We say, make the miracle and you make the pathway to our abode.

The dark threads, the coarse threads–these come from the activities of the black magicians and man’s domination of natural foces from far-off millenniums.  That these threads have been preserved to the present hour and increased is the cause of all sorrow and pain upon the planet.  For in the heart of the All-Father, as it is well known by every angel, is the cascade of light from soundless heights leading the entire world to a vision of ethereal perfection which also permeates the natural order visible even to the mortal eye….

We say, make the miracle and you make the pathway to our abode.  And it is truly the sense of the miraculous that enables man both to receive and to benefit from the simple ministrations of cosmic law–the blessings of the healing of the mind, of the healing of the emotions, of the healing of the physical body, of the healing of the memory body as the stings of past errors smart the consciousness of man….

We speak not of a thought of union that would unite the world for the sake of political, economic or religious control, but we speak of the thought of union that unites each monad, each point of light with the Central Sun of cosmic innocence.   -Listening Angel:  Pearl 12:50

The living flame of Victory…is the crown of rejoicing and it is the bedrock and foundation of all of your service and all of your life. -Mighty Victory: 10-12-1984 via Messenger E C Prophet
The theory goes: man has created his problems, man must solve them. There is no divine source, no divinity, no deity outside of himself that can help man out of his dilemma. Thus science has become the gold of deliverance; and if science and a scientific humanism cannot deliver the race, then all is lost.
Ironically it is the misuse of science by the humanists, who dare not peer beyond the rim of their human consciousness, that has brought upon this planetary evolution the present dilemma. -Divine Director: Pearl 23:11

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