The order of science has reached forward in giant strides while religion has fallen backward

The order of science has reached forward in giant strides while religion has fallen backward, lagging still in medieval superstitions, in old encrusted hatreds and in diabolical involvements of horror, fear and greed….

If they (men) would look within themselves first and thence upward to their Presence–to the Presence of God that uniquely belongs to them, the spark of their own happiness–they would find that the means of salvation lie within the domain of the life that beats their own hears.  And when the sparkling jewellike radiance of the Cosmic Ego, the spiritual man, stands forth in his blazing identity to be seen as the reality of their own selves, as the truth that lives within them they will begin to pour forth universal love in such paens of praise to God for the gift of life as to receive over strong cables of light the wisdom that will guide their every act.  And as in the matter of Jason and the Golden Fleece they will begin to pursue their goals with cosmic diligence….

Let them (men) dwell in the tents of the Lord who is the goodly Tentmaker.  He spreadeth His canopy over the whole earth and He filleth the consciousness with good things.  How rich is His bounty and how mighty are His judgments.  Truly men should trust in Him.  -Casimir Poseidon:  Pearl 12:21

But when they (men) understand that the tensions of spiritual determination are necessary reinforcements in the battle of overcoming the transitory, they are on the road to victory. Yet we must map out the campaign long before we are able to execute it….
Let men see to it that they lose not the crown of their rejoicing. Temporal life is without bond or guarantee and can be terminated at any time. The business of acquiring spiritual fortitude and spiritual reality is the only business in which the soul ought to be engaged. Countless individuals without realizing that they are doing so spurn genuine activities of the Spirit that would enable their souls to grow fat–they have chosen instead to revel in the entertainment marts of the world or in psychic involvement of the curious….
But pray you must if you would be free that you might recognize the potential in yourself as well as in others to create pinions of freedom to which you can attach your consciousness and then move aloft above the hopeless sea of mortal drivel….
The altar of being in the form world is a place of great threshing. It is the threshingfloor of the Most High. -Kuthumi: Pearl 12:33

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