You will hear my word–you who would hear my word–and in the very Word itself there is established the link of Hierarchy

IMG_7733 -frontpiece to David Mallet: Life of Francis Bacon, 1740. Lucretius stated “Qui genus humanum…exortus uti ethereus sol” (out like rising elegant sun) in his phrase that means: “Who from/for mankind the prize of knowledge won, And displaced stars like the rising elegant sun”

The reality of thy being can never be subject unto the doctrine and dogma of those who have sought by the intellectual methodology of the outer mind to interpret the great mystery of the Word incarnating again and again in Spirit and in matter in the sons and daughters of God.  There is no argument that can prove or disprove the Truth.  Not argument but the experience of Truth, the being of Be-ness if you will, is the only proof that God can be and is where you are and where I AM…

But in all of my telling, the truth of thy being can be known only in thyself and of thyself.  You will hear my word–you who would hear my word–and in the very Word itself there is established the link of Hierarchy whereby the I and the thou are one.  And in that oneness you become more of thyself through myself….This is not indoctrination, for the doctrine of Truth cannot be learned in the ordinary sense of the word.  For you must become it, my beloved….

But he who knows who he is in God because he has become that God–because in heartfelt prayer and utter humility he has gone to the Holy of Holies to bow before the beloved Presence of God and to know that Presence as the lover of the soul–can never be deprogrammed because he has not been programmed!…

The ascended masters’ teachings are not based upon a belief-system so-called, composed of a child’s blocks building hypothetical towers of human reason to fill the human vacuum….And thus the most frightful programming of all is that programming of the children of a materialistic civilization and a mechanized culture to a self-sufficiency outside of God.    -Archangel Gabriel:  Pearl 21:53, see

Patterns of loveliness are the salvation of mankind, for each perfect design that originates as divine blueprint within the fiery center of Life and is then embellished by the adoration of the cherubim and the flaming-pink angels presents to the consciousness of mankind a passion for living, for striving and for reaching the ultimate goal of reunion with the God-Self. -Paul the Venetian: Pearl 16:12

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