So the wolves come, they come to the land of the Mother….Do not be lulled to sleep by this detente


-July 1973, Elizabeth Clare Prophet led a small group
up Pike’s Peak, Colorado, to anchor the flame of Mu for America;

Florence Miller–who ascended as Lady Kristine:

Florence Miller Ascended Lady Master Kristine
1)  So the wolves come, they come to the land of the Mother.  And those fallen ones–those cowards, those compromisers who have taken the seat of authority, wresting that authority from the children of light–are content to parcel away this nation and pieces of Earth nation by nation, city by city, without any regard for souls, for freedom for light….
Do not be lulled to sleep by this detente in which the government of the United States is engaging.  Those who have usurped this authority will pay.     -Saint Germain:  12-8-1975 via Messenger E C Prophet
2)  Beloved, other nations may not have even begun to be free, but to see one so endowed now caught in the grips of bureaucracy and manipulation and compromisers in the highest offices in the land who do not dare to sacrifice their lives at the point of the principle of truth, do not dare for reputation’s sake or whatever to tell the people what is really happening–I tell you, this is cause for sadness!     -Archangel Raphael:  5-26-1986 at Vancouver, B.C. via Messenger ECP
3)  While there is continual compromise at home and abroad on the part of the current president we see the need for firm resolve in truth, in liberty, in justice, in mercy and in love bound together by the cosmic honor flame, the very whitefire core of mighty Cosmos. We see that the example that is set is so very poor, so very wanting that it threatens to cause the cracking and the splintering of a divine matrix.     -Portia:  7-2-1980 via Messenger ECP
4)  Where selfishness lurks there will be compromise, there will be the moment’s hesitation
And the battle is lost:  the moment of indecision when the idling of energy
Creates a gap in the spiraling and in the flow and the movement of God.
 -Serapis Bey, hierarch at the Temple of the Ascension Flame in the etheric plane at Luxor, Egypt, dictated via Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet at Washington, D. C. on July 2, 1976
5)  Yes, I AM the Lord Gautama Buddha and I speak in the Church Universal and Triumphant in the witness of the Lord Christ.  For we are one in ordaining this Church as the community of souls upon Earth who will heed and respond to the Fátima prophecy and who will therefore not compromise their way, who will separate themselves out from those who have taken the Church of God and made of it a human institution.   -Gautama:  3-12-1978 at Miami Beach via Messenger ECP
6)  Call to Sirius, to Surya and Cuzco to strip America of selfishness, to strip the West Coast and East Coast of the records of the fallen one and the fall of Mu and Atlantis–of selfishness turned to wickedness turned to Satanism.  Let all that be stripped from the Earth by the action of the Mighty Blue Eagle!       -Saint Germain:  3-7-1976 via Messenger ECP
7)  Therefore, beloved hearts, this is why the Lord Jesus taught the ultimate mercy unto those evolving in samsara–and it is to believe on the One Sent.  For the belief is the connecting tie whereby you become the orifice of the Word.
You by freewill elect to be the electron revolving around the center of the Word by which the worlds are framed.  Ring upon ring upon ring establishes therefore the more complex atomic and molecular systems.  And therefore all facets of the necessity of life–by mercy’s flame, by the giving of the Word, by the Guru–are established in the heart of the chela–the free who will elect to move by a cosmic rhythm, by a scientific formula, by a momentum that cannot be traced.  So is the coming and the going of the freewill elect ones, so is the coming and the going of the wind of the Holy Spirit….
The sacred fire held in matter is therefore the target of every form of war and terrorism and murder and contriving against the living Word….
I can assure you that endless preparations have been made worldwide for the taking of America through many means.  And all who desire and who lust after her light–to eat the light of the blood of her sons and daughters–have realized that to take on America may be no small war game or no small act of terrorism. Therefore they have been content to prepare for this for decades…..
Thus there is the force of anti-freedom that compels those who are the mechanization man into an alignment which is a substitute for freedom.  They think they have freewill and free choice.  And yet they are daily programmed by what passes through the media, by their attention to the television sets, by the fads, by the music, by the drugs.  They are programmed against all freedom to become the stooges and the slaves of those who are the masterminds, who if they are not connected at outer levels, are absolutely connected at inner levels as the false hierarchy of Antichrist moving from all planes (into which they have entered in the matter universe) against the souls of light.      -Kuan Yin:  10-9-1983 at Camelot, Los Angeles

8) Not words, words, words but the Word. “In the beginning was the Word.” In the middle are words, words, words. But in the ending only the Word will remain.
The students who would understand themselves should realize that the expansion of the middle–a term which I use symbolically to describe the finite realm–is intentional in order to provide in the field of kal (time) and desa (space) what may be called a fort of opportunity. Here the chaff of human experience can be separated from the wheat of spiritual growth. Here the false starts and the false moves that inscribed the karmic recond upon the soul can be adjudicated and balanced. And here the beautiful purpose of realigning the consciousness and of manifesting the original purpose for which the individual took embodiment can best be served….
You can never truly serve the needs of all whom you love until you hold within your grasp the infinite power of God. -Lanto: Pearl 12:38

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