through the initiatic processes and through devotion to divine truth shall bear fruit for the individual and the world order….But we must advocate the seizing and the acceptance of this faith (of Lord Christ)–the blazing forth of the flame of peace as a tangible reality of God’s identity–for the nature of the Eternal God is peace.  And when the turmoil of the world manifests it is always with the intention of destroying godly ideals and God-reality.    -Gautama Buddha:  Pearl 12:16

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