rebirth Ukraine–natal chart (as I conceive of it)

rebirth Ukraine:  at 2-22-2014 5:19 p.m. Kiev time when Ukraine Rada impeached Yanukovych unanimously.

natal chart shows (see ascendant at 3.5 degrees virgo, sun at 3.9 degrees pisces, neptune at 5 degrees pisces, moon at 3 sag., midheaven at 25 tau., jupiter at 11 can., mercury at 20 aqu.,venus at 21.5 cap, pluto at 13 cap, saturn at 23 sco, north lunar node at 0 sco, mars at 27 lib, uranus at 10.3 aries, part of fortune at 2.5 gem.  thus sun here is at one-tenth of circle to uranus, one-seventh of circle to pluto, squares moon, trines north lunar node, and conjuncts neptune.


danger point for Ukraine:  in 3 years of lunar progression moon reaches natal pluto while mars by progression will move half of the 3 degree separation between itself natally and the north lunar node.  thus ~2-22-17 marks the danger phase most obvious in the coming 33 years.   -r

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