Great cosmic truths lowered into the crucible of the microcosmic Manchild


The pressures of the Antichrist, the brutality that is always human in origin and never divine, can do no more than waste energy and release tears.  The consolation of eternal truth cannot be moved…..Great cosmic truths lowered into the crucible of the microcosmic Manchild create a renewed determination in the seeker to accept the floodtides of divine grace that issue forth paens of hope and dissuade him time after time from moving in the wrong direction.

To have clearer vision should be the desire of every seeker for God.  What a pity it is that individuals are satisfied to bask in the questionable comfort of limited knowledge while the quest for the Christ Presence continues in highest realms by those who have already attained and won their freedom….

The extent of brotherhood in the Christ has never been measured, for here indeed is the binder-up of the wounds of the world….

Men and women of the planet Earth, let not your hearts be troubled by outer scenes that are the culmination of error’s attempt to dethrone the Prince of Peace….

But the power of the kingdom of God in the world to come is the power of immortality….And the reality of the Christ message flashing across the plains of Bethlehem shall be to all races, to all tongues and to all peoples the forerunner of emerging victory.  What once was shall be again. What is of pain and unhappiness shall end.   -Archangel Raphael:  Pearl 11:49


Let us then put first things first and establish the kingdom upon earth because we have established it within ourselves. The peace of the Lord Christ, the peace that he has to give, the peace that enabled him to have steadiness of courage in the face of adversity is yours even as it is mine. -Gautama Buddha: Pearl 12:16
It is easy to see that the legacy of virtue, preserved within this great nation by the Eternal God for the whole world, has become the target of these enemies of righteousness who would extinguish the eternal flame. They do not know that they cannot extinguish the flame which is inextinguishable. But they try, as they have done, to hide it from view, to opaque its glory to the masses of mankind and the emerging young souls who come into the world without awareness of their inheritance. -Goddess of Liberty: Pearl 12:17

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