The greatest assistance that can come to mankind at this hour is the knowledge of the reality of our being.

Beloved ones, why do you think that the world is so intent upon the denial of God?  Why do you think that the world is so intent upon disproving universal reality right in the face of all natural manifestations and life’s wondrous patterns?…The separatists have always desired to amplify their separation, for it enables them to compete with one another and to seek worldly honor and gain….(Men) must seek to reconnect themselves with the high standards to which some of them once held and from which they have since disconnected themselves….

Those who say that our words are not necessary do not understand the power of the spoken Word nor do they understand the power of heaven to heal the ills of Earth….However, men and women deny it for to themselves because of their acceptance of false information that has been passed on to them, in some cases from childhood, in other cases it was given to them later in life intended as a comforting word of truth….

The greatest assistance that can come to mankind at this hour is the knowledge of the reality of our being.  As this knowledge is spread abroad those who do not know of us will be enabled to establish conscious contact with us.  Then the stream of our love and our energy for the Heavenly Father’s plan will flow into the world over the connecting cables that will be created by the attention which embodied men and women shall give to cosmic detail, and we will be empowered to assist the Earth to find her freedom voluntarily now and always.    -Goddess of Liberty:  Pearls of Wisdom 12:2



Society is honeycombed with treachery, and selfishness that is rampant everywhere hides the face of God from the consumers of mortal merchandise.
They are blind, they do not see. And the ways of peace they do not know. But the karmic juggernaut rolls onward. And one by one as they encounter the blind alleys of living they turn to the old familiar gods and find no solace. In desperation men beat upon their breasts and they cry out in fear when the cloak of pleasure they have sought to wrap around themselves will no longer fit their growing desires….
We seek to alleviate this distress for the entire Earth, but we are compelled to recognize that we can help only those whom we can reach….The mysteries of the Brotherhood and of the elect have long been hidden from the profane….
It is indeed a long road that has no turning, as you have said to one another. And thus the world has now turned toward the dark in her basic drives, and the children and the youth rather than seek the golden fleece of wisdom and peace are chasing after a fluttering rag that signifies meaningless chaos….
So many seek to be divested of responsibility; they want to let someone else act for them. We as ascended beings act for millions of lifestreams. But we feel that individuals can learn to think and act for themselves. They must of course exercise care, study the approved way and summon the fire of the soul to produce automatically its perfection in their worlds. -Gautama Buddha: Pearl 12:3

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