Our nation is plunging headlong toward “convergence”

Ford Foundation president H. Rowan Gaither admitted to Norman Dodd, staff director of the Congressional Special Committee to Investigate Tax-Exempt Foundations:

Of course, you know that we at the executive level here were, at one time or another, active in either the OSS, the State Department, or the European Economic Administration. During those times, and without exception, we operated under directives issued by the White House. We are continuing to be guided by just such directives…. The substance [of these directives] was to the effect that we should make every effort to so alter life in the United States as to make possible a comfortable merger with the Soviet Union.10

At that time — even though the activities of the foundations coincided exactly with Gaither’s startling admission — it was simply too fantastic for many Americans to believe. It still is. Asked to assess such information, most Americans ask: Why would some of our nation’s wealthiest and most powerful capitalists use their great fortunes to promote such a goal? This compelling question has stymied many good Americans for decades.

If you, too, are perplexed about this seemingly suicidal practice, you will find it explained — and condemned — in the pages that follow. Of one thing there can be little doubt: Our nation is plunging headlong toward “convergence” and the eventual “merger” referred to by Rowan Gaither many years ago.

Simultaneously, our nation — along with the other nations of the world — is being steadily drawn into the tightening noose of “interdependence.” Our political and economic systems are being intertwined and increasingly are being subjected to control by the United Nations and its adjunct international organizations. Unless this process can be stopped, it will culminate in the creation of omnipotent global governance and an “end to nationhood,” as Walt Whitman Rostow once phrased the goal he shared with many others.11 These were (and still are) the ultimate objectives of Gaither, his world order cronies, and their modern-day successors.

Thirty-five years after Mr. Gaither’s admission, U.S. Senator Jesse Helms (R-NC) warned America of “establishment insiders” who are “bringing this one-world design — with a convergence of the Soviet and American systems as its centerpiece — into being.” “The influence of establishment insiders over our foreign policy has become a fact of life in our time,” the Senator charged. “… It is an influence which, if unchecked, could ultimately subvert our constitutional order.” In this 1987 Senate speech, Senator Helms also identified the organizations through which these insiders operate:

A careful examination of what is happening behind the scenes reveals that all of these interests are working in concert with the masters of the Kremlin in order to create what some refer to as a new world order. Private organizations such as the Council on Foreign Relations, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the Trilateral Commission, the Dartmouth Conference, the Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies, the Atlantic Institute, and the Bilderberg Group serve to disseminate and to coordinate the plans for this so-called new world order in powerful business, financial, academic, and official circles.12 …
“The Bush Administration,” Time magazine noted on September 17, 1990, “would like to make the U.N. a cornerstone of its plans to construct a New World Order.”2

-William Jaspers http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/global_tyranny/global_tyranny00.htm
Dan Smoot observed in his 1979 article:

White’s Bretton Woods Conference set policies which our government has followed, without deviation, under all Presidents, since the end of World War II. These policies were intended to accomplish four major objectives:

(1) Strip the United States of its monetary gold reserve by giving the gold to other nations;
(2) Build the industrial capacity of other nations, at our expense, to eliminate American productive superiority;
(3) Take world markets — and much of the American domestic market — away from American producers to stop American domination of world trade;
(4) Entwine American affairs with those of other nations until the United States could not have an independent policy, but would become an interdependent link in a worldwide socialist chain. -Dan Smoot, “The Dan Smoot Report: Pushed Into Bankruptcy,” The Review of the News, February 14, 1979, pp. 32-3 http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/global_tyranny/global_tyranny10.htm

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