Myopia is a strange disease.

Myopia is a strange disease.  When men are convinced of their own superiority and of the superiority of the intellect they too frequently ignore the mandates of reality.  Today a greater understanding of the principles of life and truth, free from the distortions and unrest of mortal rebellion, is urgently needed….

Therefore let us increase courage and the flow of service not in order to break the servant of light but to make the servant of light a point of principle in the eternal chain of cosmic identity, a link of holy hands descending from infinity into the finite.   -Gautama Buddha:  Pearl 12:16

5 Reasons Why Diane Feinstein Is a Bad Joke4-17-01. Sen. Feinstein & Beijing
The week before the crisis, she whined about the U.S. selling ally Taiwan a Patriot anti-missile defense system and destroyers equipped with missile-detecting Aegis radar.
The sale of such “offensive” arms, as she called them, “would clearly be viewed by the People’s Republic of China as outside the bounds of the relationship with Taiwan to which we committed ourselves.”
“For those reasons, we would oppose it,” she said in a March 28 article she penned with Sen. Craig Thomas, R-Wyo.
Beijing’s news organ, Xinhau, couldn’t have written better propaganda.
In fact, the arms aren’t for “offensive” purposes, but to help Taiwan defend itself against the battery of missiles Beijing is building up across the Taiwan Strait.
Conveniently, Feinstein failed to make that connection, even though she knows about China’s threatening missile build-up. -Paul Sperry
For example, she said Taiwan’s dramatically growing economic relationship with the Mainland finds the two sides virtually integrated in the production of high- tech and electronics equipment. She noted that Taiwanese firms now produce 70 percent of China’s electronics, and Taiwanese engineers are at the forefront of making the Mainland the global leader in semiconductor manufacturing.
“Ultimately, I believe that this economic assimilation could eventually provide an opportunity for the Mainland and Taiwan to reconcile their differences and unify if they so wish, whether it be as a federation, state, or commonwealth”….While the U.S. must be willing to adjust and revise its policy toward the Asia Pacific as China’s influence grows, Feinstein believes there is room for more cooperation between the two great powers in the region. “I strongly believe that the U.S.-China relationship is, and will be, America’s most important bilateral relationship. We must not let differences, economic or otherwise, derail the progress that has already been achieved over the past three decades.”
Senator warns that US is not obliged to help defend Taiwan
Sunday, Apr 23, 2006, Page 3
US Senator Dianne Feinstein on Thursday asserted that the US is under no legal obligation to defend Taiwan and fingered President Chen Shui-bian as the person who is rocking the boat in cross-strait relations.
According to the Mercury News, Feinstein, a Democrat, told the audience at the annual conference of the Committee of 100 in San Francisco on Thursday that the US has no duty to defend Taiwan if it provokes China into a military confrontation.
The Committee of 100 is a nonprofit organization whose membership make-up is predominantly Chinese-American business and cultural leaders.
In 2009 Sen. Feinstein became chairman of Senate Intelligence Committee; last month she wrote “now more than ever” Hillary C. for president.
the strong proponent of closer US-China ties held a speech on the 21st anniversary of the 1989 crackdown in Tiananmen Square. About the latter, Senator Feinstein commented in a way that strongly implied that she plays the role of being Beijing’s mouthpiece. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal the Senator brought the events where hundreds of reportedly unarmed demonstrators were massacred by the People’s Liberation Army into relations that put China’s Communist Party’s leaders of that era into a favorable light. She said: “It just so happens I was here after that and talked to Jiang Zemin and learned that at the time China had no local police. It was just the PLA. And no local police that had crowd control. So, hence the tanks.”

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