We are not standing idly by.


America was intended to bring forth the Manchild that should rule the nations with a rod of iron. This means that America in essence was intened to bring forth the dream of the Christ-image for every man not by way of a decadent Christianity but through a universal Christ-I-AM-ity.
When the souls of men draw together in the understanding that God is our savior, that Christ the beloved Son is the certificate of each man’s immortal inheritance and that He was given to every man to assist him in building his character and expanding his light, then and only then will America be united under God. -Godfre: Pearl 11:31
We are not standing idly by. One is being taken while another is left. Those who are being taken are the alert, the devoted and the perceptive who are determined and do demonstrate their mastery over outer circumstances….
For those who practice hypocrisy are sick and they need a physician. One day they will find that the craftiness they have exhibited is a manifestation of their own warped vision of the world. They have thought because they were exposed to poor examples in their immediate environment or in the world at large that such conduct was permissible. Therefore their way is to outsmart others before others outsmart them….Those who have little faith strangely enough seem to pin what faith they have in themselves. Unfortunately they pin their faith not in the Real Self but in the pseudoself–in the carnal mind, in the outer manifestation. -Divine Director: Pearls of Wisdom 11:36
Inner dependence is what should be sought, not independence–that being merely a manifestation of the personal ego as it seeks to express independently of its Creator whereas inner dependence is the expression of the great inner light, the seed of the Cosmic Christ that is implanted within the domain of individuality to be cultivated and tenderly loved. This is the rod of Jesse, the seed of the living Word. This is Aaron’s rod that budded. This is the perennial hope that ministers to men, and it is the rod and staff that comforts their souls. Without father, without mother, without beginning of days and without ending is the Spirit that unifies the soul with the great lightningflash of creative essence and purpose….
Then, walking in his (the divine Manchild’s) footsteps each one shall realize that behind those footsteps is a greater magnetization for every soul who shall follow me in the regeneration. -Archangel Uriel: Pearl 11:50
“As ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise.” (Luke 6:37) Modern man has inverted this law making it to read, “Outsmart your brother before he outsmarts you.”…
Men have excused the foul conduct of this generation on the grounds of ignorance. But what kind of ignorance is acting, beloved ones? Indeed what kind of ignorance at a time when education proclaims itself to be the most advanced in the history of man?
I do not think it is ignorance but an ignoring of social responsibility. I think that it is a failure on the part of those who should know better to stress the ethics and morality of cosmic law. I think it is involement by great minds in the trivia of dogma, sophistry, intellectual argument and impracticalities. And I think that it is a most complex competition which places the multifaceted splendid elements of a civilization in opposition to one another. For alas, the pitting of two benign groups (youth and the mature) against each other produces the third banality of ridiculous struggle. -Meta: Pearl 11:28

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