Often the outer world lacking yet in the knowledge of the inner sciences; Crucifixion of the Mother and Her Seed

When spiritual laws are better understood by men, and science works hand in hand with God, men will see that their thoughts do influence seemingly inert matter.  Certain experiments conducted by your scientists have shown how thought can affect the formation of crystals under a microscope.     We who understand the fiery element know that human emotions actually do give rise to pestilence in the world.  Through the phenomenon known as mutation intense concentrations of negative thought and feeling patterns that are released into the atmosphere by the undisciplined use of energy create new forms of virus which, onces having been launched, continue as parasitic organisms to prey upon mankind….

We cite these facts to remind the student body that invocations to God utilizing the power of the spoken Word and appeals to the higher powers of the universe do bring a response which manifests as control of natural forces.  We have seen cases where focuses of bacteria–larger than the city of Paris–were blown away from the area of dense population by “the wind” which responded miraculously to the call of the students of the light.   With the help of ministering angels the bacteria were totally destroyed by the transmutative power of the sacred fire before they could affect large numbers of individuals upon the planet.

Often the outer world lacking yet in the knowledge of the inner sciences is of the opinion that spiritual power because it is invisible is ineffective in fighting against physical organisms.  We can understand how those whose faith is rooted in visible things can deny that which they do not see.  But on the other hand they do not see the wind nor can they measure with their eyes the impact of heat….Those of us who function above the physical sciences in the ranges of the great cosmic light do not need to take these things by faith, for we can see them clearly.       -Prince Oromosis:  Pearls of Wisdom 11:32


14 month cycles of the Crucifixion of the Mother and Her Seed

In the causal body spheres starting with the whitefire core, cycles of the seven major rays first, followed by cycles of the seven secret rays; initiations downstepped by Serapis and the brothers of the ascension flame and Mother-flame.

Cycles unfolded close to these dates:  white sphere–winter solstice 1978, yellow sphere–2-19-1980; pink sphere–4-21-1981; violet sphere–6-22-1982; purple/gold sphere–8-22-1983; green sphere–10-23-1984; blue sphere–12-22-1985; 7:30-1:30 secret ray–3-4-1987; 8:30-2:30 secret ray–5-4-1988; 9:30-3:30 secret ray–7-4-1989; then Serapis Bey held back for four months* the September 1990 initiation until 12-29-1990 of the 10:30-4:30 secret ray; 11:30-5:30 secret ray–3-4-1992; 12:30 secret ray–5-4-1993; 6:30 secret ray–7-1-1994.  That made one whole megacycle of 14 smaller cycles each of 14 months.

The next megacycle began; white sphere–8-22-1995; yellow sphere–10-22-1996; pink sphere 12-22-1997; violet sphere–2-19-1999; purple/gold sphere–4-21-00; green sphere–6-21-01; blue sphere–8-22-02; 7:30-1:30 secret ray–11-4-03; 8:30-2:30 secret ray–1-4-05; 9:30-3:30 secret ray–3-4-06; 10:30-4:30 secret ray–9-4-07**; 11:30-5:30 secret ray    –11-04-08; 12:30 secret ray–1-4-10; 6:30 secret ray–3-1-11.   **Note well:  we should follow Serapis in again holding back the 10:30 secret ray initiation for 4 months.

Another megacycle began.  White sphere–Sun into Taurus 2012; yellow sphere–Sun into Cancer 2013; pink sphere–Sun into Virgo 2014; and so forth.   -r, mt. shasta, ca


*I come to you late in the cycle but not too late. I did not speak at the turning of this cycle on September 4, for had I spoken, beloved, you would have had locked-in to your four lower bodies this fourth secret ray. At that hour you were still as shorn lambs; and beloved, you were not prepared to receive such an intense fire as is the fourth secret ray.
Since its wisdom is the antithesis of the passions and the misuse of the sacred fire and since you have not diligently sought the binding of the dweller[-on-the-threshold] that represents all of those momentums, it was considered [and decided] by the great Cosmic Council who has sent me this night to forestall the locking-in of that secret ray [then] into this body and Community.   -Serapis Bey: 12-29-1990 at RTR, Montana via Messenger ECP

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