The KGB is the spreading cancer spawned by the seeds of Lenin.

 Kuthumi and the Brothers of the Golden Robe   Pearls of Wisdom 19:13     March 28, 1976              The Ends Justify the Means in Church and State 

To All Who Are Willing to Give Their Lives That Truth Might Live:             “Whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it.”
  In the long history of the black brotherhood’s usurpation of the power of Christ, the wisdom of Christ and the love of Christ there are events unknown and unchronicled in the annals of men.  From the archives of the Great White Brotherhood we therefore set forth those events which must be known, which must be recorded in order that the sons and daughters of God and the children of God might fulfill their fiery destiny in the thousand-year cycle inaugurated by the mission of the two witnesses.
  Let us speak of the many souls who have witnessed for Christ and for Hierarchy and who have paid the ultimate price with the ultimate sacrifice.  Let us speak of those who have given their lives that truth and freedom might live.  And let us say with Abraham Lincoln, patriarch of the New Israel, we shall live, we shall love and we shall make the ultimate sacrifice of the carnal mind “that these dead shall not have died in vain.”
  It was the Jesuit Busenbaum who wrote in 1650, ‘When the end is lawful the means are also lawful.”  The life of Ignatius Loyola read from akasha reveals the preparation, careful and cunning, by the false hierarchy of one motivated by the seeds of spiritual pride and spiritual ambition sown in the subconscious by the enemy long before he embodied in the final decade of the fifteenth century to found within the Church the at once sinister and sacred society at times approved and at times suppressed by the pope–the Society of Jesus.
  The youngest son of a family of nobility and wealth, Ignatius by his own confession was “a man given to the vanities of the world whose chief delight consisted in martial exercises, with a great and vain desire to win renown.”  Sharing the pride of his teacher as well as the L of his name, Loyola was ambitious in the domination of matter not “by my Spirit,” but by might and by power.  And until his “conversion” during his convalescence from leg injuries suffered during his military career, his pride in material conquest exceeded and indeed was the expression of his sensuality.
  By a strange circumstance of fate manipulated by the fallen ones, Loyola–the proud spirit, the militant, the fastidious organizer–now donned the cloak of religious austerities, performing extreme penance for his sins, scourging himself, and spending hours in prayer to the Lord.  His ends being the ends of his teacher, himself at times the subconscious and then the conscious channel of Lucifer, he as one of seven who founded the society in 1540 in a perversion of the Christ consciousness became the means of the infiltration of the Church with the philosophy of Lucifer himself.
  It is well to remember that in training its representatives, the false hierarchy attempts to make of Christ and of the holy orders of the Church a mechanical mockery.  In the pride of the intellect they quote scripture, they imitate Christ and his followers, they wear the garb of self-mortification, they stress all of the right virtues, they denounce vices and excesses, they espouse humility as the sister of obedience yet remain robotlike in their expression of both.  But they do not always succeed.  Despite its dark and degenerate spirals the Society of Jesus today is made up of 30 percent sons of light–whose devotion directly to God and his Christ has shielded their pure souls from the sullied stream of consciousness which originated in Ignatius Loyola. The remaining 70 percent consists partly of dark souls and partly of those children of God who, whether through pride or ignorance (their own ignoring of the inner law of Christ), have allowed themselves to be programmed after the ways of the dark souls.
  The Spiritual Exercises written by Loyola are replete with the doctrines of the Devil well woven into the true teachings of Christ.  Like his consciousness which became the field for the sowing of the tares among the wheat, his writings so combined the greatest light and the greatest darkness that they cannot be separated except in the day of the harvest when the Lord will send his angels to gather the wheat of the Christ consciousness and to bind the tares of the luciferian consciousness that they might be consumed in the sacred fire.  Combining the social sense with the use of mechanical manipulation in the mind of the founder, the false hierarchy attempted to use the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience as a means to justify the ends of the fallen ones–those ends being the control of both the Church and the Pope by the Archdeceiver himself, who thenceforth would work to use the founders as puppets on the string of the larger scheme of Antichrist.  But there was one exception among the seven who remained wholly pure in the sight of God and man, the one who has been revered as the patron of missionaries and remains to this day the light and the flame of the Society of Jesus–Saint Francis Xavier.
  The plot would not be complete without the appearance of the fallen ones in a mock vision of the Lord God and his Christ–this to convince his companions and all who would follow after them that the society had been ordained from on high.  
  He described his vision of Jesus carrying the cross on his shoulder and, standing at his side, the eternal Father himself, who spoke to Jesus and said, “I wish you to take this man for your servant,” whereupon Jesus took Ignatius unto himself and said, “My will is that you should serve us.”
  I now declare to the body of God on earth that which is known by the body of God in heaven, that this experience in the life of Ignatius Loyola was not in the Holy Spirit and therefore was not a valid contact with the Father and the Son.  Rather it was an experience in which, being possessed of that pride which goeth before the fall, he succumbed to the flattery of two members of the false hierarchy (impostors of the Father and the Son), which flattery they have used again and again, and successfully so, on those who are psychically- -personality- -oriented.  The desire for flattery and for phenomena, the desire to “win renown,” and the desire for extreme austerities (often a substitute for soul surrender) never required by the saviour of souls but always demanded by the seducer of souls left him wide open to the psychic machinations of the fallen ones.
  Convinced of his conviction he went forth conquering and to conquer “for Christ “–a lie he told himself over and again until his lie became his truth.  Actually he went forth for the fulfillment of the insatiable desire of the ego to gain the powers of the prince of this world. The egos of Loyola and Lucifer meshed as one and the same, vibration for vibration.  Alas the greatest darkness is found in the shadows of the greatest light.  Know then where there is the highest manifestation of Absolute Good there will be the confrontation of absolute evil–and this within the arena of the mind, the heart and the soul of God’s own children evolving in the planes of Mater.
  Fanatical manifestations on the right always lead to fanatical manifestations on the left.  And the swing of the pendulum of the human consciousness from right to left, from left to right, is an activity of the law of compensation.
  For in the planes of relativity in the duality of the not-self, for every right there is a wrong, for every wrong there is a right. Until human goodness and human badness are abandoned for the one Good whom Christ declared to be God there will always be that warfare within the soul of which Paul spoke, “The good that I would I do not: but the evil which I would not, that I do.”  Until people are free of the desire for conquest in this world–of each other, of money and things, of minds and souls, of nations and not-self goals–whether in religion or in mass political movements, they will continue to reembody first on the left, then on the right, then on the left and then on the right, carrying their momentum of carnal zeal to this or that arena of a thousand and one human causes. The cause of God in church or state ceases to be the cause of God when people employ hatred, hypnosis of the self and other selves, mass manipulation, or unrighteous and unlawful means to attain their ends.
  Without the mind of God, people are the products of the mass subconscious, the victims of their own carnal mind and of the archdeceivers who personify it. To further the ends of the ego, people convince themselves that they are engaged in the activities of God when God has no part with their activities; and in their deceptions of one another, they have become self-deceived. They are told by the false hierarchy that they are servants of the Most High God. They are told that they are acting within the circle of the holy of holies, and they know not that they have gone outside the circumference of his consciousness in their justification of the means by which they seek to attain their ends.
  Jesus called his disciples from among the humble fishermen, saying, “Come, I will make you fishers of men.”  He knew only too well that a regimented mental body could not be the instrument of the Christ mind. Likewise, the Brotherhood has used Gautama’s Eightfold Path and the techniques of Zen Buddhism to break the logic of the carnal mind in the devotees of the East whose orientation for thousands of years has been the pursuit of knowledge, many times to the exclusion of understanding.
  Not so the false hierarchy. Well trained was Loyola; and that training has become the mark of the Jesuit priest, although many sincere souls are to be counted among the order–souls unlike the founder–motivated selflessly in truth. Loyola cloaked his spiritual/material ambitions in the humanly justifiable pursuits of the intellect as a means of service to mankind, which in some but not all members of the order has replaced the flame of wisdom and the pursuit of God for the sake of God alone.
  We do not deny that one of the greatest points of vulnerability within the Church has been the ignorance of the masses. The teaching orders under the office of the World Teachers, under the Brothers of the Golden Robe, and under Lord Maitreya and Lord Buddha are essential to the elevation and the evolution of the Christ consciousness in mankind.  It is indeed the ministry of Christ and of the true Church to educate not only ministers and teachers but also the people themselves.  The Church is obliged to preach and to teach in every nation upon earth in order that the children of God might be receptive to the truth that shall make them free in utter defiance of all ignorance and superstition.  
  The seeming subservience of his society “to the greater glory of God” and the good of souls notwithstanding, the false hierarchy sought to use Loyola’s militant order to make education an end in itself and not the means to spirituality and the spiritual life.  His sworn obedience to the pope, “the cause and principle foundation” of the society, was another clever device of the false hierarchy–not only a means to justify the ends of the control of Antichrist within the Church but also a means to bring them about. This sworn allegiance to the vicar of Christ gained for the Jesuits an outer innocence and an inner immunity to their own karma.  Let me explain.
  The history of the society abounds with the mistrust by both church and state of Loyola and all who followed him. This mistrust was based on the sinister vibration which many of its members carried, a vibration which always registered on the souls of lightbearers, although positive proof as fact and figure was not always established. They were expelled from nation after nation for their nefarious practices and their lust for power, wealth and control of the governments and the economies of the state.  In 1773 the order was suppressed by the Pope (Clement XIV), only to be reinstated by the Vatican in 1814 (Pope Pius VII).  As late as 1957 the Jesuits were rebuked by the Pope (Pius XII) during the congregation of the society held in Rome.
  Now the fallen ones who control from the astral plane the outer manifestation of the false teachers and their teachings know that if they are to gain their ends, they must often compromise by allowing their representatives to manifest some semblance of obedience to God and to His laws, thereby making just enough positive karma of their own to protect them from their own negative karma. By stating their allegiance to the Vicar of Christ, the fourth vow taken by the elite of the society, members of the order gained acceptance which even led to canonization within the Church.  Furthermore by the oath of obedience they have enlisted the protection of the Church for their luciferian philosophy and practices within its very walls.  By accepting the Society of Jesus as part of the Church the Church has extended to that society the momentum of its good karma made in the service of Christ and humanity.  This good karma then forestalls the descent of the society’s bad karma upon itself.  And the very presence of the lightbearers within the order was itself an atonement for the workings of the wicked.
  This is the psychology of the fallen ones as they work their science of point counterpoint, always seeking to tie souls of light to souls of darkness and vice versa in order to stay the hand of impending karma; for they know that the Lords of Karma will always protect the children of the light.  Nevertheless that  “always” is not forever.  For having had sufficient opportunity to separate themselves out from the fallen ones and the mass consciousness in the alchemy of the Christ and having refused to obey the mandate “Come apart and be a separate and chosen people, elect unto God,” the children of God, by their choice or by their not-choice, by their sympathy with the wicked, must jointly bear the returning karma of the wicked and their wicked generation.
  This manipulation of the society within the Church “took” because the Church herself has never been free of the taint of the luciferian philosophy of the end justifying the means. This taint was in the consciousness of the Apostle Peter who was appointed by the Lord as his first vicar on earth.  Peter was of a practical nature and he often acted impetuously from the standpoint of the necessity of the now rather than from the foundation of the Holy Spirit and from that which was honorable in the sight of God.
  Although he pleaded with his Lord, saying, “I will lay down my life for thy sake,” Jesus knew that his fervor was not founded on his attainment of the Christ but rather on his childlike belief in Christ.  Was it not he who had attempted to deny his Lord the supreme sacrifice of the crucifixion and the washing of his feet by the waters of the Word?
  Jesus knew that the seeds of spiritual pride and spiritual ambition had already been implanted in the heart of Peter and he had warned him, “Simon, Simon, behold, Satan hath desired to have you that he may sift you as wheat.”
  In a virulent rebuke of Peter’s carnal state of consciousness he turned to him and said, “Get thee behind me, Satan:  thou art an offense unto me: for thou savourest not the things that be of God, but those that be of men.”  This moving episode between the disciple and his Lord leaves us the legacy of a very important teaching:  Satan or any member of the false hierarchy can temporarily manifest through anyone, even the chosen devotee.  This holds true whether the Satanic being be on the physical or the astral plane.
  In his final warning to the one who would go forth to build the Church upon the rock of the Christ consciousness he said, ‘Verily, verily, I say unto thee, the cock shall not crow till thou hast denied me thrice.”  And three times Peter was questioned, “Art not thou also one of his disciples?”  And thrice he denied it and said, “I am not.”  Using the name of God “I AM” to deny his Lord, he in his threefold denial denied himself the power of heaven manifest in the trinity of the threefold flame.  He thought it expedient in order to save his life to deny his Lord. In this act the seeds of power politics which were to plague the Church down through the centuries were sown.  
  In this act he lost the mantle of the Spirit of the Christ; and though he went forth to conquer in matter and ultimately laid down his physical life, being crucified for his Lord in Rome, he did not receive the robe of his righteousness.  He failed his test.  He failed to totally surrender his soul.  Yet many who came after him to consecrate their lives to the witness of Christ within the Church did not fail their tests.  They did not fail to totally surrender their souls.
  Thus he who sought to save his life lost that life.  Although Peter retained that portion of Christ’s consciousness which he was able to bear, it was not sufficient to transfer the wholeness of the flame of Christ to the Church. The full Spirit of the Lord being denied to Peter as the head of the Church was denied to the people as the body.  This denial of the Spirit is reflected in the sometimes incomplete ritual of Holy Communion.  To this day it is general practice in the Catholic Church that communicants receive the bread (the matter aspect), the body of Christ, but are denied the wine (the Spirit aspect), the blood, the vital essence of the life, the spirit and the mind of Jesus Christ.  Whereas the taint of Peter’s consciousness has never been wholly removed from the structure of the Church, the wholeness–the omnipotence, the omniscience and the omnipresence—of the Spirit has manifested in the Church through the individual consecration of the lives of the saints directly by Jesus Christ.  The Society of Jesus taken as a whole and weighed in the balance of the Trinity is, like the Church, found wanting in that Spirit.
  Therefore the spiritual mantle of Jesus’ momentum in the hour of his ascension fell to John the Beloved who fulfilled the inner blueprint of the law in love, who laid the foundation for a mystical Christianity, and who inscribed the Book of Revelation as the eternal message of his Lord to Christians of all ages to come, whereupon he ascended from the Isle of Patmos.  Peter however incarnated again and again, each time failing to lose his life for the sake of Christ.  As the result of his continual compromise with truth Peter to this hour has not made his ascension.  And by the same seeds of compromise the Church, seeking to save its life in matter, is losing its life in Christ.
  Jesus asked, “What shall it profit a man if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul?”  We ask, have the Church and the Society of Jesus within the Church gained the whole world and lost their own soul and the soul of Christ?   In each succeeding embodiment Peter fell on the line of the analytical mind, sacrificing the ultimate spiritual goal for the immediate material gain.
  Peter’s denial of his Lord manifested again in his denial of his Lord’s Church when, in the person of King Henry VIII of England–because it was now both convenient and expedient to the survival of his ego and its sensual indulgences–he sanctioned divorce on the pretext that he might produce an heir to the throne.  It was altogether practical in his mind to employ the means of founding the Church of England and declaring himself as its head to justify the end of saving his life–the saving of his seed that he in his seed might continue to rule England.
  The issue however was not divorce: it was power.  Henry VIII could not, would not tolerate another human being having the authority to tell him what he could or could not do.  Having the temporal authority of the crown of England, he now desired the scepter of spiritual authority as well.  That which he lost as Peter he sought to regain as Henry.  Lacking the virtues of self-sacrifice, surrender to God and service to mankind he sought to take heaven by force.  But this he could not do.  And neither he nor his successors have ever worn the mantle of the true Vicar of Christ.
  The Lords of Karma gave to the soul of Peter the opportunity to balance the karma of denying his Lord, the karma of failing to witness unto his Lord and failing to stand by him in the hour of his crucifixion.  Had he borne witness to the flame of the true Church, had he been willing to lose his life of self-indulgence for the sake of Christ, he would have preserved his life in Christ and he would have preserved the unity, the integrity and the honor of the Faith.  But no, he would not; he would not. And therefore the luciferian divide-and-conquer tactics fanned through the interplay of power politics between church and state entered and split the house of the Lord and the soul of Peter.
  And to Thomas More, my compatriot on the path, he left the life of the martyr.  For his own ego’s sake he was willing to sacrifice the life of the one he loved most; and the one he loved most was altogether willing in his love for God to lose his life for the sake of Christ.  May the words of this true saint of the Church be inscribed in the heart of every Keeper of the Flame:  “Give me, good Lord, a longing to be with Thee; not for the avoiding of the calamities of this wicked world, nor so much for the avoiding of the pains of purgatory, nor the pains of Hell neither, nor so much for the attaining of the joys of Heaven in respect of mine own commodity, as even for a very love of Thee.” 
  I shall continue with the history of the infamy of the fallen ones. 
  The worst is yet to come. 
                             Kuthumi and the Brothers of the Golden Robe  Pearls of Wisdom 19:14    April 4, 1976 
“Let Us Do Evil That Good May Come” 

To All Who Have the Courage to See the Truth and Then to Be the Truth:

  Who would believe that in a previous embodiment the one who founded the Society of Jesus actually walked among the Sanhedrin, who consorted to “take Jesus by subtilty and kill him”?
  The purposes of the fallen ones who directed the work of Loyola and his band are clear. They were to kill the Christ in the Church by killing the Christ in every child of God. This by the subtle serpentine mind posing as the intellect in its intellectual pursuits.  Not a blatant turning-away of the young but the gradual absorption of their minds in the many byways of human knowledge so that little by little they would begin to excel mentally, but without the mind of Christ.  Then comes the pride of mental accomplishment, then self-sufficiency in that accomplishment, then the ambition to conquer the world with that accomplishment and its self-sufficiency.  Then, devoid of the flame of the Christ mind, religion becomes a rote performance, a means to achieve the end of world conquest–and world conquest not to the glory of the Greater Self but of the lesser self standing with Satan, usurping the power and the glory of God.
  They staged a pre-dawn trial, the Satanist council who called themselves the chief priests and elders of the people.  Precisely at 4:00 a.m. they conducted the rehearsal of their ritual murder. They were not of the Levites or of the true Israelites but members of the black brotherhood who had infiltrated the priesthood of the Lord, making the Lord’s temple the “synagogue of Satan.”  This Christ revealed to John on the Isle of Patmos, saying, “I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.”
  This was and is their hour and the power of darkness, and they continue to this day to perform their rites in the night while mankind sleep.  But the sons and daughters of God who keep the vigil for the race awaken in the night alerted by the Christ within. They rise to make intercession before the Lord of Hosts on behalf of the children of the One.  And while the witches and the warlocks and the wizards and the whores engage in the worship of the ghouls of the moon and the Mendes goat, the servants of the Most High invoke in the name of Jesus the Christ the legions of Archangel Michael, the cosmic consciousness of the Elohim and the great teams of conquerors from out the Great Central Sun to nullify the nefarious practices of the nihilists. They deem it a privilege to witness to their Lord in the hour of his trial before Satan’s council of nine.
  “Precisely because any religious notion, any notion of a Lord God, even any trifling with a Lord God is an unspeakable abomination, which is taken up by the democratic bourgeoisie with particular tolerance (often even with goodwill)–it is for that very reason the most dangerous abomination, the most loathsome pestilence.”  Who would believe that these blasphemous words were spoken by the one, the same who had counseled his followers to be prepared to go to any of the nations of the world to serve for God’s greater glory and for the good of souls?
  Let us consider the anatomy of a soul.  Let us consider the psychology of the Fall of Man.  The akashic records show that upon his death Ignatius Loyola was greeted by key members of the false hierarchy posing as sons of light who congratulated him on his accomplishments in the founding of the Society of Jesus.  His ego duly exalted, he was then brought before one who was introduced to him as “the Divine Majesty”–a title often usurped by Lucifer to dupe unenlightened souls passing through the astral plane into believing that by personal merit (rather than by God’s grace) they are now in the presence of the Most High God or of his Son Jesus Christ.
  The one, the same Lucifer who counseled Loyola in thorough preparedness for the position of power under Satan now spoke to him as an equal, appealing to his insatiable desire to be as the gods, knowing good and evil, and to control the souls of mankind not for the greater glory of God but to the greater glory of the carnal mind personified in the prince of this world.  Not only had Loyola become the partaker of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, but he had also become the dispenser of it.
  It was time for the soul of Ignatius to be tempted of Satan in the wilderness of his own consciousness. The Devil who had given to the Lord Christ three temptations following his fast of forty days and forty nights came to Ignatius, tempting him in his lust for power in the conquest of souls.  He took him to the high mountain of his own exalted ego and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and the glory of them and said unto him, “All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me.”
  When Ignatius heard the conditions of the pact with the Devil he wrestled in his soul; for now he knew before whose throne he stood.  He said to himself, “But the Adversary [Lucifer], with his lieutenant [Satan] at his side, has such an appearance of light and power!”  The one who before his fall from the position of archangel had been called Lightbearer revealed his intimacy with the Lord God and his sympathy for all creatures great and small.  Ignatius was impressed.  Such a formidable and forceful being could not, he thought, be the incarnation of absolute evil as his theology had taught him to conceive of the Devil.  No, he resolved, Lucifer and Satan must be the instruments of the Lord’s judgment appointed by him to test the souls of sinful, sentient beings.
  Suddenly he was filled with pity for the ones so decried by the Church and the company of saints as the archenemies of Christendom.  “After all,” he said to himself: “am I not wise in the knowledge of the Church and its affairs?  Am I not well equipped to discern the true and the false?  I have been trained by the most learned of the world; I will judge for myself.  I will associate my soul and my mission with the advocates of darkness for a time and a space in order that light might come forth to illumine  the mankind of earth.  I will tolerate for awhile the work of the so-called Evil One;,for ultimately his method and his means will be justified by the end result to the greater glory of God and the salvation of souls.  I am too knowledgeable to be caught by the compromises of the Adversary.  I will use him as the means to an end, even while he thinks that he is using me as the means to his ends.”  Finally, calculating in a spirit of pride and ambition and contemplated acclaim, he mused to himself, “if I can control the world, I can control it for God.”  At that moment he fell to his knees to be initiated by Satan and to receive the power of the prince of this world.
  You see, Satan well knew the timetable of the Lord.  He knew that with the coming of the two witnesses in the twentieth century he would be bound by the Lord for a thousand years.  He therefore would need someone who would be capable of carrying on his work in his absence–organizing his world-govemment and his world-church, spreading his diabolical doctrine and preparing for his return.  Satan had to transfer his momentum of evil before he was bound, and he had to transfer it to one who was well trained–one who would not fail to carry out his purposes, one who would give him his soul in exchange for the power of Satan, the very same power that was rejected by Jesus Christ.
  Like so many who have gone before him and who have followed after him, Ignatius Loyola did not realize that by his pact with the Devil, no matter what the rationale or the justification, he had become the Sorcerer’s apprentice and his will had become wholly the will of the Devil.  He would go forth to work the works of the fallen ones in spite of himself. Thus duped by the Devil and his angels he put on the garment, the consciousness, of the Devil. His soul entered into outer darkness. His militant fanaticism for Christ, impurely motivated from its inception, now became antichrist.  He was the personification of Antichrist going forth to pervert not only the Son but also the Father and the Holy Spirit.
  The die was cast; the plot progressed according to plan.  He reincarnated in 1870 at Simbirsk on the Volga River as Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov who was to become known throughout the world by his pen name, N. Lenin.  With the backing of the entire false hierarchy he became the great manipulator of forces behind the Soviet Revolution of 1917 and the key interpreter of Marxism as the means to accomplishing the socialist revolution in Russia. From the last of the nineteenth century until his death in 1924 he worked day and night writing and circulating tracts, drawing to himself those of like mind, formulating interpretations of Communism for the ultimate proletariat revolution in Russia and every nation upon earth.  He was indeed the Devil’s supreme tool.
  Although he was surrounded by opponents and although he suffered many setbacks, he masterminded the greatest application of the luciferian philosophy of the end justifying the means.  To him whatever contributed to the advancement of World Communism was by definition moral.  His goal was dictatorship; and the means to the goal were terror, violence and murder.  He had crossed over the bridge.  He no longer saw himself the cooperator with Satan for a limited time and space to achieve his own ends.  By his freewill he had become Satan incarnate.  Of him the Apostle Paul prophesied to the Thessalonians, saying:   “Let no man deceive you by any means; for that day shall not come, except there come the falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition, who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped, so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God ….For the mystery of iniquity doth already work; only he who now hindereth [the manifestation of the Christ consciousness] will continue to hinder [it] until he be taken out of the way.  And then shall that wicked one be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth [the power of the spoken Word), and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming [the light of his Presence], even him whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, and with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish, because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.  And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion [the karma of their own willful denial of Reality–i.e., World Communism] that they should believe the lie [that the end justifies the means], that they all might be judged who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness [the unlawful use of the sacred fire].”
  Now the unabashed, foremost conspirator of the Devil on earth he wrote his formula: “The communists must be prepared to make every sacrifice and if necessary even resort to all sorts of cunning, schemes and stratagems to employ illegal methods, to evade and conceal the truth …The practical part of Communist policy is to incite one [enemy] against another ….We Communists must use one country against another….My words were calculated to evoke hatred, aversion and contemp…not to convince but to break up the ranks of the opponent, not to correct an opponent’s mistake but to destroy him, to wipe his organization off the face of the earth. This formulation is indeed of such a nature as to evoke the worst thoughts, the worst suspicions about the opponent.”
  The satanic revolution has gained momentum century by century through the infiltration of church and state, alternating the emphasis of antichrist principles first on one side and then on the other.
  The overthrow of the Russian monarchy, which was still the chosen instrument of the true Hierarchy to work change in Russian society by the alchemy of the Christ consciousness, left a dictatorship by the elite, an oligarchy of the New Class whose only means to preserve power was through the police state with the secret police having almost unlimited powers to control the masses. The crimes committed against the children of God were enumerated in part by Nikita Khrushchev to the 20th Party Congress on February 25, 1956. The wholesale slaughter of the innocents, the tortures, the atrocities, the horror of it all were made known; yet Soviet society has not changed nor have the goals of World Communism been compromised.  If anything they have been accelerated.
  Unless this beast of the false hierarchy be bound by the intercession of the Lord’s host as they respond to the prayers of the saints offered day and night to the cause of Christ and of freedom in the Aquarian age, Terra will not be preserved for a golden age, for enlightenment, for peace with honor, for truth without the compromise of error.
  The confrontation of Absolute Good and absolute evil is nowhere more apparent than in the lives of the devotees of Christ and Buddha and in the service of the true initiates of the Great White Brotherhood. Let those then who would defend the truth become experts on the KGB, the international spy network and secret police of the Soviet Union. The KGB is the spreading cancer spawned by the seeds of Lenin. In every plane of matter its tentacles must be cut, cauterized, consumed and driven back into the fiery core of Alpha and Omega. This will be done by the hosts of the Lord when devotees of Christ make the call to the light of the Holy of Holies and to the Solar Logoi in the name of the beloved I AM Presence and Christ Self of all mankind.
  Let all who are in earnest in the service of the light of Saint Germain and Jesus Christ immediately secure and read the book by John Barron, KGB: The Secret Work of Soviet Secret Agents. Then let the thunder roll from the decree sessions of Keepers of the Flame until the reversing of the tide of the devils with their darkness that hangs over the land evokes the manifestation of the sacred fire that will consume the cause and core of the seed and the egg of the Serpent spawned by the original deception of the self-deceived, “Let us do evil that good may come.” 
-KH   for K-17 in the Cosmic Secret Service

8-23-07 Just before he became president, Mr Putin told his ex-colleagues at the Federal Security Service (FSB), the KGB’s successor, “A group of FSB operatives, dispatched under cover to work in the government of the Russian federation, is successfully fulfilling its task.”…
According to research by Olga Kryshtanovskaya, a sociologist at the Russian Academy of Sciences, a quarter of the country’s senior bureaucrats are siloviki–a Russian word meaning roughly “power guys”, which includes members of the armed forces and other security services, not just the FSB. The proportion rises to three-quarters if people simply affiliated to the security services are included. These people represent a psychologically homogeneous group, loyal to roots that go back to the Bolsheviks’ first political police, the Cheka. As Mr. Putin says repeatedly, “There is no such thing as a former Chekist.”…
Apart from Mr. Putin, “There is nobody today who can say no to the FSB,” says Mr. Kondaurov, a former spokesman for the KGB….
Then after a few short months (1991-2) of talk about openness, the doors of the KGB slammed shut again and the man charged with trying to reform it, Vadim Bakatin, was ejected. His glum conclusion, delivered at a conference in 1993, was that although the myth about the KGB’s invincibility had collapsed, the agency itself was very much alive….As Boris Yeltsin himself admitted by the end of 1993, all attempts to reorganise the KGB were “superficial and cosmetic”; in fact, it could not be reformed. “The system of political police has been preserved,” he said, “and could be resurrected.”…
According to Igor Goloshchapov, a former KGB special-forces commando who is now a spokesman for almost 800,000 private security men, “In the 1990s we had one objective: to survive and preserve our skills. We did not consider ourselves to be separate from those who stayed in the FSB. We shared everything with them and we saw our work as just another form of serving the interests of the state. We knew that there would come a moment when we would be called upon.”…
To deal with unruly regional governors, Mr. Putin appointed special envoys with powers of supervision and control. Most of them were KGB veterans. The governors lost their budgets and their seats in the upper house of the Russian parliament. Later the voters lost their right to elect them….
But the siloviki reach farther, into all areas of Russian life. They can be found not just in the law-enforcement agencies but in the ministries of economy, transport, natural resources, telecoms and culture….Alexei Gromov, Mr. Putin’s trusted press secretary, sits on the board of Channel One, Russia’s main television channel. The railway monopoly is headed by Vladimir Yakunin, a former diplomat who served his country at the United Nations in New York and is believed to have held a high rank in the KGB….
Many officers of the active reserve have been seconded to Russia’s big companies, both private and state-controlled, where they draw a salary while also remaining on the FSB payroll. “We must make sure that companies don’t make decisions that are not in the interest of the state,” one current FSB colonel explains….
Graduates of the FSB Academy may well agree. “A Chekist is a breed,” says a former FSB general. A good KGB heritage—a father or grandfather, say, who worked for the service—is highly valued by today’s siloviki. Marriages between siloviki clans are also encouraged…. “Thank God there is the FSB. All power is from God and so is theirs,” says Father Alexander, who leads Church of Holy Wisdom in Lubyanka Square. A former KGB general agrees: “They really believe that they were chosen and are guided by God and that even the high oil prices they have benefited from are God’s will.” …
While the FSB reports on the ever-rising numbers of foreign spies, accuses scientists of treason and hails its “brotherhood”, Russia remains one of the most criminalised, corrupt and bureaucratic countries in the world.
2-25-13 Putin’s KGB/FSB Converging with New IMF Banking FSB
The BIS/FSB’s member institutions include the central banks of the G20, as well as the International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank, the European Central Bank (ECB), the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), and several International standard-setting bodies and other groupings, such as the Committee on the Global Financial System (CGFS), which is also headquartered with the BIS in Basel and is chaired by William C Dudley (CFR), president and chief executive officer of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

The cooperative push by both the Russian FSB and global banking Insiders’ FSB for what they call “International Financial Architecture Reform” has in common the effort to transform the International Monetary Fund into a global Federal Reserve, with vast new powers. This cooperative effort mystifies many observers. “How could these seemingly opposite forces be working for a common goal?” they ask. Those who are stumped by this seemingly incongruous collaboration obviously are not familiar with the history of the IMF and the 1944 United Nations Monetary and Financial Conference at Bretton Woods that produced the IMF, the World Bank, and much of the current “architecture” that is responsible for the economic chaos and destruction visited upon our planet since the Second World War. The key architects of that UN Bretton Woods conference were Harry Dexter White, a top Soviet agent in our Treasury Department, and Fabian Socialist economist John Maynard Keynes.

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